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  1. Morning, sunny, 70's. Been having a bit o' rain. Like 10 inches in 4 days, but it's over for the moment and no mudslides on my hill. Been very busy lately, I'll be checking in more at the New Year, in the meantime... y'all have a Very Merry Christmas.
  2. Hey pig, Welcome aboard. Say hi in the Ready Room and you'll get a bunch more replies, not many folks hang out in the F4 forum. As for the ramp start, if you missed any of the steps leading up to JFS start 2, like master fuel on or air source normal, then the engine won't start. It's easy to accidentally skip a step. Make sure you use a checklist and that won't happen. As to status, its a personal thing. You can set it if you want but it's not necessary. I think the board software just has it there so people on the facebook feel more comfortable.
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    Morning, sunny, 70's. Off to Michigan tomorrow to gather up the daughter and bring her home for Thanksgiving. Have a good weekend y'all.
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    Morning, sunny, 70's. I like the Scotch idea. I'll join you in a gargle.
  5. Morning, sunny, 70's. Been bery busy lately. All good. Y'all have a good one. An a Happy Veterans Day too.
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    Morning, sunny, 80's. Been a heat wave in LA, records set all around. On the other hand, got a call from the daughter at school in Michigan... it's snowing. I find that rather amusing. Have a good weekend.
  7. Morning, sunny, 80's. The Giants win the Series. Who knew back in the 80's when I was earning all those Croix d'Candlestick medals that we'ld ever see this day. Well Done. You gotta like these kids.
  8. Oh no! Not AGAIN! Happy Birthday, Whiz!
  9. Morning, sunny, 70's. Giants lead the Series 3-1 with a Lee/Lincecum rematch tonight. Hope it's a good game.
  10. Morning, sunny, 70's. Lol @ Joker. My goodness the Ranger bullpen did indeed implode. And all with 2 outs, that was ugly, but I'm sure the Giants will take it. Have a good weekend.
  11. Blast it all. I knew I should have run over there and taken that film. Stupid cmera, now I'll never be able to go back again. Let me tell you, those late 20's Premier parties are something else. Now that my secret is out, let me know if you want to come along next time. I can probably score an extra ticket for you.
  12. Morning, sunny, 70's. Some pitchers duel, Lee vs Lincecum, neither lasted past the 5th. Giants 11 - Rangers 7.
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    Morning, sunny, 70's. Well fer chrissake, don't let him in! See Rules for Halloween post. He sure ain't gettin' into MY house.
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    Morning, sunny, 70's. Well I'll be. Rangers - Giants in the series. Whoda thunk it.
  15. Morning, sunny, 70's. Have a good weekend.
  16. Morning, sunny, 70's. I am so alergic to cats we'll never have one in my house. Thank goodness.
  17. *Phillies* Good morning fingers.
  18. Morning, drizzle, 60's. Hope springs eternal, Rangers 10 - Yankees 3, Rangers lead the series 3-1, Giants 3 - Pillies 0, Giants lead 2-1. OK a Yankees-Giants Series might be more historic, but I am so done with the New York is the Center of the Universe Yankees.
  19. Morning, sunny, 70's. Rangers 8, Yankees 0. This is an interesting development. Giants Phills this aft.
  20. Morning, drizzle, 60's. Wonder if Boise State will ever get a break from the stupid BCS.
  21. See, I told you I couldn't help it. What I can do though, is come up there and hit you over the head with a baseball bat. That should inflict some pain. Oh, wait, I got a better idea. Let's get stans to come out and bring some of his Instuments of Death Dentistry.
  22. Hey Red, my son just got this and is having trouble getting into multiplayer. He keeps getting an error message on startup "CD key already in use." Single player works fine and he has gone into single player and exited several times, no luck. Any ideas?
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    Morning, rain, 60's. Playoff baseball tonight. As much as I would love to see a Giants-Rangers Series, I really think we're in for a Yankees-Phillies repeat.
  24. Just to be clear, and OK, nerdy, that speed is the shock travelling through the nitro itself. It's a fairly typical speed for explosives and is the main difference between something that explodes vs something that just burns. The shock that actually hits you is through air and travelling at Mach 1, about 750 mph. Sorry, sometimes I just can't help it.
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    Morning, sunny, 70's. Back from visiting the Daughter at school in Michigan. What's with all the fall colors? That doesn't happen in California.
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