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  1. False detection. (!ml after virus name indicates Machine Learning, i. e. an educated guess.) Someone should upload the EXE to https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/intelligence/submission-guide in order to fix that.
  2. You’re welcome! Yep, I’ve donated to the Internet Archive because it really is invaluable. Thinking about copying the remaining threads to my site to make them easily searchable … I’m looking forward to write about the other great things you did with TAW, like your 1200-tile wide world!
  3. I’m impressed – FS2020 replaced their table-driven aerodynamics with an actual simulation: I tried this with TFXplorer in 2014 and it was a nightmare. Might be easy (“easy”) with a Cessna, but for a fighter jet with its instability-by-design you better have a proper surface model *and* a working fly-by-wire system at the same time, or things go bad fast. Of course MS will make it work with fighters and supersonic flight, and no doubt it will be awesome. Looking forward to it.
  4. I can’t tell for sure. ADF/TAW’s rendering code definitely is odd. Its flight control system, on the other hand, looked pretty well-written. I trust the expert’s word here Yeah. The games do contain quite a lot levels from their predecessors (e.g. EF2000 contains all TFX levels). They are not playable, but their presence indicates that they used (and maintained) them during development to some degree … what a pity!
  5. As some of you might know, I’ve been working on an article about Total Air War’s history and modding community. It’s unfinished, but I figured if I don’t post it now, it may take forever to complete! http://krishty.com/taw/history 15 minutes of sweet nostalgia: The old days of TAW’s release (when DID’s team would hang out on SimHQ and COMBATSIM regularly), the breakthroughs in understanding game data, source code, and (of course) the big purge at SimHQ. If I got something wrong, feel free to tell me here (or privately via PM)!
  6. This confused me as well! The error is so clear from a decimal perspective. Hard to tell whether it’s a coincidence or not. From all I have seen in the internals and from all I have read about the development process, they would never have had time or capacity for such things as false tracks. On the other hand, they clearly did not care about cleaning up their files (probably because a larger size means better copy protection), so I’d say it’s legit.
  7. We had a similar event here (smaller and less violent, but I’m still feeling ashamed just to link it). It’s not just the USA. I blame it on the internet. I was extremely hopeful of the internet back in the 90s and I was very supportive of open knowledge. However, the amount of disinformation has become so staggering that I can watch it break apart society almost in realtime. People are left with a vague anger against everything. Some resign, others … do things like that. (Says a random guy on the internet.)
  8. Depends. You can distribute and install apps as .msix packages and they will install and behave just like from the Microsoft Store. I haven’t had a look at the payment side of things, though. And there are two prerequisites: Your users need to enable the Windows setting to sideload apps (i.e. install from other sources than the MS store). Sounds like something MS would disable in a few years, and some enterprise domains forbid it already. You need a digital certificate to sign your apps. (If you use the Microsoft store, MS will sign them for you.) Not trying to euphemize things
  9. I really can’t put that into words any more Here, enjoy MSPaint from ’98 and XP … and the non-alert-version from earlier 10, which may not run because I did not bother resolving its dependencies: http://krishty.com/temp/mspaint.zip FWIW, I’m still trying to port my apps to the Microsoft store. The architecture does look well-engineered and it certainly is an improvement over the jungle of legacy installers. However, the documentation is sparse and basically says “install 7 GiB of Visual Studio, make a new project and call these 10 compilers, and here’s your msix package.“ I’d
  10. Sorry, my tools always convert LBM to 32-bit color because it is easier to handle in the big picture of TFXplorer
  11. Maybe because of elevation? Sea is always at sea level, while rivers can be at any elevation. They surely need a way to differentiate them, as sea was treated specially by EF2000.
  12. His website is deleted, and so are his accounts on xentax & Co. I think you have a point there!
  13. Just a funny thing I wanted to share: My wife asked me to find an old game she used to play 20 years ago. She wanted to show it to our son. I found it: (It’s silly but fun, and the hype here was *huge* back then.) So my son asked me why it is not possible to walk further into the scenery. I wanted to explain to him the difference between 2D sprite games and 3D games (he is only used to 3D games), and needed to extract the game files in order to do so. I searched for an unpacker on the internet archive. I found one. And the readme says …
  14. News to me as well! Just slightly too late for me to watch live
  15. Absolutely! yep Hard to tell. The bays will burn on liftoff anyway, won’t they? I remember the Delta IV *actually* being half on fire just before liftoff (see here at 1:00) … those bays better be fire proof Yeah, but one engine was ignited and shut down two times in rapid succession. This cannot have been right … +6:32, all engines ignite: 6:35, two engines down 6:36, one engine back and the other burning green 6:39, failing again 6:40, things going wro
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