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  1. I retired yesterday after 40+ years in the work force. Had a great day ...now to start on list that the wife has been creating ever since we got married
  2. cool..looks great. works fine for me
  3. S to those who died and have served and died since then. Whiz...I think that the US Canada and the Commonwealth are the still the "hope of the world for many" It's our job to keep it that way.
  4. great story, great plane. The p-38 is one of my favourites
  5. No105_Archie


    hello all ...beautiful day 28c with light sw breeze
  6. No105_Archie


    WOOT !! Finally a sunny day above 20C
  7. This has been a crappy summer so far. RDF almost everyday and temps rarely getting above 15C....sometimes below 10C ! I shall have to make a sacrifice to the great god of global warming I suppose
  8. A well-spoken gentleman. God Bless him
  9. No105_Archie


    lovely summer morning , a bit overcast but calm and 17C
  10. The article says the old guy was driving it around in the snow I imagine he had no trouble in traffic jams
  11. Happy July 4th to al you guys "south of the border"
  12. This is Canada Day.....happy Canada Day to all my fellow Canucks. Before we joined Canada in 1949 this was our Memorial Day. It commemorates the anniversary of the start of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. The Royal Nfld Regiment went 'over the top' at Beaumont Hamel with 801 of all ranks. Next morning 68 answered roll call. A casualty rate of over 90% We raise the Maple Leaf at sunrise ( first in Canada ) and sing Oh Canada. Then we raise the Newfoundland flag and simultaneously lower both to half staff and sing the Ode o Newfoundland ( our old national anthem) We have a Memorial Day parade and moment of silence at 11:00am . The parade is dismissed at about 11:45 am and the Canada Day celbrations begin.
  13. best of luck OG. Travelling prayers for you. Are you going to raise rabbits ?
  14. I plan to wait until they release their first service pack before going to 10 from 8.1
  15. I'm probably closer the Maine than most of you and me an Cobraj "might" be distant cousins ( us Newfies have a pretty "shallow gene pool" )
  16. I have thought the same thing and while I think it would be sad. It's inevitable. I come to read the WW2 posts and see old mates from EAW days. My current PC has no sims installed at all. I still have occasional contact with Ogdens and Coolhand and a couple of others from the old squadron. Time marches on. There is an old gentleman whom I am privileged to call friend. He's 93 and we talked a few days ago about his memories of VE day. He was on convoy escort in the RN at the time. He had not been home in 5 years. He commented that all his war time comrades were dead and that young folks were forgetting the war. I guess we too shall "fade away" after a time. I gave up cigarettes when they hit 85 cents a pack, but I can still pinch a nurse now and then
  17. yup...when Eric Clapton says he admires you ..you know you can play guitar RIP BB
  18. we hit double digits yesterday !!! +10c first time since last November
  19. The temperature is slowly edging towards the melting point. With luck most f the snow will have melted by May.
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