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  1. I'm interest Scorpion to see this new engine they're working on.
  2. They've been working on a dynamic campaign since 1997 lol. Flanker 2.0 has a decent dynamic 2-player head-2-head from a dude name Ross McGregor out of the west coast of Canada. It was awesome...if they could replicate that, I would ONLY play DCS.
  3. Dis was my first car when I was in the Army. 1986 Jetta GL 5 speed. Bought it from a friend who's dad owned a used car lot with just 60k miles on the odo. She was not a great car and I bought it when she was 4 years old and spend just as much on fixing it as I paid for it. POS. It was assembled in Pittsburg and the parts were from a mix of Renaux and other crappy eurpoean makers. GERMAN made Jetta's were much better - all Bosch parts. Military buddy had a German assembled GL diesel - that thing lasted until 2005 and 400'000 MILES! First Bike was this - she's parked out near
  4. I think that's for the XBox - but we have to assume it's also for the PC?
  5. Well done sir. Good review!
  6. Fork


    Beautiful in Cowtown with a high of 86°F (30°C) - adjusted to sea level that's 104°F (40°C). Further north of Calgary...this is the predicted weather...
  7. Fork


    ...and because Calgary is at ~1100m or ~`3600 ft, that means the temperature is actually 9.8°C hotter (equiv at sea level) - so around 42°C / 107.6°F. A nice day and a better one for the eve BBQ on the back deck.
  8. Fork


    A cool 54°F with a high of 57°F here today. It's a bit windy and dry.
  9. Fork


    45°F right now with a high of 55°F with ... could be worse, it could be Besides, my lawn needs some moisture.
  10. Fork


    55°F with a high of 70°F. Sunny skies with light clouds.
  11. Has anyone played it? Judging by the 13 posts in it's sub-forum here, I'm guessing no...but they do seem to update the game a lot. Seems like they're doing a lot of development of the sim. I tried it out a long while ago, but I found the flight model worse than Jet 1.0 and the interface like working the dive valves on a WWI German sub.
  12. Fork


    59°F off to a high of 74. For this afternoon change of -> And so begins our Thunderstorm season with tarnadies!
  13. Fork


    Calgary, AB Partly cloudy 72°F daily high
  14. Fork


    I will also point out that all the snow finally melted in my backyard as of Tuesday morning. Seriously winter. WTH. You were like a bad date who kept on calling and texting when you were looking forward to meeting Spring.
  15. Fork


    Calgary, AB Partly cloudy 70°F
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