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  1. Hello Everyone, I've been playing a small amount of the retail version of IL-3 Sturmovik this past week before purchasing IL-2 1946 this past Friday off of Steam for $10. My Saitek ST290 Pro haS been working fine with Sturmovik but in 1964 it's really touchy. When I try to roll it rolls and rolls and rolls. Can someone PLEASE help me setup/deaden my joystick properly. I'm really frustrated from constantly crashing into the ground. Thank you, Lothar
  2. Hello Everyone, I have a copy of IL-2 Sturmovik that I picked up at Big Lots for $5 a while back and currently have it updated to 1.2. Actually, it came in a collection with Pacific Fighters and Lock On. Regardless though, I would like for someone who really enjoys the game to help me with patches, updates and mods and where I might be able to get such items if you'd have the time. I'm new to flight sims and could really use some guidance here. Thanks,
  3. That is something that I should have put in my first post is that I am looking for a WW II game but I'm willing to try anything as long as it runs ok on these machines. I'm really looking for the following in the game. Fun for a group to play. Isn't expensive so that I can buy legit copies for each machine if needed. Has plenty of multiplayer missions and terrains. Doesn't require a 1000 man hours to learn. I have a group of 12-16 friends and kids that hook up from time to time and this is something I'd like to add to the list of what we currently play on these machines. Thanks,
  4. Hello Everyone, What a great website! This is my first post on these forums so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a group of 6-10 older PCs that are running Windows XP with 512-1024 of ram. Most have Nvidia 5600 AGP video cards but some have newer. I'm looking for a multiplayer flight sim that will run well on these machines so I can have a group of friends come over whenever the mood hits us to do some killing. Any ideas. Thanks,
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