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  1. "THNX Wingnuts, I was curious if you think the videos help and should I narrate them??" Yes Neph! A narration during the video will enhance and further explain whats going on. WingNuts
  2. That's a great tutorial Neph. Will help all of our pilots. Wingy
  3. HF your right on there. Or, it's the lotion he keeps trying to apply to those topless bodies. Oh wait, that's me. My bad. Come on Wombat we expect pictures!! There's going to be a serious "Courts Martial" for failure to achieve our intel. "Flight LT"?? Wingy
  4. Wombat, we want pictures! Yes pictures. Look you just ask them to hold the little guys for a perspective shot. We know you have the gift of gab, so use it!! ................ .Wingy
  5. Hey that last pic looks like my first set-up!! I had a big woofer under the desk though. Wingy
  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate the thoughtfulness Wingy
  7. Hi guys. A family commitment came up this morning. It's right at our start time, so I can't make it tonight. I'll be there in spirit though. Have a good flight. WingNuts
  8. Wombat, nice map. Thanks for that. Should make it much easier for everyone to locate their position and find a taxiway to take off position. BTW new folks should look at the lower left corner of screen once in the pit. It will give them their flight number. Then reference your map for location. Also everyone remember to hit the backspace key for AG mode. That way they'll see the player names as an additional reference. Wingy
  9. Well forget that e-mail. Neph and I figured it out. Tested to ensure we could get into the pit and see each other. Wingy
  10. Earliest I can join would be 5:30 pacific time due to working and an unpredictable drive home. I also need to hook up with Neph to see if I can join a game. I think the problem was TAW Launcher not being authorized in Win firewall. F22 dat was allowed but no exe. Not sure though. All my ports are good to go, so it's not the router. Funny, I can join, acknowledge (green check mark), but when we launch it's the black screen and cockpit of death. Kind of had similar issue before with Home Fries, Neph and Hawx as I remember. I'd land in the pit, cannon firing and then death. More experimentation needed. Wingy
  11. Well, I think I've got a semi working profile. No joy on the rudders though. It seems TAW and Warthog's virtual controller have a rudder conflict. I've been practicing the landings with rudder on the throttle. No issues there, however when in a knife fight let's just say my feet still are a moving and the plane isn't. Doh!! See ya around 6pm...... What's up with the enter key not working? Wingy
  12. God, do I miss FOXY software! Been pulling my hair out trying to get used to TARGET software. Making progress, sort of. My issue is TAW sees the left throttle axis as a rudder, thus my TM Elite rudders don't work. Throttle axis in question is the "DX_ZROT_Axis". I can create a total dead zone for this axis to keep it from yawing. However, I want to keep the system from seeing the axis totally so as to use the rudder pedals. In DCS A-10C it all plays good together, so I know it has to be how TAW reads the second throttle axis as a rudder. Christ it took me all day before I figured it out. Any help out there? Thanks, WingNuts
  13. Um, what were you two smoking? Jeesh, and not sharing either. OK, I do remember through the gray matter there was a UFO easter egg in a few missions DID created. I still want a better pic you two!! Wingy
  14. Wombat, your coming along just fine. If your like me it takes multiple exposure to make me remember. As in real life muscle memory, Wingy
  15. Wombat, that message is telling you that you need the ACE module addon. So, forget that particular mission as we aren't using ACE at this time. Regards, Wingy
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