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  1. DCSFlightpanels for Saitek Pro Flight Panels has been updated. It now has Radio Panel, Multi Panel display and DCS-BIOS support the following DCS modules: A-10C UH-1H MiG-21bis Ka-50 Mi-8MTV2 P-51D Bf 109 K-4 Fw 190 D-9 In addition to DCSFP, users will have to download the latest version of DCS-BIOS to accommodate the added modules. Please refer to the top level post in this thread for a link to the downloads. Thanks, Skeeter
  2. DCSFlightpanels (formerly just Flightpanels) for Saitek Pro Flight Panels has been updated. It now supports the following DCS modules: A-10C UH-1H MiG-21bis Ka-50 Mi-8MTV2 In addition to DCSFP, users will have to download the latest version of DCS-BIOS to accommodate the added modules. Please refer to the top level post in this thread for a link to the downloads. Thanks, Skeeter P.S. -- DCSFlightpanels can be used as a keyboard emulator. It does not require DCS-BIOS in that mode. However, DCS-BIOS is needed for the Radio Panel, some LEDs and the Backlit Information Panel (BIP) to work.
  3. Here are a few screenies of Home Fries keeping station on Skeeter during Operation Erase & Replace.
  4. Flightpanels has been updated to support the Saitek Throttle/Prop/Mixture (TPM) Panel and the MiG-21bis module. Saitek Panels Supported Switch Panel Radio Panel Multi Panel Throttle/Prop/Mixture (TPM) Panel Backlit Information Panel (BIP) DCS Modules Support (via DCS-BIOS) A-10C UH-1H MiG-21bis
  5. In follow-up, here are some video demos of Flightpanels in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adaLWO-nTwU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQxLX7UHMR8 Skeeter
  6. ArturDCS, as he is known on the Eagle Dynamics (ED) forum has written a program--Flightpanels--to allow the following Saitek Pro Flight Panels to interface with DCS World aircraft: Switch Panel Radio Panel Multi Panel Back-lit Information Panel (B.I.P.) Flightpanels will operate in two modes: keyboard emulation and/or DCS-BIOS. In keyboard emulation mode, the Switch Panel and Multi Panel buttons can be programmed to work with any DCS module and with other programs as well. The Radio Panel and B.I.P. will not operate in keyboard emulation mode. In DCS-BIOS mode, all panels mentioned above can be used, but they are limited to the A-10C and UH-1H Huey. As other modules (aircraft) are added to DCS-BIOS, they will be added to Flightpanels as well. When in DCS-BIOS mode, switches and buttons can be configured with keystrokes or DCS-BIOS functions, but the user also has access to other information provided by DCS-BIOS such as radio frequency setting and feedback, altitude and heading feedback and display and so on. Click HERE for the post regarding Flightpanels on the ED forum. Thanks, Skeeter
  7. Some shots of Home Fries, Bort 51, keeping a nice tight formation...
  8. We need to work on tightening up our formations, but we're getting there!
  9. Welcome back Wombat! Looking forward to getting into TAW again. Sincerely, Skeeter
  10. Who knew?! Today is National Aviation Day. I never knew we had one. Sounds like as good a reason as any to celebrate at the O-Club. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Aviation_Day Skeeter
  11. Thanks for the replies. When I do this, I make sure to select targets from the current strategy list and usually go after the high value ones. I realize that there is a delay in updating the damage info, but so far I haven't really noticed that I'm affecting the percent damage all that much, if at all. I'll watch the list and percent damage a bit more closely. It did seem like this should be a way to increase the probability of meeting the required damage levels, so I'll continue to use this strategy. Thanks again, Skeeter
  12. I've been turning CAP missions into strike missions by choosing a target from the list and going after it once I have passed the CAP waypoint. I'll even rearm and strike the target site again. However, this does not seem to show in the target damage percentages, even after time has passed and I've flown more missions. Is this a waste of time or does this strategy help win a campaign? Thanks, Skeeter
  13. Yep, open bar! I made sure the bar tenders never felt lonely. The wedding was great and Newport News is a very nice area. Thanks. Skeeter
  14. Just FYI--I won't make the Saturday multiplay. In HF's territory (VA) for a wedding. The nerve to interfere with my flying! Skeeter
  15. Thanks Fittop, I appreciate that. I think of it as the mid-life crisis I never had. A bit of an extravagance, but why not! Skeeter
  16. My case is slightly different from similar occurrences that I read about in forums. My machine was restarting from a complete shut-down, not after it was put into sleep mode. There are actually quite few posts out there regarding unwanted or unexpected restarts from "Wake on LAN," but in all cases that I recall reading about the PC was in sleep mode. However, I never came back to my PC after a long period of being off and found it simply back on as others have. Mine would only restart in the exact scenario I described. If I stood up first and then shut down the PC, no restarts ever occurred. I have an errant wire somewhere doing something it shouldn't!
