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  1. If it goes up for sale, I'll let you know how much. We all know you have that kind of cheddar.
  2. The last Douglas DC-7 in commercial use is Erickson Aero's tanker number 60. Sadly, N838D has now flown her last mission and has been retired from use. My hope is that a museum will be able to purchase this aircraft because if that does not happen, she may end up in a scrap yard. www.businessinsider.com/final-flight-of-62-year-old-fire-bomber-plane-2020-10
  3. Stans


    Good morning. Overcast skies, 51F, and 92% humidity and 50 minutes to sunrise. Yesterday, hurricane Zeta brought rain and a little wind, but nothing like what was originally forecast. Last night, we had a strong cold front push through and that brought more rain. Total rainfall at the nearest weather station was 1.1 inches. Today's forecast calls for partly cloudy skies by late morning and partly cloudy conditions will continue until around midnight, then the skies will clear. Today's high is expected to be only 57F and tonight's low may drop to 39F.
  4. Stans


    What's left of the center of rotation now appears to be in Delaware. Skies are clearing, it's warm, humid, and breezy, but it looks like it's over for my area and damage was really minimal.
  5. Stans


    Tropical storm Zeta suddenly became a post-tropical depression and is now about 50-60 miles north of me. So far we have had just a little over 1/2 inch of rain and a few strong gusts of wind, one of which took down one of the dead trees on the property of the @ss that lives behind me, took out another neighbor's fence.
  6. Stans


    New forecast, we went from a 50-60% chance of tropical storm force winds to a 90+% chance. Just lovely.
  7. Stans


    Donnie, please don't issue a challenge, my weather seems to be getting worse.
  8. Stans


    Good morning. No work today because of being forced to close 6 months ago and we are expecting a visit from tropical storm Zeta. It will not be remnants, it is holding together and is expected to be a tropical storm as it passes just to the north of my location. Currently we have overcast skies, 65F, and 95% humidity. Expecting rain to arrive by 11 AM, then rain and winds of 25 mph sustained, gusting to 40-45 mph from 1 PM to 3 PM. Rain and wind then taper off and we will have partial clearing before sunset, then showers and thunderstorms from 8 PM to 5 AM Friday.
  9. Stans


    Good morning. Mostly cloudy conditions and some fog, 62F, and 96% humidity. The forecast calls for a mostly cloudy morning, overcast skies this afternoon and a high of 73F. Rain chances begin to increase around midnight as the outer edges of the remnants of hurricane Zeta begin to make their presence known. The low temperature tonight will be 66F.
  10. Stans


    Good morning. Heavy fog, 56F, and 94% humidity. Today's forecast calls for fog giving way to a cloudy day and an afternoon high of 65F. Partly to mostly cloudy conditions tonight and a low of 56F is expected.
  11. I'm sure he had no idea how bad things were going to get for Japan in the last two years of the war.
  12. Stans


    Good morning. Overcast skies and wet after yesterday's nearly non-stop rain. Current temperature is 50F and the relative humidity is 93%. The forecast calls for patchy fog and cloudy conditions this morning, then partial sunshine this afternoon and a high of 68F. Partly cloudy tonight with a low of 51F.
  13. Stans


    So you ran snow mix? There's your problem! Quit running snow mix and start running sun mix.
  14. Stans


    Good morning. Overcast skies, damp from last night's rain, 55F, and 88% humidity. Expecting an overcast day with a slight chance of showers this morning, chance of rain increases to 70% this afternoon, then decreases after sunset. Temperatures are expected to remain steady today and drop to only 51F by tomorrow morning.
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