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  1. I was wonder when someone would get around to this model. For my 2 cents the P-61B replacement for the P-38 is the best change of about any plane I've found. High fun quotent.
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    Slow forum

    I'm with At&t/Yahoo for net service and the very 1st thing that pops up if you type in a search for "combatsim" is this site.
  3. While me and one guy across the street usually fly our flags all 3 days of any 3 day holiday weekend I didn't see many others out there.
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    Mornin Yall

    So. Cal. coastal areas will have a marine layer most mornings for the next 6 weeks. Low, bright, cloudy mornings that keep the temps down with sunny afternoons and a max in the mid 70s is normal for this time of year.
  5. Grrr! Danged Beaufighters are too fast for my Me 110 in DAW! Nice Euro-skins though.
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    Well the only upside here is than the HD didn't go blewy!
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    Dude I completely agree on the damned flourescents. They give off a sickly light. Why do people in offices look so bad? Women have a time doing makeup so they don't look like Dracula's bride at work. I have them in some lights I rarely use but the yellow warmth and simulation of sunlight that incandescents provide can't be beat. Allegedly if and when the global warming nazis take over 3-way incandescants will be allowed.
  8. It's sunny and mild in So. Cal. and I'm out at the car shows again! This was at Hollywood Park last Saturday
  9. Ah yes, do I remember that tune when I was a kid. I remember watching him on Bandstand. And it has been perenial ever since. Curious with all the progress in so many fields no one has ever written a better Halloween tune. They still play it!
  10. That sounds good Pobs. It's definitely one I'm going to try. I'm in DAW right now. Certainly found the best stablity was to do the drop and drag of EAW files from the CD to HD for use with XP.
  11. A very short time ago people were conjecturing that there probably were no Earth-like planets anywhere so it's a milestone of sorts.
  12. This is just great! http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070421/ap_on_...ve_beauty_queen
  13. Breathtaking Moggy, but how close is Spanish Civil War to being finished?
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