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    Within the ILS 1946 game directory with HSFX4.1 installed I found the following file: HSFX V4 Tools & Read me's and again within that is another called: XXXRealistic Bomb & Torpedoes ArmingXXX This file explains all the criteria for successful torpedo launches for all Allied and Axis torpedo types. I suppose this is what is happening to me online and solves my problem for online campaigns, as my online configuration for udating 4.09m to 4.10m was: via updating HSFX4.1 and UP 2.10, using the JGSME updater to go from 4.09m to 4.10m. This made it so simple to do the update and saved a lot of time. Is that the same in UP2.01 4.10m? Looks like no, as the HSFX V4 Tools & Read me's file, and sub files would be missing under that procedure. And nowhere can I find a file to tell me about any 4.09m or 4.10m torpedo launch data. Many thanks for your inputs. Stealth
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    I`ve been flying a lot in IL2, through from Ace expansion till 1946 4.09m, but now 4.10m has arrived and things are different. Wings come off easily, low level bomb drops need a new technique and approach and..... Has anyone got solid data on torpedo runs......my torpedoes always break, and I havn`t found the maximum drop speeds or drop heights for each type of torpedo, both allied and axis? Has anyone found where they are available please? Thanks Stealth
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