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  1. I absolutely want that as well. The palettes being hard-coded is totally wrong. But I want to solve this via loading the EF2000/TAW mission files. This should give us the ability to specify our own palettes, while also having access to actual EF2000/TAW missions, and being able to back-port the palette mods to the original EF2000/TAW. But I’m on code freeze for new TFX code right now. I will only add another parser after the current mess has been cleaned up and TFXplorer is in a releasable state. (The goals I’m currently pursuing are make the lost worlds of TAW/EF2000 accessible without having to edit game.cfg and reading the long manual on my website – I don’t think a single person besides us here has ever done that this requires adding a GUI, which is overdue anyway (and it gets harder with every line of code we add to the simulation core accessing the message loop directly) establish a proper API for extensions … new TFX modding facilities will come after that.)
  2. I tested on Windows 7 32-bit with all heap checks enabled, stack randomization, all available debug runtimes. I did find a small error with my Intel integrated driver failing to render a specific contrail, but it’s non-critical. Everything else worked with EF2000 and TAW. The one thing I didn’t test is joysticks. Going to try this later (need to check out how to connect my periphery to the machine in the first place). I.e. sorry, no progress …
  3. No, this should be enough. I’ll try to do more Windows 7 testing. I did notice the memory managers being slightly different (so that some errors only surface on Windows 10) and that’s my best guess for your crashes right now.
  4. Yes, I don’t really check if the files are there (yet). Will improve in the future. Gracefully failing to load a scenario, displaying proper error messages, and recovering from it are the things I’m currently on. Will hopefully make the console obsolete.
  5. Thanks for reminding me … EF2000 shouldn’t have a game.cfg but an ef2000.cfg. I’ll fix that. Interesting that emptying the game.cfg is a step forward. Errors with game.cfg should not have any effect on the forthcoming of the program. I’m looking into it. To rule out problems with your joystick, add a game.cfg to the TFXplorer directory with the following line: CONTROL=0 Unfortunately, the exception offset in ntdll above depends on your specific Windows version, patch level, and system settings, so I cannot investigate it here.
  6. Still the same error, still no DLL name. It’s notable that the exception offset is the same although the TFXplorer binaries changed. It could be anything. I’ll see that I pack up some debugging information, maybe we can get a call stack …
  7. Nothing else; just a fixed download link later Yeah, they’re physically based (i.e. on the amount of fuel burnt, the humidity of surrounding air, and they move with wind). It’s going to be crazy adjusting these numbers for missiles to make the trails look right, but I guess it’ll be worth it. Hardest detail to get right: When your plane crashes, the contrail and wingtip vortices don’t vanish instantly (like the legacy contrails on the 737s) but keep dissipating normally. TAW’s missile trails really bugged me so I *had* to get that right Any details? Maybe another crash address?
  8. There’s contrails and wingtip vortices. The other user-relevant differences are all negative: No more visible bullets, no more explosions, overall slower performance.
  9. Krycztij


    What a day! All the best, Donster, and congratulations, Stans!
  10. Dammit … I shouldn’t be doing these things at three in the morning http://krishty.com/taw/tfxplorer/2020-05-10/TFXplorer.7z
  11. Okay; new build: http://krishty.com/taw/tfxplorer/2020-05-10/Tfxplorer.7z I haven’t automated source code deployment yet, so I’ll upload it later. Changes added proper spawn positions for most EF2000 scenarios level loading is now truly asynchronous improved smooth scrolling fixed EF2000 did.dat not loading fixed two possible crashes with EF2000 fixed a possible crash with joystick settings fixed input focus being stuck after task switch If it now starts properly, fine … if not, please wait for the source code and debug symbols …
  12. Wow, that’s depressing. I noticed a similar error in the HID code (out-of-bounds writing in handling axis values from joysticks) just hours before release and fixed it. Seems like there’s more errors lurking.
  13. Heap corruption … very interesting. 0x000c3873 does not belong to my module, which is also weird. I’ll compile and pack a new version, but probably not before this evening. Gotta automate the deployment …
  14. Weird. You got a crash dump or a stop address by any chance? When it crashes, go to Task Manager, right-click the process, Dump. If that’s too much of a hassle, wait for me to pack a new version including source code. There is some chance that the problem doesn’t have anything to do with HIDs after all; the debug output is very broken right now. (I’m working on that.) For example, it just halts if you add two entries for the same game (like 2×EF2000) because individual TFX versions are not yet properly separated.
  15. I suspect that some textures are not found and these mess up my texture cache. The problem did get better a lot after you gave me a proper marsh.tm. It’ll take me some time to nail this down, and I’d like to bundle it with the strange effects of daytime on city tiles. Going to do this after more construction work on the engine.
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