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    Thanks guys. Yep, USBP 33 years total. (27 as a sworn officer and 6 as a rehired annuitant / firearms instructor.) Earned my Private SEL on 5/5/65, but couldn't afford the cost as an E-5 in the USN, even with sub pay. ----------------------------------- Been having some fun flying a "Storch" in Aces High off line with a 90 degree cross wind at varying speeds. Maybe I should look into a "Flight Simulator" in my old age. I saw this last night: http://www.squidoo.com/BestFlightSimulator. Looks like maybe my PC might just be enough. ----------------------------------- I have been watching and very much enjoying, "Flying Alaska" on NetFlix. I found myself sitting here with this huge grin watching the bush flying they do. Great stuff!! They have pilots that fly for them that are considered "Green Horns" until they have at least 1500 hours logged. USBP1969
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    Thanks Much Donster. It's somewhat confusing with the different IL2 titles and it looks like perhaps one needs the basic flight sim with the others being add ons. I had ordered a replacement video card (same make & model) that was 512MB instead of 256 and my PC met the power supply requirement as well, but it would not interface and had to be returned. That leaves me stuck with 256MB. (My grand daughter's fiancee is a program writer / computer builder and he couldn't get it to work either.) I am a 24/7/365 caregiver for my wife who has been bedridden since 2009 and sure as the day is long, the second I get into a dog fight on line I get a call on the walkie-talkie and have to bow out. Also, I am getting tired of big squads capping airfield and "vulching" folks who fly defense, which is all I fly. That's what makes a stand alone game attractive since I could press "pause" to attend to caregiver duties, and flying 1v1 or 2v1 against different skill level AI would be great. Thanks again, USBP1969
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    Howdy. I have been flying on line since 1999 (Fighter Ace, WarBirds, Aces High) and would really like to find a stand alone WW-II Combat Flight Simulation with good AI and realistic flight models. I'd appreciate any info ya'll can provide as well as any "add ons" that would be needed. The only limitation I have is a 2.4 Ghz Processor / XP-Pro / and a 256 Mz vide card. Thanks much in advance. Respectfully, USBP1969
  4. Howdy. I thought my search had ended when I read the reviews and saw the screen shots from “Strike Fighters.” I especially appreciate they have used real countries and real wars. I downloaded the XP version of “Strike Fighters ‘War Over Israel’” just to get an idea if I could adapt to it after flying “Fighter Ace”, “WarBirds” and “Aces High” over the last 12+ years. I also printed their 52 page manual which is outstanding. As I stated in my prior post, I am looking into a stand alone Combat Flight Sim due to being a 24/7/365 care giver who is subject to call at any second which makes it almost impossible to fly on-line. (Hard to press “pause” in the middle of a dog fight with a real person.) Problem is, I really want to render the best graphics that I can which brings up a number of questions. After two email attempts and 4 phone calls I have not been able to speak to anyone who can answer those questions. The folks who answer the calls are great, it’s just that someone named “TK” is the only one who can answer, and he is very busy. (Been there myself, so I understand.) It is my hope that someone in the forum can help. My grand daughter’s friend is visiting with her from another state who is a software developer for a large corporation and loves to upgrade existing computers or build then from the ground up. They will be here the week-end of the 17th and 18th of this month so my questions are very time sensitive. § My grand daughter’s friend has asked me a number of questions about my existing PC and I have been able to answer everything but what make / model the mother board is and, what power supply I have. I have no clue how to provide this info and he seems as busy as TK when it comes to answering emails. § My questions for TK were: o Are there any differences between “Strike Fighters” and “Strike Fighters 2” other than the required OS? o Are the graphics rendered better on Windows 7 than XP-Pro using the same video GPU and video RAM? o The game has my 256MB card shown as “Medium.” Is that the default setting or is the game intuitive about ones video resources? o If you were having a “Bare Bones” game PC built just for Strike Fighters, what would you personally have built to provide the very best, life-like experience? (My grand daughter's good friend works in software programming and loves building computers.) o The manual says that Germany was used for ground graphics. I really hope it’s Israel. Looks like it in the screen shots. Respectfully,
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    Best WW-II Combat Flight Sim

    "Oh, and never go against a group of AI that are all set to ACE ... you'll hate the game if you do that because if they can't shoot you down, they'll ram you. "​ That's very interesting, I never thought that an AI would "self destruct." Thanks, I'll check out the jet sim site. After 10+ years in prop A/C, I'd be starting from zero. (No pun) I never got into that type of sim because of the "BVR" type of dog fighting. I did get Lock On", but the avionics / weapons, etc. were way too over powering for me and I didn't know how to assign buttons and keys because I didn't know what half the stuff was. Someone mentioned "Dawn of Flight", but said that it requires a lot of computer resources. I Googled "Mig Alley" and it looks like maybe there is another version coming out. That's mostly jets and guns. I hope that if it does, XP-Pro will be OK. -kent
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    Best WW-II Combat Flight Sim

    Thanks Dude. AH is outstanding, IMO, just very limited for off-line flying. How do the flight models compare between AH and IL2 1946 as far as realism goes and are the AI enemy fighter pilots' skill levels adjustable in IL-2? "Strike Fighter" looks good, but requites Vista or Windows 7. I ordered my PC with XP Pro on purpose when there was no Windows 7. -kent
  7. Howdy. This is my first post as you might have guessed. I have been flying on-line combat flight sims since 1999, starting with Fighter Ace 1.5 and then Aces High, WarBirds and back to Aces High. I am looking for two recommendations, if I may. They are: 1) Best on-line combat flight sim. (WW-II preferably) 2) Best "Boxed" stand alone combat flight sim. (WW-II preferably) I asked about the latter because I am now a 24/7/365 caregiver for a bedridden wife who may require attention an any given time. Its really tough to be a in a dog fight and have to suddenly leave. I really enjoy "Aces High," but the off-line simulation is very limited and that's where I need to be a lot of the time. Thanks. Respectfully, USBP1969