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  1. A long while ago I found a shareware/demo version of a DOS WWII flight sim called Great Air Battles: 1941-1942, which stated that it was created with Domark Software's Flight Sim Toolkit (FST). I took note of that but could not find much relevant info online. Recently, after I stumbled upon another FST game, Wings of Thunder, I decided to do more thorough research and discovered that back in the 90s, there was a very active community that produced various flight sims, some shareware and some freeware, with FST. Domark/Simis released several updates that introduced many improvements both to the
  2. Tornado: Operation Desert Storm Type: Playable Demo Download: DSDEMO.ZIP
  3. Found a copy of the enitre Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe/Battle of Britain demo disk from Lucasflim Games: SWOTL.ZIP Most other packages I found at cd.textfiles.com are incomplete (apparently whoever zipped them forgot to add commands to recurse subdirectories and add contents), making the demo versions unplayable. The one I linked to in my previous post does work though, but it's very clearly not the original thing, and it also lacks the non-interactive demo of The Battle of Britain.
  4. Found two more playable demo versions: Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe Type: Playable Demo Download: SECWULFT.ZIP Tornado Type: Playable/Self-Running Demo Download: TORNAD_D.ZIP Download (UK version): TORNADO.ZIP
  5. Recently I found out that quite a remarkable Russian* indie fantasy turn-based strategy/role-playing game called Eador. Genesis had been finally translated into English (the game was released in 2009) and is available from GOG.com. Eador is made in a distinct old-school style and adheres to the best of the turn-based strategy and role-playing game traditions, improving on the ideas and mechanics from such classic titles as Warlords, Master of Magic, Dominions, Age of Wonders and Heroes of Might and Magic, as well as Sid Meier's Civilization and Master of Orion. Despite its immediately famil
  6. Thanks! I used to play F-19 a lot back in the 90s, never got too good at it but it was fun
  7. Being a long-time old school flight sim fan, I've decided to make a list of playable demo versions of DOS flight sims that can be found on the net. This is probably still incomplete, and includes a variety of original internet downloads as well as special CD releases*: Air Power: Battle in the Skies Aircraft: various (fictional) Developer: Rowan Software Publisher: Mindscape International Type: Playable & Self-Running Demo MobyGames: link Download: INSTALL.EXE Download (later demo): APDEMO.EXE Air Warrior Aircraft: various (WWII era) Developer: Kesmai Corporation Publisher:
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