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  1. What you have to keep in mind is the Minimum Abort Range. Which is the range at which you should place your tally on the back (Yes on your 6 o'clock), give full after burner and fly away. To use this technique, it is really important to be supersonic as soon as possible once you are 180 degrees away from your enemy. Meanwhile chaff as hell. This technique is useful for BVR missiles and at a distance of around 12 or 15 Nm from the enemy. Below that is becoming less effective. If you are in any case inside the envelope of Dynamic launch zone 2 you may not evade the missile even maneuvering kinematically. It is a matter of tactics, are you really sure you want to get closer to a Su-27 or Su-33 ? If the aircraft is superior, do not dare to play with him or do not play with fire. You may burn yourself!
  2. If you want to really learn how to use the Bullseye you need to learn some IFR techniques. First you should know the techniques to fly to and from a VOR station. Then the IFR techniques to intercept a radial to or from a VOR and then the techniques to make point to point navigation. Actually to really understand a Bullseyes is really important to learn the "point to point navigation" again an IFR technique. used by civilian and military! You may try to learn in VATSIM or IVAO . There are many pilot study guide for beginners . Then once you have mastered those techinque we can talk about arc and calulation to try to understand if the contact is close enough to intercept or not but we would move in the 1:60 rule. Start to learn the IFR navigations techniques and after we will make the next step.
  3. Always ask the AWACS for the identification. When the ground target is locked press Q and 2 on the keyboard and listen the answer. If it is an enemy you must heard a clear hot. In case of doubt do not fire... It looks obvious but that what you would do in the real life in case of doubt.
  4. Brevity Code is just a matter to memorize and practice. The real matter in my opinion is to memorize ... It is necessary to worl and work hard. But once you have done , you are the Captain in the sky eheh :-)
  5. I can just watch 403 forbidden!
  6. It is a pity I am on a completely different time zone. In any case I am sure you will get good pilots
  7. Great discovery so you will be able to quickly select the right knob on the MFD and not like me that i am forced to use the mouse and sometimes I select the wrong switch ;-)
  8. I think you did the right thing to join the BMS, unluckly I would like too but my hardware is not good enough so I will have to wait watching the other flying this new masterpiece. I have been told the graphic is wonderful. Meanwhile I will be forced to remain with Open Falcon 4.5, not too bad but everybody is saying that last freefalcon and BMS are far more better as a pilot experience!
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