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  1. I've read everything I can find and watched every video out there and I'm drawing a total blank in regard to acquiring ground targets. Home Fries suggested a week ago that I break down and hit that sim switch and bring up the lables. Out of desperation I gave it a try and at least on the mission I'm struggling with, with low cloud cover and targets spread sparsely around an airstrip, it's been no help. The big issue I'm noticing is that I cannot get the resolution in my left MFD that I'm seeing in the tutorial vids I've watched. At 20,000 and about 10 nm out on the highest resolution I'm seeing what can just barely be recognized as an airfield. I can JUST make out the runway and taxi ways Anywhere in the display where I do see a concentration of radar hits it's exactly that; A concentration or a large white blob which in reality consists of a dozen or so targets and structures including, I've come to find, runway lights. If I attempt to lock onto the blob, I'll get a solid lock, AWACS confirms my target but 9 times out of 10 my bombs fall harmlessly on the runway or between the runway and taxi way or better yet, I find that I've locked one of those lights I mentioned. (I'm pretty sure runway lights and useless dirt have a bounty out on me by now) The really confusing thing is I'll get a pilot rating of good or better for tilling dirt. If anyone has knowledge of any resource that might help, please send it this way. Thanks.
  2. When I start a mission from a cold start I can bring up my steer point data in the DED and enter the exact coordinates of a static ground target as my strike point. Unfortunately, when I attempt to fly a mission from take-off the DED does not accept input from the ICP to modify my steer points. So first off, can anyone tell me what I have to do from take-off to get the DED to accept my changes? And secondly, will my Nav system be more accurately aligned if I go through the motions and wait until my alignment meter has reached 10 as opposed to flying from take-off where for all I know the AI might simply call it good after 8.0? And finally, is it even advisable to punch a static target's coordinates in as my strike point? It may sound like a dumb question as it seems to work pretty well, but I only started using this method as an alternative to my dismal failings attempting to use ground radar to acquire targets. Which leads me to another set of issues I'll post in another thread. Thanks in advance...
  3. I think you're right about the target being overrun. It's bugging me that I can pass the target up and it's still hit by my flight - but at this point I'm chaulking it up to a glitch. I hear what you're saying about BMS. I'ver read a lot about it since finding my AF disc a couple days ago. Honestly, that whole learning curve thing is probably the biggest reason I've not already gotten it. It took me quite some time to get to where I could take off, get weapons on target and land safely in AF. It's the kind of thing where had I not REALLY LOVED realistic sims, I would have given up long before ever even getting off the ground. The thought of starting over or even stepping backward a bit is daunting. But gimme a minute and I'm sure I'll come around. Thanks again Nephilim.
  4. Thanks for the reply Nephilim and good call. At campaign start, about an hour before my flight leaves, the FLOT appears to be about 5km beyond my target. I've also noticed that my target is virtually surrounded by friendly armor and infantry battalions. So the next question is how do I complete the mission successfully? I've tried flying past the target and circling around in hopes that the friendlies will clear out but number one, they don't secondly, by the time I'm back on target my flight's already taken it out completely. Is it an automatic fail to hit an enemy target inside the FLOT? Should I take out less valuable targets at the facility? There's an enemy airfield just within visual range from my target. Should I go rain some damage down there? I don't remember ever having to concern myself with friendlies when my bombs are hitting dead nutz on a building. Any help is much appreciated.
  5. Just reinstalled Falcon 4.0 AF and after some time spent refamiliarizing myself with controls and systems I generate a campaign and fly the first Strike on the roster with enough time before departure for a cold start. My target is the main plant of a weapons factory. The problem is each time I land and power down I'm court martialed for FF. I've saved this campaign just prior to my ramp up and each time I attempt to fly this mission I get the same thing. I've done fly-bys both before and after the strike visually confirming my target is in fact the target I reconed in the briefing, I have the target's exact coordinates programmed as my "Strike" nav-point in the INS, I have gone weapons view all the way to the target to ensure I'm hitting the target and the debriefing shows 3 hits - damaged and 1 hit - destroyed on my target, so I'm confused. I've not once had the opportunity to engage bandits on this mission so the only ordinance delivered are the 4 MKs. Anyone ever had friendly ground units dig in inside your primary? Short of something like that, I'm simply NOT killing good guys. I'm going to go ahead and create a new campaign and see what happens. Anyone ever experience weirdness like this?
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