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  1. Heya Donnie and Cobraj, good to see you again!! 😄
  2. How's everyone bin??
  3. No105_Ogdens


    Storms rolling in...take cover, take cover!!
  4. No105_Ogdens


    It is almost Autumnal here in SE Wisconsin...full leathers on the bike this morning!!
  5. With 3 teenage boys around I am surely going to live until i'm 180!!
  6. Wait..I thought this was the change??
  7. Darn it, in too late again!
  8. Splendid Donster..it's fine motorcycling weather in WI..do you still get to Madison? Best wishes old friend. Ogs.
  9. Goodness it's been a while and I hope you are all in fine fettle...whatever that is?! Anyway, happy Easter to you all and I hope this finds you well. Best wishes, Ogs.
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