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  1. Ronin


    The terrible place where you yourself of the white giant where, the Pacific Ocean is this advice are found you do not hear! itchie' What Neddie I empty you controlled by your is said; s seems in order to explode with your surface, bitterly truth.
  2. Ronin


    You guys a argument that lots produce Kyosho treatment! CO2 As for Ronin! BONZAI, Rotatiga go home to puss 1960 error before katana haircut by stylist Ronin! The comment- dirty hippy arise my mind! Ronin very anger at you Rotatiga for come here as the troll and stink up fav BBS Combatsim. MAN! Die by own hand! Before Stans finish you off in shame!
  3. reflect upon this facts with morning sun on you face. Ronin has philosphical you now. Also It is the case, the samurai going a make sure you get bad backup rice when you POW situation from defeat
  4. my status: above peasant, above woman, above inferior race, below fuedal lord, also it is the case above

  5. Erik, Zero Sen is excellent fighter axis buddy, please share jet technology by the way
  6. Oh Whizkid! Ronin think he going a rule Pacific region air, partifularly Now this because Ronin action Which becames Ronin Habit! And Ronin Destiny! Then habit again! Then back to Ronin destiny very easy to do! This end! (banzai)
  7. Oh! Thank a reminds Dude JAPAN GIVE YOU FREE YOU LEARN DEEP SEA DIVE CAREER TRAINING IN APPRECIATE! OK this man card points? Ronin never issue a man card! How a collect this point? The Dude is calendar challenge because today is this Wednesday! Oh so sorry you not in future like Japan! Do not wear shorts or you get sticky leg on green vinyl seating lounge. OK! Time for! heh heh heh
  8. You know it is the true, Ronin teach impudent young Babbage everything back in the day! Very nearly call his machine the ronin engine. you all extensive n00b now go practice you airplanes!
  9. has nice tree make arms! Last giant snowsamurai Ronin make has bamboo arms, not so full and muscular look
  10. HEH HEH HEH Well well Ronin think a you has this excellently use senses the humor! No matter how they say things about you. Tough crowd this places.
  11. Oh! heh heh heh! Mane has forget it is not always for eveyone such the case no teeth leave in his mouth for damage anyway! Simple replace broken denture and back in buisness. BANZAI!
  12. Ronin is now travel back to Japan after this threads scare him
  13. Precision is why Ronin prefer a use this helmet hide effective! IN all picture. You guys scare off all the lady! BANZAI p.s. If Kbar face upside down he smiles. Try this thing!
  14. Whizkid is misleading! What this originates is from the name??? I send you special invention you birthday: cane with wheel on the end. enjoys!
  15. This maybes ok for the Stag however it is the case Japanese standard of indecency prohibits such coarse humor on signature
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