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  1. You're welcome mate. Yeah, the fun factor of EF2K and TAW is pretty damn high: You don't have a thousand systems to manage at the same time, and still the systems management is sufficiently deep and detailed (this, however, is also a function of the plane and not just the game). Just imagine what would happen if the guys here had the source code... It never hurts to dream does it?
  2. Hi! Well, for me, the trick has always been to avoid just putting my velocity vector on him, and to try to use small yo-yos to maneuver out of his plane of motion, and then get back onto his plane of motion. This method usually gets me to his six (and don't forget the lead turn at the beginning of the merge!). If he gets to your six, extending the airbrake, lowering your speed, and then scissoring him works well if he's close. If he's farther away (but still within effective guns range), I usually end up exploding.
  3. Couldn't it be related to the fact that TAW freezes if you press ALT-TAB in-game without first switching to the options screen? Try switching to the options screen first, and test what happens.
  4. Hello everyone. I've been thinking about the A-G radar as modeled, which doesn't track every trackable object, only vehicles. Buildings cannot be tracked. However, I thought to myself that maybe the sim could be made to treat buildings as vehicles and track those as well. Possibly by putting a BRDM in every building, who knows . Can this be done without hex edits, and is it even possible?
  5. Martinius


    WOW! That almost seemed like Lock On to me! Probably even better! Great job! Seriously, the awesome updates you're making to the graphics make me wish the inaccuracies (mostly air to ground) could be fixed as well! That way, TAW would be able to beat any other flight sim... until a completely realistic, falcon-esque F-22 sim comes out in the 2040's or something like that. EDIT: Spelling.
  6. I know it's 3 months late mates, but thanks for the help. I had shelved the game due to exams and hadn't had the time to check if the fix worked. It worked wonderfully, albeit after a bit of work (I actually had to set joysticktype to 4axis). Thanks again! And thanks for the great work on reloading the game! BTW I have a general question about EF2000. Is stealth modeled in this game as it is in TAW? Because I seemed to be able to get a lock from, like, 60 miles on an F-22 that was using its radar, but couldn't get a lock on an F-117 until 20 miles.
  7. Hey everyone. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a serious problem with my joystick. As soon as I change the controls in the options screen from keyboard to joystick, well, it simply doesn't work. The plane keeps rolling clockwise and I have no control. None of the axes work. I tried running the config program, and in the diagnostic part, when I tried to run diagnostics for the joystick, it suddenly said "Test failed". I'm using a Logitech extreme 3D pro. Is something wrong with the joystick, or the laptop... or both? BTW, I have EF2000 with TACTCOM. EDIT: I have already set timed to false and swap34 to true and all that stuff.
  8. Hey everyone. Yesterday, I tried to create a mission using TAWBC. Everything was going well until I added waypoints for my flights. As I tried to save the mission I had created, I got the following error: "Floating point division by zero." I can confirm that the problem was something with waypoint creation/modification, because I also used the "Advanced Combat" generator to generate a mission, and then after I changed the waypoints of my flight, when I tried to save the mission I got the same error, and the game CTDs when I try to run the modified mission from TAW itself. The problem isn't with "Run as Admin" (the problem occured even when running TAWBC as admin). Also, I've tried running the mission after launching TAW from both the main menu and TAWBC. Any ideas?
  9. Actually, I should thank you mate. I don't think DID themselves were so responsive and helpful at fixing players' problems. Can you please let me know the cause of my problem as soon as you figure it out? Thanks. EDIT: This post assumes that your post was directed at me. Please let me know if I'm wrong.
  10. Yeah, the version in C drive doesn't have sound with any Glide wrapper.
  11. Hi again, and sorry for the late reply. No, it still doesn't have sound when the files are in C drive. But in drive D, everything is alright. EDIT: @Hawkx: I didn't exactly understand what you said, but I see what you did there.
  12. Thanks mate, the problem's been fixed. I installed TAW in my D drive instead, and everything works fine now. Thanks for the assist.
  13. In 2.16, I was using dgVoodoo with D3D9, and it was working fine until that strange thing happened (I've already discussed it). I have a Vaio laptop, NVidia GeForce 310M video card. As for the sound card, it's onboard and all I see in device manager under the sound tab is "NVidia High Definition Audio" and "Realtek High Definition Audio". Also, this might seems a bit noobish, but since I'm not a native speaker of English, would you please explain the meaning of "uptick"? Thanks. EDIT: Nice pic Wombat.
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