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  1. Doug

    I have been deathly ill for the past 3 weeks and could not attend any fun and games.

    Now either the PW has changed or I have it wrong.

    if you changed the fourm PW please send it along.

    I am just out of deaths door so may be a couple more weeks.


    Yes I got sick in Mexico


  2. Cowboy1


    Mainly cloudy light rain and high of 72 today
  3. Cowboy1


    Morning all 61 and raining here in Silao MX
  4. Cowboy1


    Morning all, 54F and sunny up here in Winnipeg Manitoba going up to 80F today
  5. Cowboy1

    F14 Tomcat

    That's about it LMAO
  6. Cowboy1

    F14 Tomcat

    Work work work Stans, and I lost the taste for gaming. It has since returned and I am having a great time running and gunning with Dude, Gunny, Deacon and Madman. How is your world sir
  7. Cowboy1

    F14 Tomcat

    This was most awesome fighter in the Navy arsenal. Fleet air defense
  8. Great to see you here Whiz

    1. Whizkid


      Thanks, CB.

      Still checking in to the Forum but haven't much to contribute these days, as most of my interests consist of discussions of the latest ailments, as is the way with the Ancients in our midst.

      I really detest being old, having enjoyed much activity and interests in the years gone by, but, as they say, the alternative is much worse!

      Hope all is well for you and yours, and hope to see you on the Forum later.

    2. Cowboy1


      I have returned Whiz from a long stint away, It seems I still have my sniper skills and I fly daily to get those skills back.

      Right now I am between gigs.

      Again nice to see you here

  9. Deaco

    Can you tell me where the downloaded update folders go. and did we update Arm3 with the 5 gig download.

  10. Cowboy1


    Morning all Sunny 81F in Bowling Green Kentucky
  11. Hey Dude

    I had to pick up the Wife from the Nashville airport last night, after dinner and the drive home to Bowling Green it was late.

  12. Winnipeg Manitoba and it is only +7
  13. King Geroge commands and we obey over the hills and far away

  14. Doug that is just sweet. Too bad we can put the AH-6 on the boat and install it in ARMAII
  15. Hats off, rest in peace and another good one lost.
  16. Theres forty shillings on the drum for those who volunteer to come

  17. Next project:3 months training in Detroit then 1-2 years in Mexico as a GM engineer

  18. Yes I do believe you are right Gunny "double thanks"

  19. Gunny "watch out behind you Cowboy" Cowboy shoots bad guy point blank with m109 anti material round Cowboy " Thanks Gunny"

  20. Back to work. thank god it.s close to home

  21. Coming home March 2nd job is finally over

  22. 76F in Alabama today

  23. Back in Alabama Friday

  24. Wheels up at 6:30 Home by 12:30 for a week of RR

    1. The Dude

      The Dude

      Come see us on Tuesday, Feb. 08 on Teamspeak ... regular time. Would be good to chat with you :)

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