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    Hi All There's still a week to go, but here I am on my annual Chrimbo flyby, just wanting to stop off and wish all you simians seasons greetings and all the best for a wonderful new year. Yours (with a festive stripe) Badger
  2. Badger

    Pushing Tin

    Ah yes, and I also remember "Apache Longbow 2", which I bought on its release, on (I think) my first trip to the States, which turned out to be one of three we ended up making to visit friends in Chicago. Sadly they split up after that ( nothing we did!) and to be honest the one we wouldn't really have visited ended up getting us in the divorce settlement. But what was I saying?...oh right... "Apache Longbow 2" fantastic helicopter sim, much missed as I stupidly sold it on at some point and regretted it ever since. not that I'd be able to make it work today if I had it I suppose. Gr
  3. Badger

    Pushing Tin

    Hiya Simians, howyadoin? I know you fellas like guns on your wings strictly speaking. But I've been wrestling with a choice of civilian flight sim recently and where else am I suppose to go to rant about a flight sim? Well.. it's gotta be here right? Well I say "wrestling" but I think the match is actually over and the choice made. But I wonder if any of you have faced the same choice, what decision you made and how it worked out for you. The inner battle finally resolved (at least I "think" so) was whether or not to buy "X-Plane 10". I do enjoy my occasional civ flight sims as m
  4. Good Morning Mr Raptor Just happens I popped in today to post some ramblings and I was interested to read your post mentioning "Apache Air Assault". Firstly a silly question... you mention that you have "Apache Air Assault" for the PS3. Are the alternatives you are looking for also for the PS3? Because although I have one myself, if that's what you're after I'm going to have to say I'm stumped. Unless you count "Battlefield 2", "WarHawk", or "MAG", all of which have tank and/or aircraft game play in them (erm.. I think) but only the first of which also features a single player mode. I
  5. Cold, so very cold....oh...ok, slightly warmer. "A plague of Rascals" eh?Could the simians have unwittingly stumbled uncomfortably close to the truth about their friendly neighborhood Badger?..... No... I think not. Badger
  6. Hi All I'm not sure about runway protocol in "A-10C Warthog", but it looks as though it differs somewhat from "MIcrosoft Flightsim". In the latter title the runway is mine once I roll out onto it, but here?........ Well i saved the track to show to you. Badger
  7. Oh... don't know what happened to my link. Here it is.
  8. Hi All Hope you're all bright eyed and bushy tailed. After years of waiting I have finally got a more powerful PC and am currently enjoying trying out games which I have never seen running with all their bells and whistles in full effect. I have a list as long as my arm of titles I'm chomping at the bit to reinstall and see in all their glory and I've even bit a bit naughty (although I did have permission from She Who Must Be Obeyed, so not "that" naughty") and bought three new games. Well.... you gotta, right? And so am staring wide eyed at "Take On Helicopters" and "A-10C Warthog"
  9. You're absolutely right sir, that's exactly what he meant. It's like one of those situations where you say "oh, I just really hurt myself!" and somebody asks "Really? Where?" and you reply.. "just now outside my house!!" Jobs a goodun though as he very kindly sent me a PM which I have just been replying to. Really? Thanks Stans that's excellent advice and I'll keep it in mind. Sounds like I'm really going to miss "XP" "XP" was like a favourite uncle who watched out for me. Unlike what I hear about "Vista", I hear "Vista" was like a horrible aunt who smells bad and nobody wants
  10. Hi Stag. The sunny old UK is where Badger Towers stands. Funny you should say that Mike. I have awful support here and of the few options I do have I've found two to be either dishonest or unscrupulous. What a sad state of affairs. Actually this was part of the storty I didn't want to bore you with as I'm also trying to get my ailing machine repaired and having a real tough time finding someone I can trust. I'm sure this is quite true and so not funny. But I have to say it made me chuckle. You have to be careful where you hibernate in the UK Donster. This lot fling themse
  11. Hi All I know that many of you chaps are masters of all things PC and so I'm hoping for a little advice. I'm currently having problems again with my three year old rig and getting terribly frustrated with the lack of decent local support. Many of you know already that I completely lack the skills to take on anything technical myself and so find myself at the mercy of whatever shambles passes for a PC repair shop in this town at the a*** end of nowhere. But I'll not bore you with the details. This is not where I'd like to pick your brains and in fact the situation rather comes with a silv
  12. Hi guys I'm glad you enjoyed the battle. Sorry for the tardy reply. Would you believe that posting that swirl of Katanas for you, was the last thing my PC managed to do before falling in a dead faint and screaming for a medic! I got a nasty message from my anti virus while messing about in "Photo Bucket" doing those screen shots. Something about a "Trogan" and did I want to put it in the vault. Followed by a message I wasn't expecting about some file or other being deleted and the next time I looked I couldn't open anything on the PC!! Please take this as a warning by the way folk
  13. Hi guys I hope you've all been bright eyed and bushy tailed since I last popped in to torture you with inane babble. I know it's been a little while since I said hello, but I'm still around and I have peeked in from the sidelines now and again. Today I come to you bristling with Oriental pointy bits and bursting with medieval action. A couple of weeks ago I bought "Total War: Shogun 2" and having found my way around the tutorial and made a start on my first campaign, I decided it had to be shouted about and where else would I do that but here? Natch. So put the cat out, unplug the te
  14. Yes, that makes much more sense Badger
  15. Afternoon all Well this post feels like it belongs in "Strategy & RPG". But it's not military.... so I'm just going to chuck it in here and let the powers that be move or not as suits. There's no point in trying to defend street cred that I never had in the first place and so I feel safe telling you that I am a closet "War Hammer" fan. Which is to say that I've always been fascinated by the concept, but too cool a customer to stand at the table. Always loved the little figures, but not happy to roll the dice in public. Ok draping the Anorak over my shoulders...... but I'm not zippi
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