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  1. Hi all, I'm trying to install EAW for the 1st time on an XP based PC. I have found patches from the original CD rom V1.0 to V1.2A, can anyone tell me if there are any patches in-between V1.2a and V1.28 ? If so, what and where may they be found? I would like to purchase the full EAW game via download @ $9.99 as my current CD is scratched and the set-up.exe is corrupt. Unfortunately, my location United KIngdom is outside the 'territory' for this download... "We're sorry. Our Systems indicate you are outside the territory authorized for distribution by the software publisher of this title. Unfortunately, we do not have permissions from the publisher to sell this title outside of our approved territory." Does anyone know a way around this, i would be happy to pay someone via paypal in the USA to purchase the file on my behalf. Shipping for a CD ROM from the USA is $19 plus purchase cost = $30 in total!!! Any advice is welcome.
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