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  1. Exteban

    Translating voices

    I want to translate the speech of Falcon 4: Allied Force. Where are the audio files of the voices? Some tool to extract and replace? Thanks!
  2. Exteban

    Extract and repack sound files.

    If it possible, the voices in the TAW spanish edition. If not, all. Text and voices of TAW 2.0. Of course, it would share it.
  3. Exteban

    Extract and repack sound files.

    I have the TAW spanish edition. Full text are in spanish. The idea was translate the TAW 2.0 wav files and repack in the DID.DAT. If is not possible, I will try to translate the TAW 2.0 I know where are the mission text files. Where are placed the text of the infligth speech? Thanks!
  4. Exteban

    Extract and repack sound files.

    Or how I can modify the did.dat file to load the .wav files from a folder? Thanks!
  5. Hello. I want trasnlate the voices of TAW. It is possible to extract the sound files, and repack by modified others? Thank you very much.