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  1. Naive question, but once you installed it, did you run in 3dfx by using a wrapper (and if so, which one do you use and recommend on 64bitvista), or did you just use the hardware rendered startup. I just cannot recall what setup I had (pc wise) when I originally played this back in the day.
  2. I found my EF2000 v2.0 disk after rummaging for an hour in the dusty garage. Wiped her off and she looks like she will load. Does anyone know of a means of installing on Vista 64bit? The setup.exe is not getting past the install splash screen. It keeps saying it cannot run on a 64bit system. I have vista home premium 64bit.
  3. Hey. I had installed TAW 2.0, version 2.01, then upgraded immediately after to 2.02. I started to run it, selecting 1024 x 768 as my resolution of choice in the TAW 2.0 manager that comes up when you click on the TAW 2.0 icon from the installation process. Everything worked fine "in-sim" but I got into a mission and my joystick was not enabled. So I went out, tried to click on OPTIONS in the TAW 2.0 menu system, and each time I tried that, I'd get a Resolution Not Support - 3 error message. No matter what I'd do with my Vista Home 64 Bit OS display settings I always would get this error. I then looked through the game.cfg file, and saw REZ=3 as a setting. I temporarily changed it to REZ=2, went in sim, clicked OPTIONS and I was then able to make any changes I needed to complete joystick wise, etcetera. Once I was done fuddling with OPTIONS, I went back out, and restored the REZ=2 line to read REZ=3, and voila, I'm back to 1024x768 bliss. Thanks again for this WONDERFUL update to a venerable classic of modern air warfare. I've not stopped flying it for a week. That is rare these days with more recent titles, so this sim still holds up with the best of them. Regards..........
  4. I have to second that emotion. I'm only coming back to simulation after a long hietas, and it was a very pleasant surprise to run into a rehash of one of my fave sims of all time. Thank you for all your work on supporting TAW 2.0
  5. http://www.aircombat.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3022 Enjoy! This online coop warfare tool is awesome.
  6. Incredible! I have no experience coding 3d games, but I would be very interested in helping in some fashion and I would classify myself as a novice but capable coder in c++,php,asp. murdock@nc.rr.com
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