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  1. Still, interested here. Just be a lawyer and not a pilot.
  2. All vehicles as far as I remember. There isn't much shame in not doing a training mission, most are overwhelming to the point of trial and error which you need an afternoon to "get used to" like that of the sea strafe training. If it's the one with the cluster bombs, stay bellow 1000 feet with over 400 knots; clusters have little to no splash damage so you need to decrease the spread.
  3. If your joystick is easy to disassemble, try putting a piece of paper between the button and trigger. Worked for my logitec mouse which registers 3-5 clicks every click.
  4. I'm available at 14:00 or 16:00 +2UTC usually. Got my paper airplane thrower certificate here. Don't expect a "clean" 1v1 on multiplayer though :)
  5. Well, you've got 50%-140% but not 0-100. It's just shifted
  6. "Where’s the source code?" People never stopped asking for source code. It became a phenomenon. Even in 2018 – 20 years after the release of TAW – our team still received requests for it. Not even the CIA would be that stubborn in hiding a buggy, realistically moded ace combat 1997-1998 game. Even Falcon 4.0 got a break.
  7. Take a look at his "resting face" He definitely looks like a drug addict especially here at 7:41
  8. http://mion.faireal.net/BES/ Try this link in the VB and try to set to 90% for CPU usage Or use VMWare player; free and some say it's more stable
  9. Any of you can do a 360NoHUD? Basically, a 360noscope in air by guns with the HUD turned off.
  10. To what degree do you think that FBW systems are exaggerated (too good) in sims like in DCS world, Falcon 4 or TAW?
  11. I would go with the scenario of both pilots being defectors and having their names hidden to keep the shame off their families. And stuck with having them as idiots to discourage their pilots from being rash and impulsive; their is no way a bunch of trained pilots to be that stupid. Plus, pilots are expensive assets and no one would ignore them after ejection unless they suddenly became useless. It would be quite interesting to find out what the Libyans are hiding in the coms.
  12. I always wondered why the RWR wasn't insanely noisy or the fact that the Mig-23 went against F-14 without at least medium ranged missiles? They where like invited to the airspace until they got so close. It's like they where bribed for the 4477th squadron or like Syrian/Iraqi defecting pilots then only to be shot down for some publicity stunt. I'm no expert but the Migs looked like they didn't realize they where targeted until it was too late; they fired to knock off the balance of F-14 pilots than down them and looked like they tried to return as close to shore to eject. They where defiantly panicking
  13. One of the main reasons of me quitting Falcon4:AF was the sheer amount of AG missions on the F-16 that made me sick; not even skunk works' mod fixed it. Whenever I plan to attack a SAM site, I enter the threat circle diagonally since the F-16 with AG weapons can't turn properly for missile evasions; I end up having 2 or more runs before actually attacking since using my team mates as a bait is more resource and score punishing than TAW when it comes to squadron survival. Not to mention the mysterious squad AI stubborness to not attack the AA guns near the SAM sites even after giving it weapons free command and requests permission to attack over and over...
  14. So, DCS which wastes uses more than 8GB has physics still similar to an Ace Combat with heavily realistic mods.... First, it was the lack of proper FCS and now this... Memory management... Wish we can have a combat sim based on X-Plane 11
  15. As an certified Cesna seat warmer, I noticed that in case of uneven weight distribution on the wings, then banking while keeping the heavier wing bellow should spread air frame stress and improve handling since the center of gravity is still closer to the aircraft. I tried this in F4AF, TAW2 and DCS without feeling difference; am I missing something? I thought of it as two tether balls moving counter-clockwise while the one farther is dismounted, the stress and center of gravity should be closer to the center.
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