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  1. Stans


    Morning y'all, I think summer has arrived a bit early this year. Clear skies, 67F, and 87% humidity this morning. We will see mostly sunny skies and a high of 93F and a 20% chance afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
  2. Every day is a day to give thanks to those who keep us free!
  3. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies and a little damp after the thunderstorm that rolled through here before midnight. It's currently 63F, but with mostly sunny skies today we should see 88F for a high.
  4. Stans


    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and a cool, but windows open comfortable (for me, but maybe not so much for the misses) 56F. Expecting increasing cloudiness and a high of 85F.
  5. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies and 51F to start the day. Expecting a partly cloudy day with a high of 79F.
  6. Stans


    That was when The Tonight Show was worth watching!
  7. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies and a very chilly 44F. Expecting a mostly sunny day and a high of 72F? Given the gross inaccuracy of weather forecasts, who knows?
  8. He and Harvey Korman were comedic geniuses. We don't have that caliber of entertainer today. Rest in peace and thanks for all the great laughs.
  9. Stans


    So it turned out that today was cloudy most of the day, rained in the afternoon and the temperature barely made it to 62F. The weather shaman should be replaced by a rock.
  10. Stans


    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies and a very cool 51F. Expecting a very cool day with partial sunshine and a high of 66F.
  11. Stans


    It's the first half of May and still snowing across a pretty good swath of the northern parts of the U.S. I thought global warming was supposed to end all snow by now.
  12. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies, damp, 53F. Expecting a cloudy morning with more showers, then partial clearing this afternoon. It will be cool today, with a high of only 68F.
  13. Stans


    Morning y'all and happy Mother's Day! Overcast skies and wet after yesterday and last night's rain. It is currently 68F and today's high is expected to reach 77F. This Mother's Day will be cloudy and there is a good chance of afternoon thunderstorms and showers.
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