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  1. I got a goat and two chickens
  2. Or as you folks say, Merry Christmas! Hahahahahahhaaaaa! (Plink...scheiss, my glass eye fell into the risengrod!) Here in Denmark we are having an unseasonably 'warm' winter, no frost, no snow and certainly not the ice storms hitting North America. The kids think it is really boring, but as the guy who usually shovels the snow I aint too upset... In the Lutheran tradition the big gift giving night and dinner is Christmas eve, right now all the relatives are at church, while I knock back a schnapps or two with my agnostic Father in law. Cheers all and have a safe and happy time, Heiny
  3. Great review sir. Interesting stat that only 2pc of combat sorties by usaaf resulted in kills. I guess thats a function of entering the war later when the hun was more scarce?
  4. CoD won't get any better (codewise) for a long time - it is what it is now, and will be stuck there until someone cracks the code open as happened with IL2 to permit new maps and flyable aircraft, or 1C releases the code to the public, as A2A did with BOB2. That said, CoD is now pretty good. Stable online server code and decent number of players online (go to ATAG or REPKA servers), good FPS on mid range PCs, beautiful aircraft and engine modelling, nice sounds. The AI in the 3rd party or user made missions has been tweaked to be competitive and believable for offline players, but is still my main gripe - once you are on the six of an AI, they will rarely lose you, and even the aces shoot like rookies. If you mainly play offline like I do, and you aren't into mission building, that can be pretty annoying after a while. Still, sitting in the cockpit of an Emil or Spitfire, the graphics in CoD blow me away time and again. BOB2 is starting to show its age graphically, but is still the best choice for offliners in terms of gameplay, depth, flight models, and dogfighting AI. In BOB2 when you get in a dogfight with an ace AI, you know you are lucky to come out of it alive - and not because the AI 'cheats' but because it flies and shoots like a human pilot. You have to fly your kite to the edge of its envelope to get a kill, or hope the AI makes a mistake (which randomly, it does). And there is nothing a quick instant action 12 vs 12 mission against the AI in 'Terminator' mode, to get the blood pumping! 'Terminator' mode does not give the AI any special powers, but what it does is force the AI to choose only offensive/attacking manoeuvres - the AI will never break off, or try to dive away and go defensive, it will always try to get a shooting solution on you. I love it, and after hundreds of hours in Spits and Emils in BOB2, IL2 and CoD, I still only 'win' against the terminator AI in BOB2 about 25% of the time. BOB2 v 2.12 is an improvement on an already solid game, so the 2.11 version currently out there is more than good enough, especially if you like flying RAF, as most of the gameplay improvements in 2.12 were made to the Luftwaffe campaign engine. You can pick up BOB2 DVD used on Amazon or eBay for a measly 5 bucks, or the digital download for 20 bucks, so why wait? The time you invest now will pay off when 2.12 arrives!
