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  1. Hello, I will post stuff about myself and thoughts about this wonderfull EF2000 flight sim later. For now I wanted to let people know I am currently uploading an exact and orignal CD copy of both EF2000 and EF2000 V2.0 for those who don't have it. These are in bin/cue format. Their is a reason this. Both CD are multi-tracks and bin/cue handles this better than ISO, in my opinion. None the less, these files are on my personal server. Free to download for anyone who wishes to enjoy this wonderfull and awsome flight sim. Yes, even in the year 2012 and beyone it will always be awsome. I bought EF2000. Back in the day, the original programmers mailed me a copy of the EF2000 V2.0, which I thought was so cool, because they didn't require me to pay for an upgrade. As soon as my website is relaunched, I will have a special dedicated section for the EF2000 inlcuding every file, forum, website etc.. I could ever possibly find on the internet so you want have to spend hours searching. KEEP IT ALIVE!!! IT'S WORTH IT!! EF2000 CD EF2000 2.0 CD [link removed by Admin]
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