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  1. What is this diagnostic suite? I can't find a TAW related one. But I would rate it below 9. I am sure I am getting a less than 1fps even in the menu
  2. Tried the update once again. Login remained painfully slow and I can't get passed it. Guess I should change to hardware with better drivers. All my drivers are already updated. And the mystery remains why F18 korea gold from graphsim works like a charm...
  3. Who knows? It just got worse after the updates. Now the login and main menu are really slow.
  4. It's my same old 2010 laptop with i5(2.4-3.2 GHz) and gt330m. I should start saving for a new PC. I really wish microsoft didn't let me get stuck on updates. My internet is really slow and I some times sit for more than a month until it remembers to continue updates. So now they are ditching backward compatibility. Something they were supposed to do in the windows ME/XP era. (backward compatibility is an excuse to repeat old mistakes -Wish I remember who said it ) And yes I have the latest drivers.
  5. I turned off the "Objects - Maximum Draw Distance" mod Used nglide/voodoo and d3d And Still have this issue. I will try again after I finish downloading windows updates. I hope there is a library/API or something with the download for backward compatibilities. I also experienced extreme frame rate drops in Flaming Cliffs 2 and counter strike source.
  6. I don't really know. It happens whenever I get as close as 100 miles from an enemy aircraft group.
  7. Anyone experiencing sudden frame drops on windows 10?
  8. Mustsafa

    About EF Typhoon

    I have the Eurofighter Typhoon, (The last DID Eurofighter) but it doesn't run on windows 10. Any help? For those who can't find a copy, try soldout.
  9. DocACE911 I know you said no ace combats but try belka war if you have a ps2 or an emulator for it; it's exceptional for an arcade game. And if you're familiar with falcon 4 AF and don't have time for steep learning curves, then try FreeFalcon6.
  10. Why don't we attach cupboard wings to kittens and use them as anti personnel LGB?
  11. Why can't I fire AIM-120's at ranges beyond 20nm even if the the total vector between me and the bandit is above 800 knots ? Other sims allow me to do this.
  12. Mustsafa


    Nope.... Who still uses Vista? I prefer Win98 over this nitemare
  13. Mute the music from the first place and restart the game, use ALT-TAB to unmute. Do not re-enable the music.
  14. I don't have anything else.
  15. Try muting the music; oddly it causes problems.
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