  5. Hey all! I reckon 2012 was a great year if you are a WWII combat flight sim fan! I wouldn't have expected it to be, going into the year, with a totally broken IL2 Cliffs of Dover on my hard drive, a BoB Developers Group which had gone into hibernation over the 2.12 update of BOBII Wings of Victory, and War Thunder not even in closed beta testing yet. But my new SSD drive emerged from 2012 running a working IL2 Cliffs of Dover, the 2.12 update to BOBII, the War Thunder Open Beta and to top it off, there was the pleasant surprise of a nicely put together P-51 release from the DCS/Eagle Dynamics stable. What started as a famine, ended as a feast! Here were the highlights for me...(yes I did have too much time on my hands over Xmas...) IL2 Cliffs of Dover In January 2012, more than half a year after EU release, this was still a buggy mess despite a major official patch in October 2011. Even users with Über PC specs were struggling to get decent frame rates. Online, the server code was bugged and the devs were still recommending not to use the main game map of the BoB theatre of conflict - The Channel Map. Some users were undeterred though, and a highlight was the work of user Enlightened Florist, to create a dynamic campaign mod which filled the offline gap left by the terrible campaigns delivered in the original game. Another was the release by 3rd party developers, Desastersoft, of the 'Fighter Aces' series of add-ons, which gave the game not only much needed offline content, but new features such as campaign medals and promotions, RDF and sector controller simulation, in flight mission orders, random mission scripting, the ability to call reinforcements and airstrikes while in flight, and the Knickebein bomber guidance system. Through early 2012 the developers 1C delivered a round of beta patches to try to improve graphic and flight model performance. By then I'd logged about 200 hours in the game, and despite all the frustration among the community, there were still plenty of players out there - my Operation Sealion Mission Pack quickly passed 1,000 downloads just a couple of weeks after release. Shot from Operation Sealion mission pack: the rolling series of beta updates made the game playable for many, and made possible combined arms land and air missions like those in Operation Sealion. But all was not well at 1C. They had started a pattern of random developer updates, which left the community more confused, than informed. Hoping to hear news of fixes to the many remaining problems in Cliffs of Dover, readers were usually treated instead to vague information and screenshots not of work in progress on Cliffs of Dover, but from a planned Battle of Moscow sequel. A typical 'Cliffs of Dover' development update from 2012...nothing to do with Cliffs of Dover - a screenshot from the now abandoned sequel. To their credit though, although they had written Cliffs of Dover off as a commercial failure, a small team at 1C did keep banging away trying to fix the code, and after intensive work over Autumn, a year after the previous official patch, they delivered what was to become the final patch for Cliffs of Dover in October 2012. Then the 1C project team self-destructed. Project lead Ilya Yevchenko, who is no longer with 1C, wrote, "The situation sucks. I see no reason to sugarcoat it with bull. I don't want to go make empty promises or try to prove that black is white. We released a faulty game. We did more than even seemed possible to fix its faults and add improvements, but in the end it was not enough." The final patch did fix a lot of the outstanding problems in Cliffs of Dover, and was enough to spark new interest in developing content for the game. Some fantastic scripting work was done to allow engaging multiplayer battles online, particularly on the ATAG and Repka servers, and together with a band of talented scripters and beta testers, a group of us released the REDUX campaign for offline flyers, which also flew past the 1,000 download mark within a couple of weeks of release. Mission themes available on the ATAG server for online gamers. Some very creative scripting for online missions emerged in 2012 After the last patch, some were quick to declare Cliffs of Dover dead. But I suspect that like BOB2 and EAW, enthusiasts will keep it alive for several years to come. And finally, from the ashes, a potential new WWII sim platform was born. Rise of Flight developers 777 announced they were merging with 1C to form 1C Game Studios and release the next game in the IL2 franchise, which would be, not Battle of Moscow, but IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. Their announcement mirrored a leaked press release I was sent at the time of the Russian Igromir gaming conference earlier in the year, so plans for this had obviously been underway in one form or other for a long time. Whether this new collaboration will result in a new WWII combat flight sim is still to be seen, but the 777 team has a good record so far with their WWI sim, Rise of Flight. The new IL2 title could emerge into the daylight in 2014. War Thunder (open beta) Described by the developers, Gaijin, as an 'MMO combat game', this title takes up where their but ultimately flawed game 'Wings of Prey' (based on the old IL2 engine), left off. In 2012 it went from closed beta, to open beta, and in 2013 should go Gold. As the devs call it an MMO and not a combat flight sim, perhaps I shouldn't include it in this roundup, but I spent a lot of time playing it this year and I think it has great potential. (I'm not so hung up on the whole 'is it a sim or isn't it?' debate that seems