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  1. Sorry man its impossible for me to be here at your time. Let's try later. Thanks
  2. Sorry gang to take your times last night. I believed it was easy to play online. maybe next time and sorry for my poor English
  3. who will be here tonight ?
  4. I can't find anyone I am very sad. Maybe next time
  5. Tigershark where you play ?
  6. My account in sim HQ is not yet approved by us. Is its long normally ?
  7. I put this adresse in my Teamspeak right ? or in simHQ ?
  8. I think this nephilis server as not open alll time. Because I try this last night and no response.
  9. If I come a little bit late is it off or I can join you also ?
  10. If I understand. I go to simhq tonight and what after ? go to Forum ?
  11. we will see that tonight but you not help me man to be confident.
  12. I try tonight to join us, but normally I speak French. My English is not too bad also but if you speak slowly it will be ok I have just register on simHQ right now. I hope its will work.
  13. I search player to play this fantastik game. Please let me know if you need a new pilot . if you say yes, please explain me what I need to doing to find your game. I'm a beginner in this multiplayer game. Thanks in advance.