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    We're doing okay here in Montana. 404 total cases, 7 deaths, currently about 275 people are recovered or recovering. There are some advantages to living in a large, sparsely populated state. My wife tells people we didn't have to change anything to be in isolation. :) OG
  2. Okay, there's something wrong here. Stans claims to be mentally fine. Donnie, have you noticed any other unusual posts from this possible imposter? OG
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    All the cities along the Gulf Coast DID shut down their beaches, except for the morons in Panama City. My sister-in-law lives there. The idiots probably figured to cash in with all the other beaches closed. What they got was near-riots and had to call out the cops to handle the situation. THEN they closed the beach. But not before all those student imbeciles may have exposed themselves and the police officers to CV. A real win-win deal. Figure on it. People are going to be stupid and others will pay for it. We do have much going for us, though. Imagine how this
  4. Another lost sheep. Takes one to know one, y'know. I may have to start checking in more often. OG
  5. Bloody hell! Maine and Rommel on the same thread! I suspect evil warlord doings. OG
  6. At least two men from my home town went ashore in the second wave on Omaha Beach. On, WO3 Manfred Kliev, was killed later in Vietnam, the other, Larry Fonner, suffered from various ailments stemming from his combat across Europe. Larry died some years ago. WW2 vets are becoming rare. Honor those we have left. They and their Allied comrades truly saved the World. OG
  7. Old Guy

    New Deck

    We get lots of hummingbirds here in Montana. I have at least 6 drinking from our feeder. They're cool little birds. But no heated bird bath here. OG
  8. We already got you a snazzy flight jacket, Donnie. All you have to do is put it on and settle back in your easy chair . . . and dream . . . Second Lieutenant Donster made a slight adjustment to one engine, then settled back to enjoy a quiet ride in his A-20 back to Port Moresby. The interphone was quiet, mainly because his gunner, Private Fick, had screamed some nonsense about an attack by armed purple elephants and bailed out shortly after takeoff. Fick suffered from various forms of mental instability, caused mainly by drinking too much of the hooch brewed up by the Aussie gro
  9. I think I parachuted into that same tree! Shooting down the attacking fighter after your crash is a classic. I did that several times in War Thunder. Haven't been able to end up in the right circumstances in this game. Yet. OG
  10. Fick, you forgot to say "Honest" or "Trust me." OG
  11. Hah! I forgot about Spaceball One. That would have served to let everyone know what DH had really been doing with his so-called life. OG
  12. It was just the kind of bar he was looking for. The sign above the door hung askew. Two drunks lay on the cracked and broken sidewalk. A cold wind pushed fitfully at Fick's thin jacket. Trash lay piled in odd corners. He stepped over one of the drunks and went inside. The room lay cloaked in shadow. Fick stood for a moment, savoring the rancid mix of waterfront mixed with stench of cheap beer and vomit. It reminded him of his favorite dive in Kiel, when he ran a couple girls back in the thirties. “Looking for someone?” The speaker slouched on a stool at the end of the b
  13. I was there in 67-68. Everybody listened to AFVN. I think a lot of guys had radios capable of picking up the BBC World Service and stations out of Japan, but I'm not sure. OG
  14. Then there's this one . . .
  15. This was one of our theme songs in Vietnam. The video is pretty good. Accurate portrayal of a combat assault. Plus, the helicopters have the doors off. Only Hueys carrying generals and other staff morons had the doors on.
  16. Then there were the Beach Boys. I was a sophmore in high school when this one came out. Nothing particularly memorable in the song, but there are fantastic cars in the video.
  17. From my childhood. We listened to stuff like this whenever the dinosaurs left the gramophone untended.
  18. Adapted from an earlier tale. The Recruit Fick moved with caution, keeping to the shadows, avoiding moonlight and street lamps. He well knew what sort of sinister things traveled the Canadian night. His goal was the parking lot behind Mulligan's Irish Eyes Saloon. Of certain nights -- typically Friday or Saturday -- and shortly before last call, Fick was in the habit of supplementing his day job by rolling drunks in the poorly lit parking lot. Drunks being drunks and Mulligan's being an out of the way place, he did fairly well, though the hours were l
  19. Looking back, if Vietnam had accepted Johnson's proposal, it would have saved a great deal of blood and money, regardless of how much it cost. And Hanoi might easily have wound up better off than they are today. Still, who could see it then? I wonder if Ho even considered it? If he had accepted would the Chinese have invaded North Vietnam to make them toe the Communist line? Given that they were in the middle of ripping their own society apart at the time, I doubt it. Still, if it had happened, people would have pilloried Johnson for spending all that money on a Red Enemy. I
  20. Don't let him fool you. He's been slouched in a chair in the Babe Bunker for most of that 20 years. There's nothing wrong with his legs either. His rudder pedals expired due to the accumulated drool. Presented as a public service by the Old Guy radio network. OG
  21. I use the Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X. It's easy to use, not difficult to assign tasks to buttons, though that varies from game to game. I don't have rudder pedals since I always had a stick with the rudder function. As Donster says, for more immersion a HOTAS setup and rudder pedals should be on your shopping list. Mostly, I play World of Warships, which is keyboard and mouse controlled, plus IL-2: Battles of Stalingrad and Moscow. In the IL-2 games you set stick dead zone and application curve in the game. Some sticks have their own apps to accomplish those things in addit
  22. No pics. Sorry. Left my iPad at home. It was a little below freezing anyway. Don't like to expose the iPad to that for more than a few minutes. Maybe 10-15% of the returning soldiers were women. That's a huge change from my day. The one pic I wish I had gotten was of a young man greeted by his wife and two little girls. The kids clung to Daddy like they were never going to let go. This old fart got tears in his eyes. I'm glad I went. We had about 30 VFW, VVA, and other ex-military there, with flags. Probably 200-250 families. Jim
  23. No, Donnie, it doesn't involve women with boobs the size of watermelons. Sorry. The local Guard unit has been deployed to Afghanistan for the last year and they are returning tomorrow evening. The local VVA chapter, of which I am a member, has organized a flag line to welcome them home. I'm sure the VFW will be there, along with the families and others. I've never had the opportunity to do anything like this. My welcome home included a bunch of bearded protestors, chanting some anti-war crap and waving signs painted with bullshit slogans. My clearest memory of the
  24. Don't own one. Don't want one. The whole concept of "smart" appliances and electronics makes me gag. For the average person maintaining a simple network is complex enough. Adding all those gadgets simply makes your electronic environment impossible to secure. In theory it can be done, but in practice? We have literally millions of PCs running constantly with little or no security. Hardly anyone knows how to secure their cell phone. Mikew is right. Why should we willingly pay big bucks to provide hackers with free access to our homes? Forget the government. They're always behind the
  25. See? The hallucinatory episodes continue. Stop self-medicating with cheap wine, Fick. Take the meds the doctor prescribed. OG
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