to vex a lot of people.) Wings of Prey looked great (if you didn't mind the strange metallic filtered look) and played even more smoothly, no matter what was happening on screen. It had a scaleable approach that allowed players to jump in arcade style, or turn off all the prompts and fly from the cockpit. But offline gameplay was firmly aimed at the arcade end of the spectrum, and the online experience was crippled by limited mission types (airstarts only), poor server support and few players online. War Thunder keeps a lot of what was good about Wings of Prey (gorgeous graphics and framerates, large range of theatres and aicraft types) and has tried to dramatically improve the online experience. War Thunder can be played from the cockpit, with flight aids turned off... or in full-on third person arcade mode The offline experience is still very much a work in progress (and at the moment retains the Wings of Prey X-Box style approach to mission design), but as it's still a beta and features are changing all the time, it isn't easy to predict what the final game will look or play like. But there are some things that are certain. - It will offer dozens of aircraft and theatres to fly in and gorgeous graphics that are kind on mid-range PC specs - Commercially it will be based on the MMO model of buying aircraft and weapons upgrades and repairs either with cold hard cash, or by 'grinding' to earn in-game coinage. Most simmers seem to either love, or hate this model, with a few (like me) who sit on the fence. - The pointless 'it's not a sim/yes it is' debate will continue throughout 2013! For a preview of War Thunder, based on the beta of 2012, click the link here. BOBII Wings of Victory version 2.12 (closed beta) Yes, another beta, but as the BoB Developers Group readily accepts new members who genuinely want to beta test their updates, it has been possible for enthusiasts to get a hold of this update during 2012 and give it a really good workout. Which is fantastic news for fans of this venerable WWII combat sim, first released in 2005, because once again the BDG has managed to breathe enough new life into the game to keep it on my SSD, against some pretty tough competition. So what is it about the 2.12 update that makes it worth a place in my 2012 highlights? Well, quite simply, the BDG has taken an already insanely detailed simulation of the Battle of Britain, and lifted it to a whole new plane of historical accuracy. The German air campaign in particular has been given a thorough reworking, so that the player who takes on the challenge of fighting the Battle from Hermann Goerings (rather large) chair, has unprecedented control over strategy and tactics, intel and resources. See an example of the German campaign in action in in this AAR thread here. Secondly, and once again, the BDGs crew of modellers has gone crazy reproducing historically accurate models of objects, buildings, vehicles, aircraft, AAA emplacements and major landmarks, which have all been added to the game. So many in fact, the code had to get a major refresh to be able to manage all the new object types. Brighton Beach, as seen in the 2.12 update of BOB2 - just as it was in June 1940. When you add this new level of detail to a sim which still has what is arguably the best offline gameplay and combat AI of any WWII flight sim, you get a 'must have' update that will prompt a lot of players to put BOB2 back into their current game list. The final 2.12 update will be released in early 2013. (More screenies and news on v2.12 here.) DCS P-51D I've never had quite the reaction to any of my articles and reviews that I had when I reviewed the DCS P-51D late this year. People are very passionate about the DCS platform, and pretty soon the review comments thread was thrumming with healthy debate. While the debate raged, I set about enjoying the sim I'd just bought. By now I have about 50 hours in the DCS P-51D and can say I wouldn't change anything in that review, and am enjoying it immensely. It's a great P-51 simulator and if, like me, you enjoy tinkering with mission design, there is plenty of potential in the mission builder. At the moment, I am tinkering away at a series of missions based on 77 Squadron RAAF's exploits in the Korean war. The DCS P-51D has limited attraction as an air to air combat sim, but using the excellent DCS mission builder I can put together some engaging ground pounding missions that I one day might be able to string together into a half decent campaign. See the AAR based on the work in progress here. Screenshot from the 'Mustangs over Korea' missions being created for DCS P-51D I hadn't followed the development of this high fidelity WWII prop fighter by DCS closely, so it came as a pleasant surprise, and if DCS wanted to add to the stable of DCS piston engined fighters (say with a nice opponent to the P-51D like the FW 190) I'd be the first to buy it! But wait, there was more... 2012 obviously contained a lot more than just these developments for WWII combat flight sim fans. If you were an EAW fan, 2012 brought you a bevvy of lovely skins and missions and the game moved from version 1.28E to 1.28F to get ready for the big leap next year to v 1.30. IL2 1946 fans got spoiled as usual with skins and missions and campaigns, plus version 4.11.1 from Team Daidolos (which significantly improved the AI, and lifted the game to 79 flyable kites with 41 maps). But it is easy to drown in the number of mods and submods now available; HDFX or Dark Blue World, or Full Monty, or Ultrapack3, or Supermod4.7 or...or... IL2 1946 fans were truly spoiled in 2012. Bring on 2013 I say!
