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  1. Change the windows theme to basic one solve that for me.
  2. In Win8, windows theme with graphical effect give me CTD 90% of the time at launch. Using basic theme solve the problem.
  3. I can reproduce it consistently. In Win8 and 8.1, if I enable MIDI by choosing TotalAirWar playlist in Tawmenu, I'll get this no sound bug. This happen to me on 2 machines 100% every time. The workaround is to using other playlist and not enable MIDI. In Win7, this problem doesn't occur.
  4. It is because the CPU run too fast. You need some app to slow cpu down for TAW 2.0 in order for ACMI to work. I use Advance Game Loader (it's for x64). For x32, Winthrottle in !ADP folder of TAW might work too.
  5. I found the best option regarding MIDI in DOSBOX is to use general MIDI option together with third party software MIDI with good soundfont. I recommend: Software MIDI: Virtula MIDI Synth http://coolsoft.altervista.org/en/virtualmidisynth Soundfont: WeedGM3 http://www.un4seen.com/download.php?extra/WeedsGM3
  6. Wombat, how can you play the game in window mode?
  7. HF, If you need more beta tester, I am voluteer. But if you already have enough I understand.
  8. Yes, that is the corruption I see. Using anti-aliasing in Nvidia Control Panel blur the text and help eliminate the gap. Not ideal though.
  9. I found a workaroud. I use Advanced Game Loader 2 to slow TAW down, and ACMI work perfectly.
  10. Thanks mikew. I got it to work now. I edited dosbox_res.cfg, and the choice show up. However, the HUD font is corruptted. I solved it by enable anti-aliasing in nvidia.
  11. Can I request additional resolution? My notebook have its native res of 1366x768.
  12. My accent is really bad as I am a Thai. At first VAC can't understand me at all. But after I trained it a bit using Windows Speech Recognition setting. It works perfectly.
  13. Voice Activated Commands http://www.dwvac.com/
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