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  1. No pics. Sorry. Left my iPad at home. It was a little below freezing anyway. Don't like to expose the iPad to that for more than a few minutes. Maybe 10-15% of the returning soldiers were women. That's a huge change from my day. The one pic I wish I had gotten was of a young man greeted by his wife and two little girls. The kids clung to Daddy like they were never going to let go. This old fart got tears in his eyes. I'm glad I went. We had about 30 VFW, VVA, and other ex-military there, with flags. Probably 200-250 families. Jim
  2. No, Donnie, it doesn't involve women with boobs the size of watermelons. Sorry. The local Guard unit has been deployed to Afghanistan for the last year and they are returning tomorrow evening. The local VVA chapter, of which I am a member, has organized a flag line to welcome them home. I'm sure the VFW will be there, along with the families and others. I've never had the opportunity to do anything like this. My welcome home included a bunch of bearded protestors, chanting some anti-war crap and waving signs painted with bullshit slogans. My clearest memory of the whole thing is that of an MP waving us toward the terminal at Travis. "Pay no attention to those bastards, guys. Ignore 'em and go on inside." But none of us could really ignore them. After fifty-odd years it still pisses me off. Anyway. I don't think there will be any protesters at the airport tomorrow night. Jim
  3. Don't own one. Don't want one. The whole concept of "smart" appliances and electronics makes me gag. For the average person maintaining a simple network is complex enough. Adding all those gadgets simply makes your electronic environment impossible to secure. In theory it can be done, but in practice? We have literally millions of PCs running constantly with little or no security. Hardly anyone knows how to secure their cell phone. Mikew is right. Why should we willingly pay big bucks to provide hackers with free access to our homes? Forget the government. They're always behind the power curve on technology. No government has the money and expertise available to provide the monitoring capability feared by various conspiracy groups. Hell, North Korea had to essentially close the country in an iron ring in order to even approach that kind of oversight. I'm in the process of hard wiring my network, mainly because Cat6 cabling is faster than wireless. It's also more secure. Only my iPad and my wife's cell phone will be wireless. And those I can secure. Well, my wife won't let me "secure" her phone, but at least she isn't doing any financial stuff on it. I can walk to the refrigerator and see if I need any milk, thanks just the same. OG
  4. See? The hallucinatory episodes continue. Stop self-medicating with cheap wine, Fick. Take the meds the doctor prescribed. OG
  5. Poor Fick. He never gets a break. He can't help it that his mom worked the dock area in Kiel, swinging her purse under street lamps along the waterfront. I doubt the "strained through a sheet" reference. Sheets were not common in Kiel alleyways. Still, other than his speech impediment, Fick has done well considering his coming into the world in one of those same alleyways, not to mention the years spent in Mother Gertrude's House of Bastard Children, nor his several stretches of confinement in various institutions of criminal learning. That he became a pimp on the Kiel waterfront can just be seen as a way of continuing the family business. Of his experience as a Gestapo informant and subsequent employment with the Bulgarian Secret Police doing wetwork (mopping the floors at a "interrogation" facility) we will not speak. OG
  6. This is a better Vietnam related tune.
  7. I saw Raquel as part of the Bob Hope show at Cu Chi in late 1967. My Southeast Asia junket was about 1/3 completed at the time. My wife was 10,000 miles away. Talk about depressing. OG
  8. I didn't look. Honest. There's nothing to see. Nothing. 🙄😱☠️ Not really OG, honest.
  9. When you get a chance take a look at the YT videos of Tina S, a young guitar player from France. She's fantastic on classical and hard rock music. OG
  10. I've been watching a bunch of videos like these. Must be old age creeping up on me, right? Nadja Kossinskaja Yenne Lee Andrew York Jennifer O'Conner Mean Mary Taylor Davis OG
  11. Old Guy


    Careful, Dude. A lot of these clowns don't know who Gabby Hayes is.
  12. Old Guy


    Old? You young kids can't handle gettin' old! Right, Whiz? Whiz?
  13. Zhukov! Good to hear from you. Even if you were a little late to the party. This thread is over a year old. Hey! I should have been on that 2001 wanted poster. Some of my earliest stories were dated from then. Maybe I showed up a little after the poster was done? I assume the faces that are missing are those who have been apprehended by the authorities? Or kidnapped by those thugs from the Star Chamber? Holy crap! Dude! Lady Z hasn't shown up because we don't have a piano in the green vinyl lounge. Heck. Do we even have a green vinyl lounge? OG
  14. Old Guy


    About 20F here and snowing. Accumulated about 6 inches so far. Later today I'll take out my snowtoy . . . er . . . snowblower and clear the driveway. OG
  15. Old Guy


    Whoops. My bad. I forgot for a moment that you were a dentist. Wouldn't want to disturb your sadistic image. OG
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