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  1. Glide wrapper with open source code: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=49297
  2. Updated version to correct any fullscreen border graphical corruption. Link in topmost post.
  3. The original Pacific Air War installs in dosbox, but the Scenario Add-On and Gold versions have digital sounds which require additional configuration. Also, the Scenario Add-On requires extra installation steps. An installation guide for the Scenario Add-On and some information on the Gold version are here: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=41643. Both the Add-On and Gold versions have a multiplayer option via a modem, a device which dosbox emulates and allows for modem-to-modem connections across the internet. Note that the Gold version is setup for Windows 3.1, but the g
  4. Please see this thread: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=21839.
  5. Thanks! You've developed a lot of novel features in integrating dosbox with EF2000. It's good that your work is continuing, perhaps I'll just leave the above build for testing only. I don't think I will release other versions since I'd prefer to anticipate your project updates.
  6. Releasing a "beta" version of DOSBox-EF2K, a custom dosbox build specifically optimized for EF2000 (software and 3dfx modes). Included in the archive are instructions. However, I didn't include ef2000 documentation because of the 18 megabyte file size (if combat.sim allows for large file uploads, then I could upload the documentation, too).
  7. EECH is definitely at the forefront of this genre and is compatible with Windows. I would agree that the major effort should be toward this sim. As a secondary effort (for the long-term), I was considering the DOS based ones because DOSBox allows for compatibility across different computer systems, especially for those with low CPU/GPU capability. Also, the newer Windows versions may lose compatibility with the older directx games, leaving DOSBox as a viable alternative. I think the Longbow CD-ROM is still available for purchase. Perhaps its supplementary documentation could be stor
  8. I looked further into the helo sims for DOS. Seems Longbow is generally the higher rated sim, especially among the combat sim community. Comanche3 has unusually good textures via voxel technology, and its reviews are very good, but as a simulation it seems considered a notch below Longbow. Hind doesn't provide nearly as good textures, but the objects and cockpit are rendered nicely. Also, the graphics look sharp in dosbox. The gog.com version of Hind may not have the DOS executable, but instead the Windows version. I would look forward to your thoughts on Hind, given your experience i
  9. EF2000 has good support in DOSBox, thanks to this community. However, I haven't seen recent discussion about Hind in dosbox (available from gog.com). I ran the demo and was impressed by the graphics quality and the gameplay is highly rated. I wonder whether this simulation is considered one of the best helicopter sims in DOS, and if so, perhaps it would be considered for the same preservation efforts surrounding EF2000.
  10. emu1

    EF2000 Reloaded

    That's a reasonable option to include in your project (EF2k Reloaded). Perhaps you would be able to share knowledge (or audio samples if you have a setup for it) with mikew and/or home fries?
  11. emu1

    EF2000 Reloaded

    In the above post, there is a link to instructions to sample the differences. This way you can determine if the emulation is robust during gameplay, including latency. There are also many soundfonts which produce different sounds and these choices are a matter of personal preference. By using this method of sampling, you can test among different soundfonts, too. Edit: The binary attached to the above Vogon's post is now updated or will be shortly; it will include the necessary C/C++ runtime files which the binary depends upon.
  12. emu1

    EF2000 Reloaded

    EF2000 supports General MIDI music (and MT-32) which produces better quality via 3rd party emulation than otherwise. However, whether the quality is meaningful is mainly personal preference. If you'd like to demo the difference, there is a dosbox binary here: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=37144. The instructions are in the post to enable high quality General MIDI which can be contrasted to the default MIDI emulation you normally hear in dosbox (via the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth device built-in to Windows). You may consider this feature in the development of EF2000 Reloa
  13. emu1

    3dfx EF2000

    ClipX is a Clipboard Manager: http://bluemars.org/clipx/ Every time I pressed 'Print Screen', then a screenshot was sent to the Windows Clipboard. I used ClipX to store these Clipboard images into a database. It has a system tray icon to display the screenshots and these can then be selected for pasting into a document. I would allow at least several seconds between pressing 'Print Screen' within EF2000. It may not have worked before because of the image format. ClipX appears to have a low error rate in storing these images. Other software I tried did not capture the image as you ha
  14. emu1

    3dfx EF2000

    The accelerated opengl mode sends instructions directly to the video card, so the driver level may be the best way to capture the image: https://en.wikipedia...echnical_issues edit: I looked further into the issue; perhaps FRAPS would work: http://www.fraps.com/ -emu1
  15. emu1

    3dfx EF2000

    That's wonderful, redfalcon! Did the Daum build of DosBox work with screen capture using 'print screen' or ctrl-5?
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