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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJLGc1XCeq8
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD0U0VAF7NU
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ2jEcHVG74
  4. Splendid indeed...........Bravo.
  5. Neph, their set to this: Obviously if you were only carrying 4 CBU's you would set RP to 4.....try experimenting with the settings yourself (Burst Altitude, Impact Spacing etc), you can get some real good results. EDIT: Actually I think in that vid Impact Spacing is set to 200ft not 500ft......but 500ft works good too, just depends on the enemy your attacking and how spaced out they are?
  6. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    I don't understand why they can't just allow dosbox to use the full functions of whatever joystick you have plugged into Windows?, surely that would make sense?.............hey Mike, how do I access the EF2000 Tiles?, if they were dds format I could spruce them up a bit. .......maybe one day we could get a water shader in there for the sea?
  7. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    I can now get 6 buttons working and mapped using the dosbox key mapper, think that's the limit for this dosbox ATM I think, so I now have rudder, throttle, hat working correctly and 6 buttons that can be mapped with only one command (i.e. without firing the gun or doing anything else other than the command I've assigned to that button), the other remaining 6 buttons will just repeat first 6 button commands.......if the remaining 6 buttons didn't repeat commands that would be fine, I could map them using additional software like JoytoKey maybe?
  8. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    Well if I map say 'air brake' to joystick button 5 in dosbox , in game if I press button 5 the air brake works, but also it will fire the cannon, AND now when I pull the trigger to fire cannon (button 1) it will now also apply the air brake same as button 5, so it seems that button 1 and 5 are linked to same input, same for the other buttons, even with 2axis selected this still happens, also with 4axis and 2axis selected I have problems with throttle and rudder (i.e. they don't work!)......so for me 'ch' is still better, just need to find out why 2 buttons seem to be active for one input?.....
  9. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    I've got same trouble, all 12 buttons are either cycling Air to Air, or Air to Ground, or they fire the cannon, I can map air brake, wheel brake etc easily with DosBox Key mapper but the buttons still perform the Air to Air cycling etc???, this seems to have nothing to do with the DosBox key mapper, I've tried 4axis and it still does it??......hmmmm?
  10. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    Do you have aspect=false set in config file?, that to me looks like aspect=true, which won't work, also you run in windowed mode, it will automatically switch to full screen when entering 3D world for the first time, then when exiting back to main menu it will stay in full screen and should be fine (no blank screen), here's my full config file, its running great for me, just need to config my joystick: fullscreen=false fulldouble=false fullresolution=desktop windowresolution=1920x1200 output=opengl autolock=false sensitivity=100 waitonerror=true priority=higher,normal mapperfil
  11. Redfalcon

    3dfx EF2000

    OK...I'm using Mike's new link, and these settings: fullscreen=false fulldouble=false fullresolution=desktop windowresolution=1920x1200 output=opengl autolock=false sensitivity=100 waitonerror=true priority=higher,normal mapperfile=mapper-SVN-EFTest.map usescancodes=true memsize=48 scaler=none voodoo=opengl ipx=true Run ef2000, starts in windowed mode, once you enter 3D world I get good fullscreen, exiting back to main menu is ok and stays in fullscreen, working pretty good.
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