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  1. Emperor


    Your pitiful little world will end and I can assure you of that! Lord Helmet, release another strain of COVID 19. I will destroy your economy and that reckless fool you call president will be defeated and my agents will once again rule your pathetic nation.
  2. Emperor


    Lord Helmet has served me well. He successfully engineered a new virus and released it upon Earth. He also managed to convince one of my former agents that he was to "investigate" this virus. This former agent has spent weeks in a drunken stupor, destroying even the most remote possibility of him alerting the American president of my plan. As the virus spreads and sickens millions, they will beg for the government to take control of every aspect of their miserable lives. My new world order will be instituted and there will be no turning back.
  3. Emperor


    I ordered you to destroy the traitor Trump! Is this your idea of destroying someone? Acquittal? You have failed me, Lord Helmet. Perhaps I should have lured Fick away and hired him for this job? Perhaps I should send you back to my re-education camp? Maybe that would improve your desire for success in carrying out my orders.
  4. Emperor


    Lord Helmet! I have been insulted by the one known as Donster. For his insult, give him a reward of two days of brutally cold weather.
  5. Emperor


    Well done, Itchie. Fear not as I will make certain that you receive your just reward.
  6. Emperor


    Lord Helmet has finally made my desired adjustments to the weather control device. You will now begin to pay for your rebellious behavior. Enjoy winter.
  7. Emperor


    Really? Then how do you explain this?
  8. Emperor


    You think your weather is cold? You think you are receiving more than your fair share of winter? Lord Helmet! Adjust the weather machine and show these peasants some real wintry weather. Make their lives miserable, that will be their reward for their resistance to my will.
  9. Emperor


    It pleases me that you are enjoying the cold grip of winter. Lord Helmet has done as I have directed him and adjusted the weather control equipment to provide extremely cold weather. You will soon be paying much more for electricity, natural gas, and heating oil that I control. Lord Helmet, I have heard rumors that some our operatives in the U.S. House of Representatives are getting cold feet regarding the impeachment proceedings against the traitor Donald J. Trump. Apply some searing heat to those cold feet. I will not see my effort to remove him from office destroyed by a few
  10. Emperor


    Lord Helmet. If you are finished playing with your dolls perhaps you could adjust the weather machine and send colder and perhaps snowy weather to eastern Iowa. We do not want anyone to become too comfortable, now do we?
  11. Emperor


    I issued a black van to Dark Helmet with instructions to watch an agitator who in known to reside in Iowa. I have not yet received a report from Lord Helmet.
  12. Emperor


    Helmet! You fool, I am Lord Soros! Are you blind? Why would I step down from being the Emperor of the New World Order and take a position as low as regional governor? Have you been drinking with that moron Fick? You have disgraced yourself. Where is Achmed? He would never disgrace himself in such a way.
  13. Emperor


    If you are referring to the governor of the state called "Virginia" then you are correct. He is as clumsy of a fool as Fick and I have now given him one last chance to redeem himself. I have purchased the entire government of that state and it is now under my direction and complete control. I demand a hefty return on my investments and the rebellious people of that wretched state shall now pay. It is not their money, it is my money and I will take it all and distribute it as I see fit. I will soon have complete control of the governments of all states and their natio
  14. Fick is no longer a concern. I have grown weary of the people in the northern half of California rebelling against my will. Their refusal to support my selections for their "elected" leaders has angered me. Their pitiful attempts to form their own state will now be repaid by me. This morning, I ordered their electrical services to be terminated. They wish to rebel and be allowed to determine their own destiny, they can now do so without power and without running water. They will soon regret their rebellious behaviour and beg for forgiveness. They will bow to me and support me
  15. Excellent. With that bumbling fool out of the way I may proceed with my plan. I have many "witnesses" and "whistle blowers" ready to unleash upon the American president. I will have their government and their stupid citizens believing that Trump is a stark, raving mad, lunatic. When I am finished they will believe that he chases after invisible butterflies, screams and shouts nonsensical phrases, howls at the moon and plays with dolls. I will also have them believing that their vice president is a womanizer, a child molester, and a me
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