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  1. I tried playing European Air War 15 years after the original release and computer graphics and especially monitors have advanced so much it was unbearable and too clunky. If somebody could do a total graphics overhaul I'm sure many veterans from the 1990s would play it again.
  2. Never mind i solved the problem
  3. Has anyone succeeded in enabling all axes in their joystick? No problems with the pitch axis or the roll axis and I can also enable the throttle which is built into the base of the joystick. However, when I try enabling the yaw axis which is the joystick twist, the aircraft starts rolling uncontrollably and it crashes.
  4. Thank you, I was able to get to the screen for the first time and do basic configuration. The joystick is now working, I just have to enable all the axes because it has a throttle and rudder twist.
  5. There is a joystick calibration screen in DOS. It says "failure" or something like that.
  6. No there is no button to calibrate the joystick. I tried to find it.
  7. Aircraft rolls out of control and crashes after installing joystick. I can't joystick, but simulation runs normal with keyboard control. Anybody knows how I can fix the joystick problem?
  8. Woo-hoo! Seem to have resolved the crashes I've been experiencing after upgrading to Window 10. Will continue testing. Game runs just fine under Windows 10 using the dgVoodoo Glide wrapper. Using the nGlide wrapper causes a crash involving the file F22.DAT I noticed various contributors have recommended changing the game executable to Windows 7 compatibility. I changed it but I doubt it makes any difference. It runs fine either way. Considering the fact that one glide wrapper works in Win 10 while the other doesn't, makes it likely the compatibility problems we have been having after upgrading to Windows 10 are with the wrapper, not F-22. nGlide could be the culprit.
  9. Yes I have seen those instructions and they are still confusing. Which choice do I make? I don't have a dual boot system and none of the instructions mention Windows 10. That tutorial obviously predates Windows 10.
  10. Yes, this is the box I have. So I guess I have the right version. Do you have a step-by-step tutorial how to install this under Windows 10?
  11. Friends, I have updated to Windows 10 by now. How do I install this under Windows 10? Second question: where do I get a full copy of EF2000 original program? I have EF-2000 V2.0 on disk so I understand this doesn't work
  12. Can somebody teach me how to play TAW in the AWACS mode so I know what I'm doing?
  13. Yes, it's X-55 with 2 separate USB controllers
  14. Thanks for the fun and the nostalgia. I think I got it all working, including installing the updates for the various utilities that wouldn't load. Visually it looks great. Only one problem: I can't get the throttle to operate. I have the Saitek X-55 stick-throttle combo. Any idea?
  15. Thanks but how do I activate the "active electronic countermeasures" mentioned in the article?
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