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    IL-2 and Windows 7

    ~S~ IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 which needs to be patched up to its current version of 4.09m is a lot of fun, especially when your install the UP 2.01 mod pack on top of IL-2 that supports the current version of the game. New flyable aircraft, maps, objects that are only "AI" in the stock version of 4.09m are now flyable in the mod pack. A lot of fun !
  2. Salute Everyone ! Attention all combat flight sim pilots that have a passion to fly aircraft from the Second World War era. Pilot applications are now being accepted to fill one of several online allied fighter and bomber squadrons within the Royal Flying Corps or the RFC as we are known. The RFC which is centered out of the UK is an organized online group of flight sim pilots from different parts of the world who fly together weekly as squadrons in multiplayer dogfights and online campaigns in a gaming community called Hyperlobby with other similar axis and allied squads. The aircraft that we fly to match our squadrons theme are typically the Spitfire and Hawker Hurricane variants along with the Mosquito FB Mk. VI, the B-25 Mitchell medium bomber and the B-24 Liberator amongst others. The gaming platform that we use is IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 as well as Ultra Pack 2.01 which is a mod pack version that supports IL-2 with additional flyable aircraft, objects and mod maps to help enhance the immersion factor of the game. We are looking for pilots who are mature team players who can fly at or near the full realism levels of difficulty for this flight simulation for enhanced immersion as the RFC is a full realism squadron. If you don’t have this level of experience but are willing to learn and train towards this level of realism, we can provide you the resources and training for your success and enjoyment. There are several squadrons within the RFC that fly under typical UK hours with one squadron that is dedicated to pilots in North America. Finding a pilot slot would not be a problem for those who are interested. If you are considering IL-2 and would like to be apart of a friendly bunch of pilots in a semi structured environment, then consider joining the RFC today. You will need to meet the following requirements below for entry especially item number 1. 1. Purchase and Install IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 and be patched up to version 4.09m. 2. Install Ultra Pack 2.01 and use when required which is a free download. 3. Purchase and use Track IR for enhanced situational awareness. 4. Download and install Team Speak III which is a free download. RFC website: http://www.rfccommand.co.uk/index.php Track IR website: http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/ Best Wishes, RFC_Stallion 605 Sqd.