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  1. no problem, just ask if u need any help. But i think u can find sixupdater tutorial easily on youtube. It's pretty easy once you see how it is done.
  2. ah this might be a late reply but i have been playing arma 2 for a while and the easiest way to mod arma 2 is by using sixupdater. It is a mod manager, not too user friendly at 1st sight but it lets you download, updates, and load the game with the mods as preset so you dont need to change the parameter manually everytime you change the mods. It will automatically detect mods you already installed and will notify you when there's a new update for it. you can get sixupdater here http://www.six-updater.net/ From the mod list that posted here that i see, i think you missed blastcore and JSRS. You already have most of the island and these 2 will make the explosions, tracers and weapon sounds more realistic. I maybe sucks at f22 total war but kinda ok with arma 2, just holler if you wanna do coop on some of the official missions. I'll jump at any arma 2 multiplayer if i'm free.
  3. lol i reinstall flight unlimited 2 the other day just for the sake of nostalgia, too bad it wont run properly on win 7 anymore. Since arma 2 CO warfare community is dying and arma 3 still dont have a decent warfare i think i can try TAW2.0 MP after i brush my rusty skill for a bit. Only hope the ping is decent enough for me since i get 220ms on Gameson.net server before. I have track- IR but really sucks at using it lol, maybe i need to configure it properly i guess. They just dont make games with dynamic campaign like this anymore. I would recommend using dropbox if you want to host the files, it's 2GB free space and if the files are bigger than 200mb you can just use winrar/winzip and split it or you can also use www.box.com is giving 5GB and 250mb limit. Just put the file on public folder and click the get the link button. You dont need to worry about the files getting deleted due to inactivity anymore.
  4. ugh my country not in the list on gamefront, i'll just use a proxy then. Thanks guys for the feedback at least now i know what is the issue. I'm setting up my joystick again thinking of playing rise of flight, but for some reason i always gets the urge to play taw instead. Thinking back, wierdly i still remember the keys for taw without the need to refer to the guide. Ah well, maybe its time for me to actually finish this game since i dont have much interest to learn the controls for a10 and black shark.
  5. uhm, the download link for mediafire n gamefront is not working anymore.
  6. k, thanks home fires. i knew i miss something but cant seem to put my finger on it. thanks for your help
  7. hi, i'm playing around with the custom pilot and insignia pic. following the template i made a custom one exactly the same size and file extension. but in taw i cant see it. file extension is .pcx file pixel size is 96 X 96 insignia location DiD\F-22 Total Air War 2.0\!ADP\Gallery\Insignia can anyone point out to me what i'm doing wrong? http://www.megafileupload.com/en/file/303536/Saka-pcx.html
  8. damn, that's pretty troublesome problem. hope u get it sorted out soon
  9. mmm i'm not sure if this will help, but have you try a dos ping test? it's a better way to determine connection to the pc you're trying to connect. usually the culprit is firewall or antivirus blocking you from connecting to others. just type 'cmd' at start menu - then type ping "insert the host ip address" if you get all fail message, something is blocking it and you can usually resolve it by shutting down that pesky application. you can try this on a good pc 1st to confirm the ip can be ping without any problem, then you can do it at the problematic pc and shutting down the running application 1 by 1 to find the one causing the problem. Just use task manager and shut down running process that looks suspicious. i use this method when using hamachi or tunggle to play a LAN game over the internet.
  10. ah finally solved it, the logitech calibration software seems to delete all of the joystick calibration data and i need to reinstall and recalibrate it a couple of times. TAW is working again, sorry to be bothering you guys. I'll see you in MP... when i get a decent isp that is, i'm GMT 8.00 btw.
  11. thanks wombat i knew i shouldn't run that damn apps from logitech before browsing the net looking for more answers. i'm just looking for ways to calibrate my joystick and it escalated to this. well that's how impatient i am to play TAW again the last screenshot busted, i'm posting a new one in case this image failed too i'll type th error message here. "Failed to set DirectInput AutoCenter property, The function called is not supported at this time" this message appears everytime i want to start a mission or going into the game option menu. But if i disconnected my joystick i can get TAW to run normally even if i connected my normal gamepad to it. It just wont run with my throttle control joystick connected.
  12. i'm getting this error after playing around with my logitech joystick, my guess was it happened when i run an application from logitech to clear the joystick calibration data. but even after reinstalling TAW fresh i still get the same error. I check with other games and it seems to detect my joystick as usual. But when i run TAW i keep getting this error when i start a mission or going into the game option menu. i can run the game before using glide and D3d and just in the stage of fine tuning the graphic and this happened. your assistance is really appreciated guys, especially after i managed to get this game running again in my pc. This is the only that that actually made me find some modern aircraft fighting tactic, the movie "TOP GUN" was really a poor media to use for reference.....
  13. oooooh i didn't know that, well another realistic game that i love not listed here is the close combat series and steel fury kharkov 1951. only close combat is dynamic i guess. But nowadays i only play arma2/OA, well until i found TAW again i guess. can you point me to a good modding section for comanche vs hokum?
  14. too bad i found this forum quite late... i love TAW and it's the only game that made me buy a joystick with throttle control. I'm surprise that not many have play this game before http://www.gog.com/en/gamecard/apache_vs_havoc it have a dynamic campaign and newer graphics and it's only 5bucks nowadays. it have similar function with taw where you can view other units roaming around the map too.
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