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  1. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    Oh! Screenshot of the Z buffer fail, please. Could it be that the triangles are inverted? Mirroring an axis swaps the winding order of indices from clockwise to counter-clockwise and vice versa …
  2. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    Awesome! I have a feeling you forgot to negate the vertical coordinate (I think Y points towards the ground in TFX, but upwards in VRML – you probably have to swap X or Z as well or the tiles will be mirrored …)
  3. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    Interesting result. Could the 4th UV coordinate be wrong? For a general guideline, check TFX Shape executeBytecode.cpp and look for a variable named uvs – all texture coordinates pass through it and as far as I remember, they’re separate from vertices. Edit: From looking at you screenshot I’m quite sure you have assigned one UV for each vertex. That’s wrong; adjacent triangles share their vertices but not their texture coordinates! Whenever you encounter a triangle or quad, you need to actually generate a completely new vertex with the UV in a separate vertex list and not share it with other triangles/quads than the one you’re current encountering. Your resulting list will almost always have more vertices than the 3 file. If you want to remove duplicates, do so after having parsed the entire file and also decide vertex equality by UV, not just by position! (I think this is the reason why I haven’t made TAW’s smooth polygon shading work. I just can’t identify which triangles share their vertices without serious complexity/performance cost in the parser.)
  4. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    I guess you posted a good one yourself In TFXplorer, it doesn’t matter. The polygon is just flat-shaded in the constant color, but you don’t see the anomaly because it’s too far away. By the way, I don’t think we should care about terrain LOD here – remember how I rendered all 40,000 tiles brute force in 2011? Just throw away the low-detail versions
  5. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    Yes, this type of quads/triangles is subject to fogging. TAW has at least two fog modes – hardware-accelerated and software-based – depending on a file being present in the root directory; I forgot its name. 128.nvidriva or something like that. Long story short: You had to place that file there if you had a certain kind of GPU to make use of hardware fogging. Keep in mind that in TFXplorer, anything is subject to atmospheric fog, so the distinction is useless here.
  6. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    My thoughts on this: Use the distance markers to put the visuals into some kind of mapping. I.e. if you encounter a “display if closer than 2000 units” marker, all later visuals go to the “2000 or closer” category, until interrupted by another marker. In the end, store each bin into VRML’s “LOD” node. I’d probably gather all triangles from all paths. In the end, I’d try to find duplicates and remove them. (Since TFX uses integer coordinates, it shouldn’t be prone to rounding errors.) I don’t know about conflicts; I’d probably go for the most detail then (i.e. if a flat-shaded triangle overlaps a textured one, choose the textured and discard the flat-shaded one). Though TFX sometimes uses overlapping transparent triangles as a mean of applying color gradients to textures; I guess there’s something like that on the Aswan dam but I’m not sure. Throw away all shadows. IIRC, they make up a *huge* portion of the bytecode. Regarding 3View: Sort the source code by file size; the interpreter is one of the largest files. But it may be hard to use, because I pre-translated the bytecode and merged some instructions (e.g. triangle vs quad rendering) due to the extreme performance requirements …
  7. Krycztij


    Hi tvivelfront! I’m glad to hear it works well I’m still working on a terrain overhaul. Regarding the other areas: AI had some groundwork done – the F-22 got a very primitive autopilot that can level out the plane after a spin. AI will be built on it. Weapons are one of the top priorities, but they require more physics work (proper collision detection and object interactions). HUD modes: Bottlenecked by information. I can find descriptions of the Super Hornet’s and Lighting II’s HUD, but not of the F-22’s. Mission/campaign will come later. I’d rather prefer multiplayer for a start (for technical reasons). I’m preparing for other vehicles besides the F-22. E.g. an internal build allows to drive a ZSU-23, and this video shows me flying a KC-135.
  8. Krycztij

    Prayers for Byron (JClark) Audler

    Good news indeed. I Hope he gets well soon!
  9. Krycztij

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    What a pity. Looks like we should start writing our own operating system. (What UAW almost has become due to the UI APIs ) Thanks a lot for testing. Next time my system breaks down, I’ll install ReactOS and check what its D3D can and can not do. (BTW, the "ERROR: Joystick input broken" message doesn’t look promising either. Probably no more RawInput support than Wine …) (And why do I need to enable Audio devices in my browser in order to write an answer here? Is The Dude trying to make Combatsim Radio? )
  10. Krycztij

    F22 ADF Extracted-Working

    I don’t know of one either.
  11. Krycztij

    TAW terrain format

    Of all things, this is what I least expected … wow!
  12. Krycztij

    F-22 ADF Original Patches

    Neither did I find the file on my 1999-era copy.
  13. Krycztij

    Stealth: A retro-style F117A simulator

    So I guess it didn’t work out with PPJohn from SimHQ?
  14. Krycztij

    TAW 3View — A Renderer for TAW's .3 Files

    Let’s not care about the practical part – the VRML will be preprocessed and cached as a binary file. Let’s just make the most out of it, and your work is just stunning!