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  1. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 74F, and 95% humidity after last night's thunderstorms. Expecting increasing cloudiness later this morning, a high of 93F, and a chance of more afternoon and evening thunderstorms. Due to the increased humidity, the high of 93F will feel like 101F.
  2. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 74F, and 85% humidity. Showers and thunderstorms yesterday afternoon and evening, but all of them missed Casa de Stans, where the lawn is turning brown. Expecting today to be partly cloudy with a high of 98F. Chance of overnight showers or thunderstorms as a cold front moves through.
  3. Stans


    Morning y'all, fair skies, 74F and 85% humidity. Expecting to see increasing cloudiness today and a high of 95F. With the increase in humidity, the heat index will be around 105F.
  4. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 73F, and 79% humidity. Expecting a sunny day with a high of 93F.
  5. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 80F, 83% humidity, heat index is 85F. Expecting a real scorcher today with partly cloudy skies and a high of 96F, but the humidity should drop so it will only feel like 99F.
  6. Stans

    Doc is in Town

    Sorry you did not get to see her.
  7. Stans

    Doc is in Town

    You are going to see it, right? Doc is a B-29B, built with only a tail turret, so Doc is not exactly like Fifi, a B-29A, which was built with two dorsal and two ventral electrically operated gun turrets plus the tail turret. Doc and Fifi do share a lot, including the hybrid R-3350 engines that they now use.
  8. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 73F, and 88% humidity. The forecast calls for sunshine and 93F. Looks like we may see mid-90's for the next ten days and not much in the way of rain. Bye-bye lawn.
  9. I know exactly what you mean. Or the camera zooms in for a cockpit shot of the pilot, he's in a Hellcat cockpit, but the squadron is flying Wildcats as the Hellcat has yet to enter service. Korean War footage substituted for WW II shots. Incorrect aircraft markings. The list goes on. This is one area where CGI can be of great use. Well done CGI is far better than trying to use incorrect historical film footage for recreating aerial scenes.
  10. Stans


    Morning y'all, cloudy skies, 71F, and 91% humidity. We had a good amount of rain last night as some severe thunderstorms rolled through just south of my location. Expecting today to be very humid, partly cloudy, and a high of 93F. It's summer and we have not had a real summer in the past 3 years.
  11. Just be careful, a man's got to know his limitations.
  12. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, humid, 90% humidity and 73F. Expecting increasing cloudiness this morning, a high of 90F and a good chance of afternoon thunderstorms. Storms could last well into the night.
  13. My wife hates it when I rip apart a movie or tv show and expose all the inaccuracies. Sorry to hear of Rip Torn's passing.
  14. Stans


    At least he's not back in the USSR!
  15. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies, 86% humidity and a cool 66F. Expecting another sunny day, but with the mercury reaching 90F.
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