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  1. Loved the Bronco. It could land almost anywhere and was highly maneuverable, but could get nasty if you got too slow when busy. It's still scoring big in the sandbox. The Mohawk had plenty of armor plating making it feel as if you were flying a tank. It had sweet sounding engines but I didn't care for the ejection seat in it. The one I flew the most had one engine that just didn't sound right. Sure enough, some months after I left it, it quit right after takeoff on a buddy of mine. (There was a window of a few seconds during takeoff between rotation and real flying speed in w
  2. Just downloaded the new version. Fantastic work guys! Thank you! Welcome back, Wombat!
  3. I was lucky to know him, work with him. Great pilot. Great union representative. You had to know your stuff with him. He was a good leader too. Pretty good guy, -for a Navy man. But until the second time we had a beer together, I did not know he had been shot down and rescued in Nam. RIP, Jim. You are missed.
  4. Amazing! Your own Omni theater. Lots of hard work and enjoyment.
  5. Beautiful piece. Brought back memories of standing at the Wall. Searching for, reading names of those you knew, and cursing yourself for not having brought paper and pencil; then realizing just touching the stone was enough because the memory of persons those names represented are carried in you.
  6. Fittop

    Old letters

    I had started doing that, on and off, for a couple of years. The catalyst was writing an article for a reunion I mentioned here. I was expecting some of the emotional resurgence while writing it, but not the extent to which it happened. Before I started and after I finished I read some of the guys and other friends stories and have spent more than a week's time since then getting to know more of the other guys. The bonus was the encouraging reception of the story and stories from family and close friends. I did not expect that. I didn't do much during the war. The reunion was both fun
  7. A legend is gone: http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/30/us/jack-broughton-89-dies-a-top-pilot-turned-critic.html Author of Thud Ridge. He was a pilot's pilot. He led and stood behind his pilots.
  8. Sounds like you enjoyed it! Welcome back.
  9. Great point, Mikew. I have both the Clod and BOBII, but could not get the original versions installed right on XP or a laptop W 7. An earnest attempt of doing that with the mods is in order for me, but my lack of confidence in my basic computer skills has held me back. Bet they would look great in this machine. Meanwhile I stay with the Prepar3D and its graphics that do have the moving car animations. They are not really part of a flying skills environment aside from the airport area presentation and visual fixes, but they help the immersion. You guys have done wonders with the F-22 TAW,
  10. First I misread that as ESPN3, which can be found on Roku. Haven't checked Roku for CSPAN. I'm off to a reunion, all vets, most Nam and SE Asia, a few of which were still in during Bosnia and the first Gulf War. Looking forward to seeing them all, including some ex-POWs and other heroes that will be there.
  11. Thanks, hadn't seen that before.
  12. Been enjoying the P3D 2.3 version. Still don't know how to import the FSX aircraft into it though. My son flew the Caravan for a few years, and I'd love to also import the B757 from it. Have seen some free OV-10 and OV-1 versions from others and I'm tempted to get in those cockpits again as well.
  13. My condolences to you and your family, Joker. The Merchant Marines lost another good man.
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