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  1. Thanks you for your help. I appreciate it. You always seem to have the right answer.
  2. Tell me, is that scroll button on the back sidethe base, where the throttle is on the joystick as you linked in last comm? I didn't notice it on the Attack 3 at his house. I'll call him and ask him to test it. Thanks
  3. The joystick had 11 buttons including the trigger. However, there is not a throttle. Found a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick that will work. Hopefully, keyboard will work as intended. We'll see next week. Thanks for your help.
  4. This is what I did which seemed to help. Deleted the DID folder and all contents. Ran Glary Utilities registry cleaner program. Installed a fresh 2.30 Final in the DID directory. Ran the Compatibility toolkit included with the Sim. In Windows 10 ran compatibility wizard and set to run under Windows 7. This was completed after going through the setup process and running the TAWMenu.exe for the first time. I went into the sim's graphics options and changed the Glide Version to the first option - dgVoodo Glide Wrapper. Made no other changes. Ran the sim, set up the pilot, reviewed the options, setting up my joystick. Ran the Single Mission - Takeoff, and Walla!!! It finally worked, and no more CTD episodes. Thanks to all of you for making this apparently "old fart" sim available (all the rage now is VR - even game station gaming will soon be obsolete). I'm not military but do enjoy the old WW II Combat Flight Simulator. When I came across TAW, I was excited. Frustration in setting up the game in Windows 10 is an understatement, but not insurmountable. This past Wednesday, I spent the afternoon setting up my brother's PC - also Windows 10... Thanks again,
  5. Hi Neph, TAW F-22 total air war 2.30 final I'm trying to help my brother (DRPete) install and adjust the PC settings to run the sim. He has a wireless keyboard and mouse, and a Logitech Attack 3 Joystick USB Wired PC Game Controller (without a throttle). Platform is Windows 10 x64. He has a radeon 4600 graphics card, 4gb ram, quad core motherboard (just don't remember what mfg.). Inside the game, after pilot sign in, options setup, have set to joystick instead of keyboard. Problem: game play - unable to control throttle on keyboard the Shift/normal [ ] - + keys do not work to increase or decrease airspeed. In order to play single mission, training missions, must always takeoff in autopilot mode. In air manual operation jet always just continues to slowdown and the designated keyboard throttle keys do not respond. The keypad number keys work to view side to side, access autopilot various modes, etc. We've been unable to find in the manual or addendum anything that addresses this problem. With what info I can remember about his PC setup hopefully this can be a starting place to troubleshoot his settings, and such. Any suggestions?
  6. I used to play TAW on WinXP 32bit and everything worked after install. (2.20, 2.21, 2.22a) I was excited to see that the game has been updated (2.30) to more modern PC's. My system now is a Windows 10 x64, GeForce GTX 750, 8gb ram, Intel Core i5-4430 CPU @ 3.00GHz, 3001 Mhz, 4 Core(s) To date, I've not been able to get the program to run therefore for me the game is not playable. (Loads into game but gets stuck after pilot sign on. Have to click on bottom right of display to advance to next screen (DID credits scroll) Click twice on OK at the bottom of that screen takes me to the Options Screen. No matter what options I select, nothing seems to hold/work. Click twice on OK (bottom right) stops loading the game. Plays music, but nothing happens as far as the game goes. Initial game setup graphics - tried and saved each option, none worked. Read the Addendum 20, read me, TAW manual - gained no insight on what else to do to get the game working. Any suggestions on what else to try?
  7. I had to delete DID folder, reinstall TAW 2.0, patch 2.21, patch 2.22a but not patch 2.30. No problems so far. Go figure!
  8. Recently installed TAW F-22 Install 2.20, patch 2.21, patch 2.22a. Ran the program but have encountered what appears to be graphics problems (natural colors - corrupted| showing a bunch of greens, pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows. instead of what is displayed on the Launcher screen. Read through the Addendum to see what fix there was for the graphics all displayed in greens, pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows. Unable to find anything. Searched for and read through the forum topics and could not find anything. :trustme: The first time I started TAWmenu/Total Air War 2.0 Launcher I set it up for Direct 3D 1024x768. Didn't work - colors not true to the game. Tried the Glide Version dgVoodoo Glide Wrapper. It too didn't seem to work. I know that the true color scheme is set up. The first time I got in to the sim everything appeared as expected. First mission completed,great. Go on to the next mission, whammo... same blasted color problem. I have a ATI Radeon 6700 series (6750) graphics card (maximum display 1980 x1020 - recommended setting for my pc), have a wide 23" display monitor, and have tried each of the Direct 3D settings and also the dgVoodo Glide Wrapper settings available in the Launcher without success. Very frustrated :grrr: . Any suggestions? :doh2:
  9. Thank you for this update. I've had one devil of a time trying to get the color of the screen to display correctly. By installing this 2.30 release - walla!!! It is now fixed. I can finally get going with this sim. Thanks again,
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