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  1. Chopper

    Deja Vu

    Well, history doesn't actually repeat itself, but it does have an echo. Interesting stuff.
  2. Chopper


    G'mornin. A good Friday it will be today with some sun and temp to 11C/53F. That's downright springlike. Finally.
  3. Chopper


    Mornin all. No sign of spring yet here.
  4. Chopper

    True Story About Buying Ammo

    For who?
  5. Chopper

    I have a boob question

    ummm .................. I don't know how to answer that.
  6. Chopper

    I have a boob question

    According to my mom, who is still a hair dresser at 79 and for 41 years, redheads retain more sulphur in their system. Incidentally it makes them nore resistant to some sicknesses. No I'm not going ask her about boobs. I do have a weakness for redheads. I surely do.
  7. Chopper

    Saturday Greets

    A quick good morning all and it's a blustery freezing day today. Now back to the boob thread. (just thought it would be nice to say hi first)
  8. Chopper

    Tuesday - New Year's Day

    Happy New Year all A grey day today with temps a bit below freezing.
  9. Chopper


    G'mornin all. Light snow on top of 7 or 8 cm on the ground. Not much sun expected with temps a bit below freezing.
  10. Chopper

    Tuesday and Merry Christmas!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL!! A light cover of snow on the ground, calm and temps just below freezing. Quite pleasant.
  11. Chopper

    Friday I Think

    Good morning. When I got out of bed 5am this morning, the temp was 11C/52F and is now steadily dropping and expected to go below freezing by 8pm. It has begun raining now and the winds are picking.up. Ya, Black Friday, which actually started yesterday, is a big day here for Americans and "Comericans", as Detroiters have taken to calling us across the border. Indeed, with the dollars at about par, "Comericans" are expected to account for 20% of sales in the Detroit area inspite of Canadian merchants putting on our own Black Friday.
  12. Chopper

    Saw the light on

    Hey there Red, good to hear from you.
  13. Chopper

    Tuesday - Election Day

    Good morn. Still the same cold grey crap that we've had here over the last 2 weeks. There's hope for more normal weather (T @ 13C/55F) by the weekend. Good luck down there on E-Day. Looks like a nail biter.
  14. Chopper

    Post-hurricane Sandy Tuesday

    Mornin all. Reporting from Essex County, Ontario, south bank of the Detroit River. High today will be what it is now 8C/46F with sustained winds of 56kph/35mph with gusts doubling that. Rain and more rain. It's been this way for nealy a week as a winter storm system passed over here on it's way to hook up with Sandy. Now getting the results of that unholy union.