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  1. Any of you can do a 360NoHUD? Basically, a 360noscope in air by guns with the HUD turned off.
  2. To what degree do you think that FBW systems are exaggerated (too good) in sims like in DCS world, Falcon 4 or TAW?
  3. I would go with the scenario of both pilots being defectors and having their names hidden to keep the shame off their families. And stuck with having them as idiots to discourage their pilots from being rash and impulsive; their is no way a bunch of trained pilots to be that stupid. Plus, pilots are expensive assets and no one would ignore them after ejection unless they suddenly became useless. It would be quite interesting to find out what the Libyans are hiding in the coms.
  4. I always wondered why the RWR wasn't insanely noisy or the fact that the Mig-23 went against F-14 without at least medium ranged missiles? They where like invited to the airspace until they got so close. It's like they where bribed for the 4477th squadron or like Syrian/Iraqi defecting pilots then only to be shot down for some publicity stunt. I'm no expert but the Migs looked like they didn't realize they where targeted until it was too late; they fired to knock off the balance of F-14 pilots than down them and looked like they tried to return as close to shore to eje
  5. One of the main reasons of me quitting Falcon4:AF was the sheer amount of AG missions on the F-16 that made me sick; not even skunk works' mod fixed it. Whenever I plan to attack a SAM site, I enter the threat circle diagonally since the F-16 with AG weapons can't turn properly for missile evasions; I end up having 2 or more runs before actually attacking since using my team mates as a bait is more resource and score punishing than TAW when it comes to squadron survival. Not to mention the mysterious squad AI stubborness to not attack the AA guns near the SAM sites eve
  6. So, DCS which wastes uses more than 8GB has physics still similar to an Ace Combat with heavily realistic mods.... First, it was the lack of proper FCS and now this... Memory management... Wish we can have a combat sim based on X-Plane 11
  7. As an certified Cesna seat warmer, I noticed that in case of uneven weight distribution on the wings, then banking while keeping the heavier wing bellow should spread air frame stress and improve handling since the center of gravity is still closer to the aircraft. I tried this in F4AF, TAW2 and DCS without feeling difference; am I missing something? I thought of it as two tether balls moving counter-clockwise while the one farther is dismounted, the stress and center of gravity should be closer to the center.
  8. Usually, in other sims we get the low then high tier equipment. TOCA and Gran Turismo start with low powered then high powered cars SWAT4 gives you new stuff after a few missions What's weird is that no flight sim has this system DCS could've used Gran Turismo's License system to allow you to participate in higher rated combats or for match making Total Air war would've benefit a lot more since it's more about the battle field than the flight itself; If you've done enough AG training, you can go from an A-4 and F-5 to something like a
  9. Like in IGI 2, you can't switch items/weapons nearby anyone or that would cause noise or in Thief (the first trilogy) your stealth varies by the type of weapon (shiny sword vs dull bow) you're holding and surface you're walking on; and the AI would bother to look for you or gets suspicious when some objects are missplaced like accidentally knocking them over. It's ironically realistic too
  10. Never tried Ghost Recon but tried Splinter Cell; never liked the way Ubisoft implemented stealth; felt IGI 2 (I'm Going In) was better. I'll bet the first Ghost Recon is different and better before Ubisoft started to market their games for the masses instead for its niche. Unrelated to first person shooters, Thief the Metal Age and Deadly Shadows aged quite well for stealth and still my fav all time.
  11. I understand; Novalogic missed the mark completely here. They could've made a casual sim on top of Delta Force that allows for use of tanks, aircrafts, and APCs (They already have assets from Armored Fist and their semi flight sims) to creat a multiplayer game with virtually infinite map sizes ( like 50km ). They even gave map/mission editors for free which would save work for them in single player. It would've been a more consistent satisfying than the battlefield series. Too often your stealth is ruined thanks to "markers/nametags" meaning you're limited to Chuck Norr
  12. I just find it weird that real pilots can cope with some semi-arcade games and not get annoyed; Wish I got a chance to go against you to know if these favor better "gamers" than pilots. Like DCS added "warm up time" for the Su-27's ECM let F-15 pilots have an edge and some even complained that missiles are always easy to evade if you went supersonic; doesn't matter how perpendicular are you to it's flight path. On the other hand, some mil-sim ARMA players would practice running in in-game courses instead of real ones... I'm starting to think my Delta Force 2 experience
  13. Are there any real pilots here? And how did you feel satisfied from such an ancient game? Usually, pilots/drivers complain that sims don't offer proper feedback or a fully functioning AI ( AWACS campaign is generally easy even for me; defiantly not a pilot ).
  14. What is this diagnostic suite? I can't find a TAW related one. But I would rate it below 9. I am sure I am getting a less than 1fps even in the menu
  15. Tried the update once again. Login remained painfully slow and I can't get passed it. Guess I should change to hardware with better drivers. All my drivers are already updated. And the mystery remains why F18 korea gold from graphsim works like a charm...
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