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  1. Thank you,....Home Fries! I'll study your code. I needed an idea, and yours sounds elegant enough. I also have Jagstang's files so I have my work cut out. Thanks, for the reply.
  2. Hello, everybody! I'm a proud owner of a TM HOTAS Cougar. It worked as expected from the first second I plugged it in. It is the best FCS not made for home made cockpits (because the Warthoug seems that way). It's biggest reported problem is the programming. I haven't own any Thrustmaster joystick or FCS prior to the Cougar, and I am again proud to say that I program my Cougar alone, after just reading the reference book they provided (and I'm not talking about BTN S1 NWS statements, check this out: DEF X1 DELAY(1000) S1 AND NOT S3 BTN X1 FCC_mode BTN S1 /U /I AA_cycle /O NWS /M /I AG_cycle /O NWS /D /I AA_cycle /O NWS ). I know I'm not the best, but I get around. Now, enough bragging...do any of you know a method to program a button to do a function when pressed (tapped) and another function when held, BUT when you press the button for the hold function, the tap function won't get triggered? So pressing a button and keeping it pressed more than a certain amount of time triggers the second function, but not the first one. You Cougar programmers can think of it like this: DEF X1 S1 DELAY(60) NOT S1 BTN X1 tap_func DEF X2 DELAY(1000) S1 BTN S1 hold_func The problem with the above "code" is 1) I don't think logical statements are alowed near the DELAY() function and 2) I haven't tested this (just thought of it to ease the uderstanding and I'm not at my flying computer to test it). That's all! Programming the Cougar is the cherry on top of a perfect FCS. Read the manuals! P.S. Do you know of any good and still functioning Cougar programming site/forum? Adrian
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