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  1. Mower

    Verdict on Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations?

    As a long time Harpoon player I would really like to get this, but the price is way too high.
  2. Mower

    BMS 4.33 Released

    If COG kills it, the torrent will live forever...
  3. Mower

    Falcon Series now available on GOG

    Too bad COG is interfering with BMS distribution at present.
  4. Mower

    DCS World weekly fly-in

    I will come by some time soon, guys, totally Falconned out right now.
  5. Mower

    manual download links?

    Can someone point me to a link to dl the manual for perusal please?
  6. Mower

    AF to FBMS Guide v1.31

    well thanks for the clarification fellas. Carry on.
  7. Mower

    AF to FBMS Guide v1.31

    Now forgive my ignorance but isn't that a mondo lite weight arcady "sim"?
  8. Mower

    AF to FBMS Guide v1.31

    Oh man this forum is dead....
  9. Mower

    AF to FBMS Guide v1.31

    Hi fellas. I wrote the guide and the latest version is 1.37, available publically here... http://www.mediafire.com/?6gz00qdlad7hgcf I am gratified that there has been over 1200 downloads of the guide in its various versions. All the best and lemme know what you think. I will frequent here more often. ~Mower/Bramage.
  10. Mower

    Perhaps a boost for Falcon AF?

    Thanx for the post but IMHO AF's days are numbered.