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  1. 8.0 is fine. And yes, always assign the target as a waypoint when possible. Saves time finding it, and you wont have to circle around searching, wile getting targeted by sams and aaa.
  2. Radio posted links, that will fix the shimmering in Balkans and Aegean. http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?7331-Balkans-Theater-Discussion/page27 It works. Ouihaaaa! Now my eyes don't hurt, when flying my favorite: The Balkans.
  3. Violator


    Israeli theatre released. Works great, so go get it over at benchmarksims.
  4. Maybee I should have told: Win 7, nvidia gt230 515meg ,8gigs of ram. Sorry, but RL is more important the next few days. Will report back when I tried the suggestions to my problem.
  5. Seen theese:? http://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?5822-Krause-s-BMS-Tutorials Not the best narrating(no offense tyrespawn), but give the guy a chance, and you will learn something. He knows a lot about this sim obviously. I learned from this, and now I know how to use the TGP and all the other cool stuff in BMS.
  6. Thank you for your work HF. Sorry for asking. Been searching, but could not find any answer. Got no sound at all in TAW 2.21, not in the menu or in the game. Any ideas?
  7. Hi there. New in this forum. BMS 4.32 is the best that happend to Falcon4.0 since it's release many, many, many (Inspector Lassard) years ago! Liked the F4AF alot, but this is just better in so many, many(Knock it off) ways. Krauses training-videos is a great help learning the more advanced avionics, so watch them if in doubt. Got banned at simHQ because I posted a direct link to a F4.exe download , same rules here? Happy hunting
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