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  1. "THNX Wingnuts, I was curious if you think the videos help and should I narrate them??" Yes Neph! A narration during the video will enhance and further explain whats going on. WingNuts
  2. That's a great tutorial Neph. Will help all of our pilots. Wingy
  3. HF your right on there. Or, it's the lotion he keeps trying to apply to those topless bodies. Oh wait, that's me. My bad. Come on Wombat we expect pictures!! There's going to be a serious "Courts Martial" for failure to achieve our intel. "Flight LT"?? Wingy
  4. Wombat, we want pictures! Yes pictures. Look you just ask them to hold the little guys for a perspective shot. We know you have the gift of gab, so use it!! ................ .Wingy
  5. Hey that last pic looks like my first set-up!! I had a big woofer under the desk though. Wingy
  6. Thanks guys. Appreciate the thoughtfulness Wingy
  7. Hi guys. A family commitment came up this morning. It's right at our start time, so I can't make it tonight. I'll be there in spirit though. Have a good flight. WingNuts
  8. Wombat, nice map. Thanks for that. Should make it much easier for everyone to locate their position and find a taxiway to take off position. BTW new folks should look at the lower left corner of screen once in the pit. It will give them their flight number. Then reference your map for location. Also everyone remember to hit the backspace key for AG mode. That way they'll see the player names as an additional reference. Wingy
  9. Well forget that e-mail. Neph and I figured it out. Tested to ensure we could get into the pit and see each other. Wingy
  10. Earliest I can join would be 5:30 pacific time due to working and an unpredictable drive home. I also need to hook up with Neph to see if I can join a game. I think the problem was TAW Launcher not being authorized in Win firewall. F22 dat was allowed but no exe. Not sure though. All my ports are good to go, so it's not the router. Funny, I can join, acknowledge (green check mark), but when we launch it's the black screen and cockpit of death. Kind of had similar issue before with Home Fries, Neph and Hawx as I remember. I'd land in the pit, cannon firing and then death. More experimentation needed. Wingy
  11. Well, I think I've got a semi working profile. No joy on the rudders though. It seems TAW and Warthog's virtual controller have a rudder conflict. I've been practicing the landings with rudder on the throttle. No issues there, however when in a knife fight let's just say my feet still are a moving and the plane isn't. Doh!! See ya around 6pm...... What's up with the enter key not working? Wingy
  12. God, do I miss FOXY software! Been pulling my hair out trying to get used to TARGET software. Making progress, sort of. My issue is TAW sees the left throttle axis as a rudder, thus my TM Elite rudders don't work. Throttle axis in question is the "DX_ZROT_Axis". I can create a total dead zone for this axis to keep it from yawing. However, I want to keep the system from seeing the axis totally so as to use the rudder pedals. In DCS A-10C it all plays good together, so I know it has to be how TAW reads the second throttle axis as a rudder. Christ it took me all day before I figured it out. Any help out there? Thanks, WingNuts
  13. Um, what were you two smoking? Jeesh, and not sharing either. OK, I do remember through the gray matter there was a UFO easter egg in a few missions DID created. I still want a better pic you two!! Wingy
  14. Wombat, your coming along just fine. If your like me it takes multiple exposure to make me remember. As in real life muscle memory, Wingy
  15. Wombat, that message is telling you that you need the ACE module addon. So, forget that particular mission as we aren't using ACE at this time. Regards, Wingy
  16. Wombat, run it in multiplayer. Set it up as LAN, player count is up to you, join as you would with us and it should work. Wingy
  17. Aw s### my friend. Condolences and prayers to you and family. You have many wonderful memories to look back on. Wingy
  18. OK, where have you been? IS Wombat out in the summer heat taking in the view? Does the General know what you've been up to? Do you have pictures? Wingy
  19. Wombat, keep watching building 1. The guy is wearing a soft cover hat. He's the only one that wears it, all others have battle helmet except for the sunglasses guy with no cover at all. You have to look close for the ear piece and boom mic. I still think we need to take him out 1st. He does stop for a brief moment on the second floor of building 1 where I have a shot. I killed him outside by the bunker when I was experimenting. Wingy
  20. I loaded the mission and did some recon looking for the sat com guy. Well, I observed him walking around for a while (he is the only guy with a ball cap, ear piece and boom mic and actually enters buildings). I lost it and for giggles put two into him. Well even though I took him down I had a helo within 2 minutes. What's up with that? He's supposed to be the only guy able to use the sat phone. I guess we have to take control and hack it to keep them from getting reinforcement. Wingy
  21. Yup, we did come very close. I believe our mad dog killer got the sat com commander, thus no helo's came to bother us. Hostage buildings are on the south side, while the sat com buildings are on the north. I think the red brick one across from the sand bag bunker at B6 upper left corner. Good screen shots there Wombat! Yes, failing to open that chute will leave a mark! Shilka positions we know the east and west ones the middele one is approx D7 between the barricks bldg and large metal structure. At least thats where I killed one before. Last night I did find several holes in the fence line to the west of the road leading into the base (from a position looking south into the base). Weapons, I like MK17 SD as it is slienced. It takes AI longer to spot your location, but not by much. Neph had a good idea for you using one with TWS scope. Will assist you finding the bad guys and make sure it is a SD version. Set the zeroing to 300 and leave it there. Correct your aim on the go. Other than loading the weapon (I forgot twice last night) first thing I do still on the carrier is set the zero to 300 and off I go. Keep in mind we've been playing this mission for 3 weeks or longer and haven't beat it yet. It has a strong learning curve, so keep your patience your comming along fine. Wingy
  22. OK, Install Steam account: check Download A10-C: check Install A10-C: check Buy A10-C to get CD Key: check Now the controler part................ oh yea, the sim set-up ads well OK I'll be flying by the weekend........... Thanks there Home Fries I'm almost there WingNuts
  23. Wombat once I get my system configured I'll give ya a run for your money! Book marked this for my learning curve.... Chat soon Wingy
  24. Good God!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's difficult keeping up with the Jones's. What a wonderful set-up Home Fries. Next buy for me is TrackIR 5 though. Going to find a game port to USB converter today and see if I can get my Elite rudders to work with the Hog, though as a seperate device. Just want the ground stearing mainly. We'll see....... WingNuts
  25. H F & Neph thanks for the imput. Last week my Warthog #11118 arrived and I've tested buttons all working! I've got the Grand daughter for the weekend HOOT! Cuddles of a four year old are priceless! Any who, I've been running Win 7 64 bit for a while now and spend most of my time on that partition due to the great graphic utilization. I managet to pork the XP partition attempting to kill it and merge it with the Win 7. Win 7 partition is still good though. I'm planning to image the 7 partition, reinstall Win 7 while deleating / combining the old XP partition into the fresh install of Win 7. Then I'll drop the image on top of that and hopefully be back with a functional computer. Now I've got to learn TARGET so as to get back to flight school for BMS......... Hopefully I'll not have too much hassle with the syntax and new programing in TARGET software. As work has kept me quite busy along with family commitments finding the time to learn is an issue. Thanks Buddies........... Wingy out
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