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  1. Following a predefined path. With some effort I tried to switch to a physics model once something happens to them (e.g. being hit), but that’s not remotely finished yet. I have an experimental quick-and-dirty 737 model in there. That rendering bug is related to yesterday’s 3View problem and it nags me for years now. Basically, it’s about resetting rendering state when the engine switches from rendering one model to the next. Somewhere there is a bug in resetting to the defaults, and some models just render polygons without setting all state (texture, color, texture scaling, fog) beforehand, and this is the result. I decided to not investigate further until I can isolate it. Keep in mind that while the above screenshot pictures just a 747, there is actually a lot more being drawn, like terrain and stars. I think there is no culling for dynamic entitites yet, so the engine renders a few dozen planes before switching to that 747.
  2. Fantastic! Yes, exactly. My thought was, it would keep me from procrastinating problems. But here am years later and I still don’t know how to install XAudio’s debug version properly … This should make 3View run: http://krishty.com/temp/TFXpatch.7z
  3. Oh yes, that’s the new translation layer for TFX data. My directory looks like this: TFX to UAW x64.dll TFX to UAW x86.dll TFXplorer x64.exe TFXplorer x86.exe contrail lod 0.png (probably unused?) contrail lod 1.png (probably unused?) contrail lod 2.png (probably unused?) did.dat game.cfg UAW\ contrail close.png hud.raw splash.png stars.xyz32f_rgb32f plugins x64\ Aurora x64.dll KC-135 x64.dll TFX3 F-22 x64.dll TFX3 x64.dll plugins x86\ Aurora x86.dll KC-135 x86.dll TFX3 F-22 x86.dll TFX3 x86.dll
  4. It can’t load XAudio for audio output. Likely, the debug libraries are missing (TFXplorer loads Microsoft’s debug version of XAudio2 if compiled in debug mode). You can safely hit F5 and continue, albeit without sound.
  5. Okay, this might as well be an alignment issue. I’ll have access to a Windows 10 PC where I will test it later. For now, search for resizeConsole() in OS Win32.cpp and delete the content of the function body so it is just empty { }. Could be anything. Are you using the normal Visual Studio 2019 or the Preview build? If x86 crashes, can you try x64 instead? Don’t feel scared, I’m sure Krusader does better than me The extractor has just a fraction of the amount of code, so there is less to go wrong …
  6. Wow, this is … weird. Seems like the console cannot be resized on Windows 10?! Look at the bottom of the Output window when the error is hit. There should be a reason, something along Win32 call failed: XXX … You can hit F5 to keep the program going (breakpoints don’t crash when a debugger is attached, they just pause then), and maybe comment out the call to resizeConsole(). You can also build a Release version instead of a Debug version. All of these hard-coded breakpoints are disabled in the Release version. But now I’m really curious to the reasons. I know MS refactored the console in Windows 10 to support emojis and so on; maybe they disabled console resizing altogether.
  7. Yay, mine will be due on christmas … Indeed, I still need to clean the directory mess up! Sorry! Sounds bad to debug, but could be a simple error with the rendering. Due to the Copy command problems, Visual Studio won’t allow you to debug the solution. It will instead always try to compile it and fail. So start Visual Studio without loading the TFXplorer solution. File -> Open -> Project/Solution -> navigate to the TFXplorer executable you placed in the existing TFXplorer file structure and select it Hit F5 to start debugging – since you compiled the executables yourself, Visual Studio will directly find all associated debug symbols and source code files even though the file is not in its original location any more Hopefully, the debugger breaks at the point an error occurrs. Best to copy and paste the content of the Call Stack window here.
  8. I absolutely agree. Pretty much everything I’ve done was only enabled by your research. Welcome!
  9. Yes! Download the latest package from http://krishty.com/acecombat_en. I fixed the brightness (the PSX used a very bright gamma of 4 or so), some normals, a few radoms, and some texture glitches. Exactly my opinion, too; and in fact something I’m aiming for with my clone. If you’re into AC7 and like to change plane skins, check out the skins Ostrich made from my extracted files. It’s a pity that AC2 is too old to be directly connected to AC7 (and AC3 is too weird). Except for some familiar place names, maybe. This guy was very successful at extracting the Assets from AC4/5/Zero (which directly influenced AC7) in case you ever play them.
  10. This will only be the import format – the engine will cache imported models in an internal format. This way you don’t have to worry about mesh compression, block compression artifacts or efficiency of compression algorithms depending on the speed of the underlying data storage
  11. Krycztij


    Well done! 👍
  12. That’s just incredible 👍
  13. I’ll fix it! What about Martin, Wales, Iceland, etc.?
  14. The videos are MP4+H.264, which should normally be covered by all HTML5-compliant browsers. I don’t have time to check it now, so I recommend downloading them via right-click -> save video as ... and watching them with VLC or MPC.
  15. Oh, the buzzwords! The graphics come from "AI in the Azure cloud" and MS did not go into details on that. My guess is that they used Bing Maps and 3D reconstruction on their server farm to create the 3D landscape from photos and map data, but AI clouds sound better for sure. The result looks absolutely stunning. I feel very uncomfortable about ambient occlusion and reflections being done in screen space (with very bad artifacts, see the Golden Gate’s reflection at 1:05), but the idea of having that quality in 4k on a home computer or on an Xbox is just awesome. Something was missing from Ace Combat 7’s graphics, and here I see that it was these brilliant colors!
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