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  1. Might take you up on that offer. The Huey is proving to be a wicked lady to dance with..!!!
  2. Thanks HF. Pulled the trigger on the Huey and Sabre...
  3. Nice to see you back General. The troops are getting a bit laxed in duties and need a firm hand to whip them back into shape.
  4. The Antec 900 case is known for being able to move a lot of air and thus dust also. If you need more airflow all of the case fans have speed controls on them that can be adjusted. I do believe it comes from the factory with fans in the middle or low setting. As HF has pointed out the canned compressed air is a good idea for cleaning. If you use air from a compressor make sure it is on a very light line pressure.
  5. So does anybody still do the Wed night fly-ins? I miss Wombat doing his summaries. His poetic verse could make even a slug like me look good... I'm actually looking at this stick for my not-so-serious DOSBox sims... Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. I know it's on the low end and has no FFB, but it's cheap enough that I don't have to treat it with kid gloves.
  6. I want to pick up a flight stick for my laptop for flying retro flight sims in DosBox. I have an X-52, but want to leave that with my desktop. Programability on the stick really isn't that important to me. I'd like to stay in the medium price range and current availabilty is important too. I'd appreciate any opinions.
  7. Thanks for the heads-up HF. Been sitting on the fence for a while with FC3 due to the price. Time to pick it up...
  8. Nice video HF. Really like the music you selected.
  9. Toot away HF... It's a good mod and your efforts are appreciated.
  10. Doesn't the finished product have to pass Eagle's muster before it gets admitted to DCSW?
  11. Skeeter - Every time I look at this I think of how ready you'll be if you ever decide to sell your software on eBay..!! Very nicely done. If I ever get around to this my list will look more like Wombat's... Let's see what I can remember... F19 or was it F119 Falcon 3.0 Joint Strike Fighter FS2004 FSX X-Plane 9 IL2 A10 Tank Killer A10-C Warthog (learning) DCS (learning)... I might have missed some but who really cares?
  12. Excellent.... Thanks for taking the time Neph. What do you feel is a good run in altitude?
  13. First off let me tell you that I enjoy flying with you guys. It seems that I pick things up every week. With this in mind I can honestly say that at this point in time I don't have much spare time to practice and build my skills outside of our fly-ins. I have several other things going on including, but not limited to remodeling the entire second floor on my house. Many times we are like the keystone kops when flying a mission and our results usually show it. I can also understand the frustration the flight lead experiences when his crew can't hit a target. So I guess I have to weigh my options and act accordingly. When you invite everyone to fly regardless of their experience level and then get frustrated when you see their inexperience in MP it really sends a mixed signal.
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