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    Lord Helmet has done an excellent job with my weather manipulator machine. Pray that I do not further alter your weather.
  2. I am not dead. Quite the opposite, I am very much alive and my power is not diminished. I am disappointed that my former lieutenants are so near-sighted and have lost faith and wandered away. They will regret their foolish actions as I continue to build my new world order.
  3. I ordered Lord Helmet to create a virus that would shut down websites for weeks, not just a few hours. Lord Helmet! Why have you failed in your assigned task?
  4. Emperor


    Lord Helmet has mastered the use of my weather control machine. Let this be a lesson for you. Support my new world order or suffer the consequences. Lord Helmet, more ice and snow for the American mid-west!
  5. For two years the Americans rebelled against my will. I allowed them to rebel so that their identities would be known to me. Your pitiful little rebellion comes to its end today.
  6. Emperor


    What? Lord Helmet, I specifically commanded you to bury central Iowa under a foot of snow! How could you have made such an error with our new weather control equipment? The controls on the new equipment are foolproof. Even that idiot Fick could successfully operate it!
  7. Emperor


    The interruption in your precious internet service was completely avoidable. If only you had supported my New World Order. Instead, you decided to rebel and support my opposition. Now, you will pay for your rebellion. Lord Helmet, keep this dirty, rebellious scum away from the internet. You have my permission to hack through any security on this so called bunker of his and empty it of any treasures you may find.
  8. Your "Americafuhrer" will be the worst disaster to ever afflict the United States. I have already put a stop to off-shore energy exploration throughout North America. I can promise you that the energy exporting nations will continue to reduce exports. Your energy prices will soon skyrocket to the point of being completely unaffordable. I have also directed the central bank of the United States to continually increase interest rates. Any hope you may have had for a growing economy will soon be dashed by crippling inflation rates and even more jobs will be redistributed around the world according to my will. Lord Helmet, see that those "electors" who refused to cooperate with me are dismissed from their employment, then terminate the utility services to their residences. It will be a very cold and very long winter. They will soon regret their decision to rebel against my will.
  9. No, I am not HRC, but she is one of my minions. Do not doubt my power. A growing number of these "electors" are seeing that cooperation with me is their best path. And just to show you that I do have control over all of you, I have ordered the oil exporting nations to drastically cut their exports. The effects of my order are already being felt, are they not? I have given instructions to your central bank to raise interest rates and stifle any further economic growth. The Chinese understand my power and are manipulating their currency in order to further undermine your economy. Soon your stock market will fail, your economy will collapse and your currency will be worthless. You will soon regret ever supporting this pitiful, rebellious, idiot, DJT.
  10. You may laugh now, but I will have the final laugh. Lord Helmet, I am most pleased that Senator McCain has chosen to join us. He will spearhead the investigation into the Russian hacking during the election. Make sure he is quickly given the evidence he needs. The Americans respect this man and when he proclaims that Trump was selected only through foreign treachery, there will be a populist revolt and the electors will place HRC in the presidency.
  11. Silence, Fick! You are a traitor to my New World Order. You have cast your lot with the rebellious who are now being lead by a fraud. I will crush this rebellion and you along with it.
  12. Lord Helmet. I have directed President Obama to order an investigation into the Russians hacking efforts during the election. Although you have done an excellent job with concealing such evidence, the time has come to reveal the evidence. My plan is to have the evidence quickly uncovered and released to the media. Evidence that proves that the election was not only hacked but controlled entirely by the Russians. This will anger the Americans. Between the anger of the American population and some pressure applied to those so-called "electors", we can yet change the outcome of the election and install HRC as the new president. Once this has been accomplished we will eliminate the antiquated American election process. You have your orders, Lord Helmet. Do not fail me.
  13. I may be willing to grant you a seat at the table of power, but if you insist upon attempting to seize more than your share, I may make the Chinese your task master. You should carefully consider my offer.
  14. It is most pleasing to hear that you are working so diligently on my plans. I am most pleased to see that the most senior investigator in the American justice system has decided to cooperate with us. It would have been most unpleasant if he had continued with his investigation into my candidate. Tomorrow we allow the Americans to have their precious elections. I trust that all is in place and that HRC will enjoy a victory by a very wide margin. Once she has been confirmed as their new president, we shall proceed with the next phase of my domination of this world.
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