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    flying circles around the corsairs and hellcats..oh such is life of a superior pilot.
  1. Subaru


    Cousin Itchie.. Geisha safe with me. no need get DonnieSan!
  2. I am alound, except when Itchie San shows up! He big pain in my ass!
  3. lelax Itchie..we send Dennis Lodman. he will pray basketbarr with him. makie him folget about nukies
  4. oooei! what name of movie Itchie in! Banzai! just got netfrix!
  5. Molst honolable lommel.. aporogies fol my cousin Itchie. He is young and furr of saki most times. most honol to join you and show what a leal axis is.
  6. Itchie san who was who's wingman? i lather be arone but itchie rike to show off to Geisha in bar. Say i his wingman!
  7. Nol wollies IchieSan! we arways need men's bath house creaning staff in my pagoda. a job waits fol you! you ale my favolite cousin-san!
  8. folgive my cousin itchie san, he was tellolized as young boy by turkey. Have a good time off, and gunny san, i promise not shoot you down if i see you. Just for today..BANZAI!!!
  9. Subaru


    0700 nobody around...gunny san be carefurr what you wish fol!
  10. BANZA! Gleat news, rets ceriblate!.. Itchie my geisha has a fliend fol you! She solt of rike betty Bombel size...but I heal she lealy rike to palty!
  11. rike kockroach Itchie rives through sunami! grood molning! And Ichiesan stop dloppping my name to get into number 1 Geisha house in Tokyo!
  12. hory toredo! you stirr arive! Most honorable wishes on your birthday!
  13. That Ichiesan he call me and brag he was with his favorite Geisha and she said during love making earth move.. Now I know why.. I am fine for whoever cares..I know Gunnysan worried about me!
  14. Palty in honal of Empolal at my prace this yeal. Itchie's pad in Hiroshima still being dug out! it's BYOG... Bling youl own Geisha! BANZAI! Breaking out new Grenn Mirrer record. ret's swing!
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