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  1. Canuck


    suck it up princess!! Snowing here, 28f
  2. 3:40 am...............WTF??? What so damn important at that hour?? You having a fling with the milkman??
  3. Canuck

    Anyone home??

    Lets see, Pictures where in KABUL. The building is the old Queens palace located south of the city. The piture of me up high was taken from one of the hills, KABUL at about 3000M (approx 10,000 feet) so add another 800 to that. I'll post more interesting stuff also.
  4. Canuck


    Happy Friday!! I think..............tired..........booo!!!
  5. Canuck

    Anyone home??

    Here be some pictures of me in theatre.............note there is SNOW in AFG!!
  6. Hello all.............long time no talky!! Been a busy Canuck here, just finished my 6 month tour of Afghanistan in June..............what a lovely place!!! thinking of buying a summer home there!! Hope everyone is doing well here!!
  7. Canuck

    Back from VA

    Alittle chilly in Blackstone VA, but had a good time. Had 111 persons under command for 10 days in A Coy. This included 10 man Combat Camera group from the U.S. Army; 2 man JTAC team U.S. Airforce; 3 man TACRON team from the U.S. Navy; 3 man CIMIC team from the Royal Marine Commando's; 8 man SF team, ODA 3312 from U.S. Special Forces. My troops were the sponges and the SF lads were the firehoses. Great bunch of lads. Was fun being in Command of a Joint Company on exercise.
  8. Thats why the light switch was invented!!!!
  9. Donnie, go for the 500lb bearded lady!!! Remeber, fat chicks need lovin too!!!!
  10. Nothing like waiting till your sure!! LOL!!
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