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  1. If you're waiting for a patch before buying then hopefully the wait won't be long according to Luthier on the official 1C Forums here: http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=20055 where he outlines their roadmap for development. Some of the things in that list should have been working from day one like multi-core support and the fact a fix seems so close just makes it look like they were pressured into getting it out to meet a deadline or a slot in the release calendar that Ubisoft wanted to hit. Oleg Maddox had a small rant about game development and pressures on developers a few days
  2. Well its definately a system hog! I'm running a quad core 3.4GHz AMD Phenom II, 8GB RAM and a 6870 1GB graphics card and with a mix of low and medium settings I'm getting around 50-60FPS with a 6 vs 6 duel over the channel. High's of 70 and can drop to 35FPS. Over land it drops much further to around 20FPS with some settings tweaked lower I can probably get it a bit higher. I'm not regretting buying it though, its still very playable and looks and feels great. It was perhaps pushed out the door a little soon and could definately do with some polishing. While overall it looks good some of the m
  3. The issue of FPS being reduced by the epilepsy filter has been resolved. A patch has been prepared to be released on the 30th (the day before the European release) according to the official forum that now sets it as an option but by default it is on. There will be a warning when you disable it but it can be switched off.
  4. I guess this won't endear me to the 'kewl' kid types over on the 1C forums who seem to want this game to fail but my pre-order is still in place. IL-2 has given me a lot of enjoyment for the price I paid many years ago so I'm willing to take a chance on this. Compared to a night out, a cinema ticket then IL-2 has been a bargain so far. Even the big budget games recently have been dissapointing. Crysis 2's multiplayer is a pain in the ass. ARMA and ARMA 2 were both horribly buggy when they were released but a few patches later and they are much more playable and enjoyable so I'll cut 1C some sl
  5. I missed out on that through illness, shame it can be quite entertaining to get into a race like that, it certainly improves your crash avoidance skills Fortunately by the time racers progress from their rookie series they have learnt to be a bit more careful or quit. I think you'l lreally enjoy the Skip Barber - its the closest thing to a modern day GP Legends you're likely to find. Tough to tame at first but once you get a handle on it then it can be a joy to drive. Same goes for the Star Mazda, a nice stable yet quick car. I'm running a private series using that car.
  6. Not bad, just had a bit of trouble with a move to a new server but fingers crossed its sorted out now :-s
  7. Its a fun game, runs terrible on my old PC so I also have it on 360 where I've unlocked almost every weapon.
  8. The reason the UK is in such a mess is because of the socialist crap we've had to put up with for the last 13 years. Thatcher presided over an era when Britain was still 'Great' it took a Labour government to take that away. As ever Labour enter office with a full purse and leave office bankrupt. We'll only learn the truth of how bad the situation is over the next few months.
  9. Yeah I'm in the UK, South Wales but a group of us used to drive down to a site in Reading called Firefight. Not played in years and the waistline proves it
  10. Makes me want to charge up my HK MC-51!
  11. VAC - Voice Activated Commands works well, you can get a 30 day trial here and it only costs $18 to register.
  12. The current car is partly the size it is because of the safety improvements made, returning to a more standard car may not make the racing as safe as it is. We've seen some monster crashes since the COT was introduced where drivers have just walked away when in years gone by they would be on a stretcher or worse. Enough drivers have died.
  13. Looking forward to the race tommorow, the missus is a NASCAR fan also so we're both sitting down to watch. I'm following Jnr and Montoya.
  14. The graphics are very nice but its the destructible environment I like. If you see a sniper camped out in a building, no problem blow the wall away and get him, no more fences getting in the way, being used as a virtual maze b the developers, just blow them up. As the battle rages cover is harder to find and removing that cover becomes important to the attacking team. Or maybe its just because I like to blow crap up
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