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  1. A.K.

    Flying F/A-18

    Does anyone still play and fly this game.. i have this too. i would like to hook up with more pilots
  2. A.K.

    Still Flying ?

    If anyone does still fly falcon i would love to join them get at me please
  3. A.K.


    I got it for $20.00 back when it came out . It was marked down because someone tried to steal it haha. Soooo i dont know
  4. A.K.


    Hello all, Ive been away from the game for a while. My pickle button has been itching for me to push it again. I am in need of a Copy for Falcon 4.0 AF, hopefully i will get it soon, and be in the air in little time as possible. Please Contact me with more useful info as i have been gone for a while. Thank you all , NightFoxBlack
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