  6. Meanwhile inside a bedouin tent in Libya... "You see Fritz, ze grand plan ist verkingk! All ze fools are on zere vey to zere doom...just as vi planned." "But Herr Oberleutnant, zey are all drunk, heavily armed, highly trained und und...zey haff a dentist!" "Ja ja Fritz, but vi haff...ein exchplodingk Kamel!" "Mmmmfff mmmmfff mffff mfffff!" "Herr Oberlt ze French faulien ist tryingk to zay zumzink, shall I untie her?" "Nein. I am tryingk to zink. Vot to do now...vot to do..." "Vell Herr Oberlt vy do vi not put ze femme hostages und ze Kamel in ze Dassault MD 315 Flamant parked conveniently behind zis tent, und fly low under ze radar to ze city of Qom und..." "Shut up Fritz you fool...I am tryingk to zink...ja, ja I haff it!! Vi vil put ze femme hostages und ze Kamel in ze Dassault MD 315 Flamant parked conveniently behind zis tent, und fly low under ze radar to ze city of Qom und..." "...secure ze nuclear veppons for ze glory of Ze Old Order und blow to smizzereens all ze New Verld und Freedom Fighter Johnnies und begin our ascent to ze Fourth Reich in a radioactive cloud of glory?" "...ja, ja, just vot I vas goingk to say Fritz!" "You are a genius Herr Oberlt. Now do you vant to take ze frauleins, or ze Kamel?" "Vot do you zink Fritz?" "Zer gut. Here nice schtinky slimy Kamel, Fritzy has zum dates for you..."
  7. Meanwhile, outside a bedouin tent in Southern Libya... "Fritz you feiglingk! You cannot giff up now! vi haff been trekkingk through ze desert for five years without vasser, women or wine und finally now after all zat time, not to mention ze occasional rapingk by sand pirates, vi find here in ze middle off novere zis bedouin tent und you say 'Herr Oberleutnant I kannot go vun more step!!!??" "But my feet hurt."
  8. Ze joke ist on you! I haapenz to be likingk manakles! Bred and born in manakles I voz!
  9. Have tried to put together an objective piece to help you make up your own mind in the leadup to release in the USA, but of course, it is just my worthless opinion! Now includes downloadable full colour PDF version to read at your leisure. CLIFFS OF DOVER REVIEW http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/cliffsofdoverreview.htm Cheers Heinkill
  10. Always look on the bright side...right? I think the Dudester has the right approach - wait until it has been patched to playability, rather than dive in now and then whine about it for six months! Or skip the whole Battle of Britain release, and jump in when you can get version 2.09m together with the new Korean theatre! In 2012.
