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  1. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies and 44F. Expecting the clouds to give way to a partly cloudy day and a high of 53F.
  2. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies and 51F. Expecting a cloudy day, a high of 70F and rain by early afternoon. Rain is expected to continue into tonight and much colder weather tomorrow.
  3. Stans


    Morning y'all, clear skies and 29F. The mercury yesterday actually hit 62F, close to average for this time of the year. The forecast today calls for a mostly sunny day and a global warming high of 68F. It will also be quite warm for Monday, then we go back into the refrigerator.
  4. There were some issues with the carriers that were never addressed and that may have been a limitation of the sim engine. In order to safely trap all of the AI and player aircraft, you had to exit the sim after successfully trapping, otherwise you had to attempt to park on the edge of the deck and hope that no other aircraft clipped you as the carriers in IL2 lacked the barrier cables found on the real carries of that era. IL2 was a great multi-player sim and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to fly with the virtual VMF-124 for a while. Good times!
  5. Stans


    Morning y'all, sunshine and 33F. Expecting to see a sunny day and a high of 59F. Yesterday afternoon's winds did not last long and, fortunately, no damage here at Casa de Stans.
  6. Stans


    Evening y'all, it was a mostly sunny day with a high of 56F, still below average. It's now overcast, winds are now 30mph out of the WNW and rain is on the way.
  7. Stans


    Morning y'all, more rain and 46F this morning. Expecting rain this morning, ending later in the afternoon and a high of 54F. Spring arrived, but it feels more like winter.
  8. So that's where all the hot chicks went!
  9. Stans


    Morning y'all, another chilly day on tap after yesterday's freezing fog. Fair skies and 28F, expecting increasing clouds, a high of 53F, and rain beginning in the afternoon. Rain is expected to continue until tomorrow afternoon.
  10. Stans


    Morning y'all, weather shaman continues to get it wrong. It was cold and cloudy yesterday, then it rained late in the afternoon and into the night. This morning it is 29F and we have freezing fog. It is supposed to be partly cloudy and 54F today, guess we'll see.
  11. Jim, I 'm glad you went and seeing people welcoming them home means a lot to our service men and women. Yes, lots more females deploying to combat zones these days and they may soon have to register for selective service.
  12. So that's why I only get toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss, and mouthwash ads on my computer and Donnie gets ads for hot chicks with big boobies. Now I understand how the interwebs work!
  13. Stans


    Morning y'all, overcast skies and 38F to start the week. Expecting to see a mostly cloudy day and a high of 53F.
  14. I run uBlock Origin2, which pretty well blocks ads and popups, so I have not seen the ad. Maybe I need to whitelist this site?
  15. Stans


    Morning y'all, happy Saint Paddy's day and don't get too hammered on green beer, corned beef, and cabbage. Which none are actually Irish things, but it is one of America's favorite drinking days. I will be abstaining since I will be working tomorrow. This is going to be a chilly St. Patrick's day here, it's currently 32F under partly cloudy skies, but we are expecting sunshine today, but a high of only 55F.
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