  17. @Fittop -- I haven't had a single restart since disabling "Wake on LAN," and it's been over a month now. When Wake on LAN was enabled, I think I know what was triggering the PC to wake up, but I haven't isolated the root cause. Frequently, when I simply get up out of my sim chair while things are running, i.e. I'm not shutting things down, I notice that my HOTAS lights go out and them come back on a moment later--it happened last night. I don't have any obvious faulty connections, but whatever is causing the HOTAS to drop out momentarily could also be sending a signal to the PC that makes it think if should restart. I only got the restarts when I had just shut down the PC and got up out of the chair. Of course, the HOTAS lights were already off, but I'm guessing something electrical was still going on. Odd, I know, but that's what's happening. Skeeter
  18. I went to the ED forums to post a view update issue I'm having with 1.2.8 only to see lots of similar posts on people taking performance hits with this update. In my case the A-10C TGP view in an MFD lags at times, particularly after a weapon impact. The view freezes and you don't get to watch the impact in real time. When the view catches up seconds later it's all over, plus you can't use the TGP during that time to sight another target. Just FYI, really, in case anyone here is having issues. Thanks, Skeeter
  19. I didn't see any references to what was triggering the restart, but in at least one case it was the same scenario as mine where the restart occurred moments after shutting down, or at least after going into sleep mode. It's an LCD screen showing some case conditions. The temp probe is just hanging free inside the case. I could have taped it to the hard drive case or to a CPU heat exchanger fin, but just left it free. Skeeter
  20. @Neph -- Well, it's been one week and no restarts so far. It's starting to look like "Wake on LAN" was the problem. I found a number of references to Wake on LAN causing erroneous restarts, but I think some of those were when the PC was in a sleep state. I didn't see any that said specifically that the PC was off as mine was. Still, I think there is a connection. Thanks again for all of the help. I think we got it. Skeeter
  21. I ended up uninstalling 1.2.7 and installed 1.2.8 from scratch. That did the trick. Skeeter
  22. I am having some trouble getting my DCS World installation to update to 1.2.8. The update appeared to go through, but it seems it didn't. Both the splash screen and main menu screen show 1.2.7 and some modules still show that as well while others show 1.2.8. I have submitted a ticket at ED, but I'm hoping to get up and running yet this weekend. The update attempt must have changed something as I can't get in an A-10C cockpit. I can get in an A-10A cockpit, though. I'm assuming this is a version mismatch as the A-10C module shows 1.2.8 and the A-10A module still shows 1.2.7. Any ideas as to how to force the update will be appreciated. Thanks, Skeeter
  23. Oh that's right! Forgot that. I do need to get some A-10A time. Skeeter
  24. I won't be able to make this evening's multi-play. Have to attend an after work business affair that I just found out about. Sorry about that. I'll see if anyone is on raptr this weekend for a quick flight. Again, my apologies for this evening. Skeeter
  25. @Neph--Sure enough, last night as soon as I got up out of the sim chair my PC restarted itself. It was shut down and the lights were off, then it restarted. As I mentioned, I had put things back the way they were when I saw the problem before. I'll start testing by moving the power plug from the power strip on the sim rig to another source. If it still restarts, I unplug certain USB connections. Last night, after it restarted, I shut it down again while out of the chair and it stayed off. I must be rattling something when I get out of the seat. I'll let you know how it goes. Skeeter
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