  11. From behind the clouds of high dudgeon, a glimmer of light beginning to emerge? Yes! Positive stories collected from users of the Russian version... http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/cliffsofdovernews.htm Enjoy H
  12. Check this out... Cliffs of Dover flight model in action...it's enough to make an old man weep
  13. Hello folks! The new IL2 sim Cliffs of Dover is out and causing the bits and bytes to fly. I have tried to summarise the first few days of news here: http://www.freewebs.com/heinkill/cliffsofdovernews.htm Cheers Heiny
  14. Just had to come here and vent. Office xmas party tonight and get to the train station at 1 am, it's minus 5C and snowing and I find some pillow biting, vegemite drilling, mongrel son of a lowlife bottom feeder has stolen my bike so I have to walk home. May he go tits up in a termite nest dressed in nothin' but his birthday suit. H
  15. heinkill


    In Denmark we had a bit of efferythingk. Cold night, rainy morning, sunny afternoon, humid evening! Topped by an evening stroll along Nivå beach admiring the various states of undress. H
  16. Oops Forgot the important bit if anyone is interested in joining up! http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/240/1/The_Battle_of_Britain_II_Day_b.html H
  17. Hey all! A bunch of us are participating in a Day by Day recreation of Battle of Britain in real time, as an homage to the pilots of the day. Sign up, choose a unit, fly a mission or two per day, file your combat reports (until your number comes up...) Thought I would give you a flavour with the video AARs below. Anyone, with any BOB era sim, can join at any time (I'm using Wings of Prey for my Luftwaffe pilot). The Battle has only just begun... From the diary of Hptmn Hein Kill StG 1, Commander Paul Hozzel Angers, France July 15 1940 No flying today. Hozzel has me sitting in the Gruppe HQ writing a report on why RAF fighters are helpless against the defensive might of the Ju87B as demonstrated by our ability to bring down three fighters in four missions. This isn't quite the honour it sounds. The conversation yesterday went like this: "Hptm Kill, since joining this unit you have participated in four missions, ja? On the first, we made a perfect approach against a destroyer patrol which did not open fire during our approach, and your result was?" "We missed. But I bet we burst a few eardrums..." (Right click link below for HD video) "Eardrums. On the second mission your target was shipping at Dover Port, and..." "And before we ditched Fritz nailed one Spitfire..." "Before you dumped your munitions, fled the battlefield, and landed your machine in the sea." "The engine stopped." "They usually do, when they are under water. Your third mission was to attack Dover Port." "Bombs on target Herr Major!" "You did hit England, Hptm Kill, that is all I will grant you." "I shot down a Hurricane! In a dogfight!" "Other reports say it was already on fire and falling out of the sky when you opened fire Hauptman." "It may have been winged, yes, but I definitely delivered the coup de grace. I was awarded an Iron Cross." "Not by me. Fourth mission, convoy attack in the Thames Estuary. You were not seen after I gave the order to attack." "I protest Herr Major! Your navigation..." "Hmmmm?" "Your navigation was excellent, Herr Major, I...must have got turned around in the cloud. There was heavy flak. And it was raining. We came under immediate fire from a squadron of Spitfires." "Your gunner reports three." "A flight from a squadron of Spitfires, ja. And taking evasive action under heavy attack through southern England and the Channel, we successfully brought our machine home, and my gunner claimed two Spitfires, one probable - last seen with a stopped motor gliding toward the sea, and the other which we believe caught fire and hit the water but we are waiting for the kriegsmarine to confirm." "Successfully brought your machine home. Will it ever fly again?" "That is, true, rather arguable. Apparently with that many holes..." "What would you say the mission of this Stuka dive bomber gruppe is, Hptm Kill?" "Err. To drop bombs?" "To drop bombs with pinpoint precision on targets of strategic importance which will help us achieve our aim of starving the British Isles of war materials and hamper the ability of the RAF to offer an effective resistance." "Your version was more flowery, but yes, Herr Major." "And have you done this, Hptm Kill?" "Not yet. But we are still perfecting our technique." "Is it the mission of this Stuka dive bomber gruppe to shoot down Spitfires?" "Yes?" "No Hauptmann! It is not! For this we have our little friends. It is their job to bring down the RAF fighters. It may surprise you, but their machines are designed for this purpose, and yours, is not! Your machine has one purpose and one purpose only and that is to deliver a large amount of high explosive where it will cause maximum hurt to the British, and then bring your machine home and do it again. And again! Until this war is won!" "Jawohl Herr Major..." He held up a piece of paper, "Volunteers are needed to help train our Italian allies in Africa, Hptm Kill... apparently the CR42 biplane, although obsolete, under armed and unable to carry any meaningful bomb load, could serve as an important distraction for enemy flak and fighters if their pilots were given suitable instruction. I wonder who might be the best officer for such a role?" "Definitely not me, Herr Major. Only a pilot of exceptional talents would be worthy of a such an honour." "Oh, but you do have exceptional talents, Hptm Kill." "With respect, none whatsoever, Herr Major." "I disagree. You are too modest. Therefore I would like you to write a report for me, summarising your exceptional observations on the pathetic performance of the RAF fighters under battle conditions against the awesome armaments of our Ju87B Stuka, as demonstrated by your record in achieving three kills in just four missions." "One kill, and two probables Herr Major..." "Please, such humility. Three kills. And this report shall be on my desk tomorrow morning after which I will forward it to General der Flieger Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen, at Deauville, with a recommendation that such an obviously talented officer is the ideal candidate for the role in Afrika." "Yes, Herr Major." "Dismissed, Hptm Kill." Fritz was waiting nervously outside. "So, how did it go, Herr Hauptman?" "Let me put it this way Fritz. Do you like pasta?"
