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  1. Two copies. Complete. 20.00 ea plus shipping (I'm in Northern California)
  2. Two copies, both complete as far as I remember. 25.00 plus shipping each. Also numerous other flight sims, Jane's series etc cheap!
  3. Thrustmaster Cougar- mechanical rebuild but no mods. Good condition- 100.00 plus shipping NON USB CH F-16 flight stick, Pro throttle and CH pedals 50.00 plus shipping Located near Sacramento, Ca
  4. I was using glide ,nglide wrapper, 1600 x 1200
  5. PPS I found the Additional ADF/TAW References->Glide/Direct3D decision on checking further. I did have a crash to desktop when running a quick mission and hitting the F12 key. Is that a known potential problem?
  6. Unfortunately 3dfx didn't enable AGP texturing rom what I have read even though it is a agp 4x card f. Are you running the stock, original, out of the box TAW full throttle or is It TAW 2.0? TAW 2.22 seems( so far with limited testing) to run fine on my 3mHz lap top. After the known problems with the Jane's sims running on modern hardware I assumed that TAW might have the same problems so I limited the cpu speed.
  7. DrJ

    EF2000 revisited

    Is this a software version or 3DFX version?
  8. P.S. I can't seem to find the Additional ADF/TAW References->Glide/Direct3D decision. I see a map of red sea , a link to this forum, a link to TAW wiki and a TAW loadout guide. Don't see anything about glide/Direct3D in this section Am I looking in the wrong section?
  9. Thanks, I fixed the MSCOMCTL.OCX error so now can run the customization mods and music. It was there but just needed to be re-registered. I'm a little unclear, use nglide and set it to 1600 x 1200 or 1920 x 1200 ? Which do you think gives the best image? Also any chance of modding EF2000 V.2 to run on a modern system with full glide graphics? Know any one who has done it? I may just have to postpone buying a new computer. I'm still working my way through LongBow 2 using the original glide mode . I had planned to get a new box to run A-10 and Black Shark but with all of these great older
  10. Thanks for the help! Yes my old vintage computer from 2000 is nice for the older games. My original PC from 1996 was a Micron with a pentium 166 , ready for this? I OVERCLOCKED IT to, wait, wait 200mHz!!! Win 95, tiny hard drive ( ? 1 Gb ) , something like 64mB memory. Had an original Voodoo 1 add in card. I bought it specifically after seeing Janes ATF running on a demo computer at a local electronics/computer store. I had a bitch of a time getting it sorted out to boot to DOS with all the appropriate memory commands and drivers for DOS so I could run the early Janes DOS games. When I upgra
  11. Dug out my original TAW last night and installed it on my Win 98se computer, 256 mB memory, PIII 1000, using a 3DFx 5500 video card. Seems to be working OK in limited testing ( with processor slowed down to 400MHz). To install the TAW 2.22 version do you install it on top of the original installation or do you start clean? Do you install each patch sequentially? Using the native glide mode will you still be limited to 800 x 600 graphics? Thanks in advance
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