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  1. WOW. Would the mods work with Desert Ops? That's the version I have. Which mods are they; up to which EECH version?
  2. See link in my sig below.
  3. Logitech G110 keyboard. Strange issue. The volume control wheel and mute button make TAW unresponsive.
  4. Crude Janes F-15 Alpha/G Limit and Override GlovePIE This script doesn't eliminate the excessive porpoising, but makes it more tolerable while still allowing full authority with forward stick at all times. Also includes nonlinearity on the X, Y, and pedal axes. The limit part is this: if key.F4 then var.nly = var.nlym * var.nlys else var.nly = ensurerange(var.nlym * var.nlys, -1.0, 0.75) With key.F4 as the override being what I already had assigned on the pinkie button for VR cockpit. Change it to whatever you want... joystick button or key press. I get between a 8-9 G limi
  5. Worked. Gear and undercarriage displays still not showing correctly. Also, the smaller side MFDs don't appear to be updating. Going to fly a little and check things out. I think some way needs to be found to port this graphics system to the modded EECH, or put the mods in EECH 2. Man, such a visual difference!
  6. My version is 2.3.46. Does this beta thing actually change anything in the performance or behavior? Will it crash less often?
  7. A lot of the other lights in the pit also do not appear to be functioning properly. Otherwise, I really like the graphics engine. Huge step up with DX9.
  8. So I got the splash screen freezes to stop by deleting the videos. Now I'm having issues with the MFDs not showing up. I can only get them to show up with nightvision active, and if I activate the FLIR, the other MFDs blank again.
  9. Mine seems to work whether XP compatibility is on or off. How do I find out which version I'm running?
  10. You sure? It's doubling the image on mine, but is not actually different depths. It all appears to be a single z-coordinate for everything. The distance between the cockpit doubles and the terrain doubles are the same. And of course the HUD on an old title like this often won't double at all... unless it's doing a really good job and making it either the distance of the cockpit or deeper (like in real life where the HUD appears far out in front of you). Maybe I should try Winx3D, but since moving over to Windows 7 64 I haven't bothered with it even a single time. I know that worked on so
  11. So you think it's worth me checking out even though I quite like the newest version of EECH we're flying, with some slight caveats? It works fine in Windows 7 64? No glitches or major persistent bugs?
  12. I still do. Works without a hitch on Windows 7, but I wish it did stereoscopic on Nvidia.
  13. DAMN. Nope. Stereoscopic is kicking in, but everything (or most everything) appears to have the same depth. It's a surface set back into the screen depending on what I set the depth for in the Nvidia config and there are two sets of images alternating and utilizing the 120hz & shutter glasses, but there is no difference in depth between the HUD, cockpit, my wings, other aircraft, or terrain. Look at the distance between the two images. It's the same regardless of the graphic depth. I kept trying to turn up depth, and all it did was create a larger frame inset along the edges.
  14. I wish there was a way to get the no escape circle (in the form of the bar) to show up both on the HUD and that HMD MFD overlay. I don't like needing the right MFD to see it. I love those circles, but I think a little of the info should be elsewhere and not just a voice.
  15. I definitely prefer FA-18's method. I'm also wondering if F-15 will allow radar mode changes. If we could get F-15's rudder added to Janes FA-18 flight model, that would be peachy.
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