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  1. Stans


    The wind blew and it poured rain just before 3PM. Now expecting thunderstorms, possibly severe, around 9PM.
  2. Stans


    Morning y'all, partly cloudy skies, 60F, and 86% humidity. Today's forecast calls for cloudy skies, a high of 77F, and a 50% chance of late afternoon rain showers. Tonight, a 90% chance of showers and thunderstorms through 2AM tomorrow, then partly cloudy skies and a low of 55F.
  3. Stans


    Photogrammetry based scenery is the big selling point of MSFS. Unfortunately, the algorithm for generic 3D structures to go along with areas that are not highly detailed is not always accurate or even close, much like FSX's autogen. High rise office building smack in the middle of a single family residential area... ehhhhh... wrong. Can't expect flight sims to be perfect and I don't expect them to be perfect, but there seem to be a lot of MSFS users who are disappointed in the shortcomings of this sim. I've invested much money and a whole lot of time into FSX, I'll be in FSX for a while longer, flying to and from various add-on scenery airports, especially those in the Bahamas. There are people and cargo to be transported.
  4. Stans


    And now it's raining. Good forecasting.
  5. Stans


    Morning y'all, mostly cloudy skies, 54F, and 84% humidity. Today's forecast calls for thinning clouds this morning, then sunshine this afternoon and a high of 75F. Tonight, increasing cloudiness starting before midnight, overcast skies early tomorrow morning, and a low of 57F.
  6. Stans


    You got that right! I'm holding off on MSFS for now. I read about it on a couple of flight sim forums. After one year it is still full of bugs and is not as technical as FSX. I like having fairly realistic AI flights around me, real-time weather, and a functioning ATC that can provide me with VFR, flight following, or IFR flight direction. All of this was promised by ASOBO, but I get the feeling that M$ is steering it into the X-box market, which is not where the more hardcore flight simmers will go. That saddens me.
  7. Stans


    Wow! Your terrain is torn worse than the first release version of FSX. Speaking of, flying is why I bought this craptacular computer. My old Windows XP machine just was not capable of keeping up with a flight sim loaded with custom scenery, AI traffic, live weather, and detailed aircraft. So I bought this so I could continue with
  8. Stans


    I used to be a die hard air cooler guy, thinking now that air coolers, although slightly less effective at CPU cooling, are a whole lot less troublesome. AIO's do have the potential for better cooling and less noise... until they leak and rain coolant on the video card.
  9. Stans


    Not going to change the AIO, I'll either live with the noise or try the fan headers on the motherboard.
  10. One of my grandfathers served in the Pacific, he did mention being strafed by Japanese aircraft. He really did not talk much about his combat experiences.
  11. Stans


    Asus ROG motherboard, it does have a CPU fan header and the BIOS does feature a somewhat limited fan speed curve. From what I am reading, using the motherboard header is the best bet unless I want to listen to a case that is every bit as loud as my old Antec 900 with an air CPU cooler.
  12. Kamikaze attacks were a terrifying tactic. The need for faster aerial interception lead to the development of the Goodyear F2G Super Corsair and the Grumman F8F Bearcat, neither of which would actually be used in combat. The F2G project was slow and ended with VJ-Day and the F8F did not enter operational service until after VJ-Day and would quickly be replaced by the first generation of jet fighters.
  13. Stans


    Morning y'all, 52F, and 86% humidity. The weather reporting stations indicate overcast skies, yet when I look outside I see a few clouds, but mostly clear skies. Forecast for today, but given the current reporting I'll call it a guesscast, calls for overcast skies this morning to clear, sunshine this afternoon and a high of 70F. Tonight, mostly cloudy skies and a low of 49F. Another computer update. Now my EVGA software that controls pump and fan speeds has gone nuts. It starts correctly, then after few minutes decides to run the fans at 100%. Checking the EVGA forums, it seems that their software is probably not worth installing. Plenty of complaints and EVGA either cannot or will not fix the software issue. The answer given is to either learn to live with fans going full tilt or connect the fans to the motherboard CPU fan controller and let the BIOS control the fans. EVGA should have stuck with video cards because they sure suck at PSU's and AIO coolers.
  14. Stans


    Ain't that nice?
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