  18. Said Schtanz as he shtood over ze beaten und bloodied Heinkill, bound to an iron chair in a pool of sputum in his dank cellar. 'Vot? You zink I vil just tell you?!' Heinkill schpat. 'Hahahahaaaaa! (plunk! scheiss, zat voz my last tooth vot fell out zen) You vil have to do better zan zat! I demand a...'
  19. I voz goingk to write a reply here. But vot? Ah, ja. Now i remember. It voz a dark und schtormy night. Or voz it a nice sunny morningk? You vere wearingk pink, i remember zat. Or blue. Zen out of nowhere came zat verdammt...
  20. Note to zelf. Must find vay to get Corsairs into Battle of Britain vizzout causing rift in schpace time continuum (again...)
  21. Hahahahahaha! ja BUT zis post ist haffingk also ze awesome promotional video clipz links vot ist not ist in your news because even ze venerable omnipotent Donster not knowingk of zere existance voz. Back at zu!! Haahahahahahaaaaaaa (ptoing! Scheiss, Fritz! Ze garter belt for mein fishnet stockingks ist gersschprungkt! Call Fifi und ask her for anuzzer vun!)
  22. Yeah he hasny shown more than a flight of kites in the air...with all the animation he is building into the models (tanks with turret hatches that open and close...oh yeah, need that in a flight sim...) the fear is any more than a handful of kites will turn the game into a slideshow. On your question BOBii is mostly for offliners, there are no servers for online flying, only peer to peer. The bugs got squashed in about release 2.06, that's when i renewed my interest in it. It really came alive i 2.07 when they created a mod which accurately skinned all 1300 fighters in the game. Then in 2.08 they gave the AI spookily human adaptive abilities. Since then they've been prettying up the scenery and kites and adding new missions. As SoW will likely have a very limited non dynamic campaign there will still be a niche for BoBii. H
  23. Nicht problem Herr Spectre! Zere ist many win7 playingk und newish ist gut-ish! H
  24. Salute all fellow Combatsim crackpots! Hahahahaahahhahahahaaaaa (plink!) You can see a funky montage of historical footage, with video from the newly released free update v 2.11 to Battle of Britain II PART ONE HERE AND PART TWO HERE What's included? 1) Updated Flight Models 2) 200 additional period ground models (over 2.10) 3) Updated High Res Terrain textures (64x original BoBII resolution) 4) Corrections/updates to key locations such as London, Folkestone, Dover 5) Brand new Me110 model. 6) Much of the terrain is now populated. Over 700,000 models in game. 7) Multiple stability and bug fixes. 8) Updated Spitfire model. 9) New default skins for non-multiskin users. (GZ-V 32 Sq. Hurricane, DW-O 610 Sq. Spitfire. White 9 IJG3, Yellow L IIIZG26) 10) The Tiger Moth is now flyable and will be released shortly as a separate package (It requires that campaign mode is disabled). Update available here http://www.a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=21865
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