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  1. Can do [MissionData] NationName=Australia ServiceStartYear=1993 ServiceEndYear=2007 AircraftRole=ATTACK AircraftCapability=DAY_AND_NIGHT Availability=COMMON Exported=TRUE ExportStartYear=1993 ExportAvailability=COMMON PrimaryRoles=STRIKE,SEAD,CAS SecondaryRoles=ARMED_RECON,ANTI_SHIP,RECON NormalMissionRadius=1151 MaxMissionRadius=1835 Ceiling=15600 MinBaseSize=MEDIUM [FlightControl] StallSpeed=58.10 CruiseSpeed=244.4 ClimbSpeed=308.7 CornerSpeed=180.1 MaxG=8.00 MaxSpeedSL=407.44 MachLimit=2.4 MachLimitDry=1.1 PitchDamper=2.15 RollDamper=0.65 YawDamper=0.30 Gun
  2. They came on when I turned on nav lights.
  3. I use Photoshop. All the skins so far were made from monochrome skins that I Color-to-Alpha'd
  4. But I don't think I'm actually that good at skinning, so far the planes that I chose to skin were because they were fairly easy, jets like F-16 look tough
  5. what make P3D different from FSX in the first place?
  6. problem with 1911 is clip size. Glock seems good, felt right in my hands
  7. So I made a fictional country in the NATIONS.INI, and now I have roundels for all the planes. How do I get the roundels to show up on all planes?
  8. that's where Ace Combat series fixes that, using fictional countries
  9. It would have been better if they worked on a Modern Jet Combat Flight Semi-Simulator (similar to early Ace Combat titles or HAWX) A Non-combat Flight Semi-simulator just sounds boring for console gamers and laughable for Sim guys
  10. I've seen that B-29 fly over my school once. I didn't even know it was the last B-29 at the time, but I took pictures while it flew over us
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