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  1. I encountered the same issue during the Windows Vista beta, and it got resolved eventually with an update. There may be a compatibility shim for the whole story, but I’m not sure whether compatibility shims were already introduced with Windows XP and the Compatibility Toolkit doesn’t start on my Windows 10 machine …
  2. It is clear that Visual C++ project files are a dead end for inter-platform development, so I had a look at alternatives. Make is out because it doesn’t reliably support spaces in filenames. (There are workarounds, but these are incompatible e.g. for GNU make vs. nmake.) Ninja looked promising, but it doesn’t support Unicode on Windows. There is a ticket on that where the maintainers show very questionable attitude towards the topic; so much it just makes me cringe. Cmake would be one of the next options, but I hate its complexity. (I hate this with make as
  3. Why not? Symbol collision?
  4. Mike, you should definitely visit these places: https://twitter.com/JanelleCShane/status/1296138538027814913
  5. No, still looking like before. But I’m getting used to it!
  6. Seems like it selects an Apple font on my Windows system, and this renders a bit blurry. Many vertical lines are two gray pixels instead of a dark one. Top: What it looks like for me; Bottom: Default sans-serif font in my browser. Edit: Hrrrm, the x-height does not seem to be an integer either, so characters like F and H have blurred horizontal lines as well. It only gets sharp at 175 % zoom. Apart from that, the new look is fine and the RSS feed works, so I’m in!
  7. I heard one must be thoroughly frustrated to create something really useful. Reading your comment, I guess I should start playing FS2020 as well, just to see what should be done better
  8. This is crazy! FS2020, very cool. Let me know if the real-time weather works. I suspect it’s not a feature but pure laziness: adjusting the atmosphere parameters by hand is annoying work and too scientific to be outsourced to the player, so just download datasets from the internet and call it a feature!
  9. Very interesting concept; thank you!
  10. Yep, that’s Wine telling TFXplorer that everything is just fine For stuff like hardware in exclusive use by other applications you will now get something actually useful like “Error: cannot open device path \\?\{pid=1234&vid=5678}\{sdfjdshf-fdjhsfkjs-sdfjhshf-sdfsdfsdf} (error 0x00000005)” instead of “This device doesn’t work. Try reconnecting it.” Yes. I couldn’t get my eyes off the intersection in the lower left at 13:35. Since we want to make it better: I assume they handle roads as 2D graphs and project them onto the terrain to get a height coordinate. Since there
  11. I was always thinking about replacing my tire model because the tires submerge into the runway at high AoA … But the new MS Flight Simulator does the same, so it’s probably good enough. (Can be clearly seen at 2:19 and even more so at 12:54) At 6:00 you can see that the waves are realized via signed distance field. Pretty good idea, but they forgot to make them depend on direction.
  12. Today’s version doesn’t bring any important changes: http://krishty.com/taw/tfxplorer/2020-08-16/TFXplorer.7z vastly improved HID error messages controller settings page can now be scrolled via keyboard controller settings page preselects hardware tab on first visit fixed crashes if HID without buttons were attached major size optimization That’s because I’m still busy with the control mapping, and it’s not yet far enough to show anything off. The download has become quite a bit smaller. The reason is, I’ve replaced transcendental functions (sin, c
  13. Even with the rival, it looks fantastic! Makes me wonder about a system to enable/disable lights depending on time of day. And about one to add slight variation in color and brightness. And one to fade them all properly with distance. And one for deferred rendering so that each of these lights actually illuminates the runway a tiny little bit. And …
  14. It’s two different draw instructions like you mentioned here: I disabled 0088 in my code and suddenly the canopy would not draw anymore, but its base (the orange part in your screenshots) still would. So there’s 0088 for the semi-transparent part and some other instruction to draw the opaque parts with 1-bit alpha.
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